Day Trip to Newburyport

May 30, 2017
Hope everyone is easing back into the work week relatively painlessly - since it's a short week ahead!! We had a really great long weekend, with BBQs, graduation parties & lots of time with family and friends, but I wanted to share a quick recap of a day trip that Gary and I took to Newburyport on Sunday. Last year we went to Newburyport during the same weekend and when I was invited back to explore more of the coastal town I couldn't wait! 
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Still Weekending...

May 29, 2017
Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with a little excursion we had on Sunday, but if you'd like to get a jump start on the link up, it's live below!!  

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Instagram Roundup + Summer Wishlist

May 24, 2017
For as long as I've had a blog, I've actually never shared any of my "looks" in an Instagram Round-Up sort of way, so I thought, why not?! Since some of you might not be on Instagram or we might not be following each other (let's change that if that's the case) here are some of the looks that I'll majorly be repeating this Summer! 
My sister convinced me to get this one shoulder top from Francesca's and I'm so glad she did because I'll be wearing all summer long! The embroidery, the floral print, ruffles - it just works!! 
Twilly Scarf ||  Zara Ruffle top (can't find it online) || Jeans || Slip on Sneakers || Sunglasses
Another nudge from my sister to get these Free People sun glasses that are only $20!! Best accessories purchase in a while! 
I went from having nothing floral in my closet, to two in one go! This "surplus" top is so light weight and I've worn it to work & for a fun day out with friends! 
I firmly believe that everyone needs a pair of animal print flats - I think they go with everything and I wear my Yosi Samara foldable flats all the time! 
Denim Jacket || Slip on Sneakers || White Jeans || Purse || Sunglasses 
There's a common theme with my outfits - I am a repeat offender of wearing things that I buy!! As we all should be right?! I only buy things that I truly love & know I'll get a ton of wear out of! This post could also be called - things my sister convinced me to buy!! Here are a couple of things that I plan on wearing out once I purchase them! 
How cute are these slip on sandals with a bow?! Under $25, yes please!
Keeping the pink and bow trend going - these shorts are at the top of my wish list! 
I'm sort of embracing the one shoulder trend a bit more than the OTS one because I can still move my arms a lot more! 
To break up all the blush I'll be adding to my closet - I think that would go perfectly with olive skinnies!! 

Do you wear your clothes & shoes out - to the point of no return?! What's your favorite piece to splurge on?

Easy Weekend DIY & Other Projects

May 22, 2017
Happy Monday friends!! What a beautiful weekend - not only was the wedding we coordinated absolutely beautiful, but weather wise it was just spectacular. Another bonus was tackling a little DIY I wanted to share today!! We have a few little projects planned throughout the summer & this weekend we (actually let's be real it was Gary) completed the first one. 
DIY for kitchen, sink renovation, DIY for kitchen, sink storage, storage ideas
The front of our sink had a "decorative" panel that was sort of a waste of space and didn't really do anything. We wanted repurpose it & create a tip out tray to put the dish sponge, gloves & the other little bits we usually have on the counter. I honestly feel like the builder should have automatically put this in as an added touch, alas they didn't and we ended up spending about $25 and gained a whole lot of functionality! 
I wont go through the full "how to" because if you end up trying it on your own, the Rev-A-Shelf includes a step by step guide - only 11 steps & it's really easy to follow! Here's what you'll need:
  • Rev-A-Shelf kit - comes with the trays & hinges that you'll need and all the steps along the way
  • Brushed silver cabinet pull - we got ours at home depot because we only needed 1
  • Flat head & phillips head screwdriver
  • Handheld cordless drill 
  • Pencil for markings / measurements 
  • tape measurer 
Overall everything took about an hour and a half and that's because my husband is a perfectionist so when we measured things, we had to remeasure it twice to confirm! Ours also took a little longer because we also had the extra step of adding the drawer pull on. 
I absolutely love how this simple touch added a little bit more functionality to our compact kitchen and limited counter space! I also wanted to share a few more of the DIY's we have planned over the next few months! 
Pull out spice rack 
Our pots and pans are thrown all over the place in one of our cabinets and we can't actually reach all the way back - can't wait to be able to have things roll out to me!

Nothing crazy or drastic planned, but these little things will add so much functionality to our space & I can't even wait!! Do you have any projects planned around your house? Hope you have a great start to the week everyone!! 

Recently Read

May 19, 2017
Boston in the summer, public garden in Boston, Boston Parks
Happy Friday friends! Boston finally decided to show off and grace us with gorgeous, albeit hot, weather! It's promising to be a flawless weekend as well which is good news because we have a wedding we're coordinating tomorrow!!  There wasn't necessarily an "omg that was such a great read" book this month, but definitely ones I was happy to have read! Ratings are all relative - so even if I didn't like, doesn't mean you wont and same goes for books that I love! 

The Futures 3.5 stars|| Evan & Julia are college sweethearts and recent Yale graduates that moved into their first NYC apartment together and are ready to tackle their futures. The book is interesting in the sense that it takes place in 2008 during the start of the financial market crash and also in the sense that you get Evan's point of view of things and then in the next chapter you'll get Julia's point of view of things. Obviously, the two are very different. I can't say that I liked Julia's character at all, she seemed to self sabotage herself, but at the same time she was a 23 year old fresh out of college and on some level we could all understand what she was going through. Evan works at a Hedge Fund and Julia works at a Non-Profit - how do their two worlds intertwine now that they really don't have much in common anymore? This book is one that could have done with an epilogue - I felt like I didn't get the full complete picture of things! It was a decent read and working in finance, I think the author did a really great job of bringing to life the events of the 2008 financial crisis. 
Pretty Baby 3.5 stars || Of the few Mary Kubica books I've read, I'd have to rank this as my least favorite one. I found it to be in line with her dark, thriller motif, but I was less engaged with it than with other books in the beginning. I will say that as the story unfolds it does become far more interesting, but to me, it felt like a pretty abrupt ending. Each chapter alternates with points of views, but I felt like adding in the husband's point of view made it too fussy - it was an added part that wasn't needed - again in my opinion. If you're a fan of thrillers, then I think you'll like this one too. 
Wedding Night 4 stars || I'm a fan of Sophia Kinsella books and this one is on par with her other's. It's a little quirky with the escapades that the characters find themselves in, but overall, the book had me smiling so I find that to be a good beach / pool read! Told from the point of view of two sisters, Lottie seems to be the more flightly one, while Fliss is a bit more level headed yet doesn't really have it all together. I think we can all agree that we remember times in our lives that were the best, but in reality we're not really remembering everything all that well...we just see little snippets of the good times. I felt like that was the point while reading this book - you can't relive your past & you certainly can't go back to who you were when you were 18, but you could have fun trying! Lottie basically flies off the handle and decides to marry her former flame after her current boyfriend decides not to propose to her...and hilarity ensues. Kidding, but it's a cute read! 
The Best Man 2.5 stars || This was my third Kristen Higgins book in a row and my least favorite out of the bunch. I am happy to report that there wasn't a widow in this one, but rather a jilted bride - left by her coming out of the closet groom thanks to his, you guessed it, best man! After some time away from her hometown, Faith returns to her family's vineyard just in time to for the harvest and running into her least favorite best man, Levi, all over town. This felt like a Hallmark movie in the making. I just barely got through it. Sorry to say that I wasn't really a fan. 
Confess 4 stars || Colleen Hoover is an amazing author and one that has you connecting to the characters at the start of the book. With that being said, Maybe, Someday & It Ends With Us were so amazing to me, that this one, while a great read wasn't as amazing. I'd still say it's a solid 4/5 stars, but after being completely enthralled with each character I didn't connect with any of them in this book (once you read the book it might be a good thing to not connect with them LOL). It could have been the age of the characters - they are in their early 20's. As you can guess the book is about confessions and as seamlessly as she intertwined lyrics into Maybe, Someday - she does the same with art and confessions in this book. All of the confessions were made by anonymous people which I thought was really powerful. 

What have you read lately? Anything I should add to my reading list? 

Favorite Drug Store Beauty Buys

May 17, 2017
As much as I love buying higher end beauty products, there is something to be said for an amazing drug store beauty item that works just as well for a fraction of the cost! These are a few things I make sure to always have on hand while doing my makeup! 
drug store beauty, ponds hydrating cream, garnier fructis serum, physicians formal bronzer, essie polish, maybelline mascara,  nyx butter gloss, lash primer, drugstore beauty, budget makeup

  1. Pond's Hydrating Skin Cream || My go to moisturizer for after the shower - it's light and fluffy & the perfect amount of hydration for my skin. I use it if I accidentally get a sunburn in the summer and it really soothes my skin. I only recently noticed that I was going through the cream rather quickly - turns out I'm not the only fan, G likes to use it after he shaves! 
  2. Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment || I can't even tell you how many of these small 3.5 oz bottles I have gone through in the last 5 or so years - I love this so much! A little dime size amount goes a long way and it helps keep my ends hydrated. I apply right after the shower and if I'm planning on blow drying my hair, I'll add a bit more to my hair, but never near the scalp, because that just ends up giving my hair an oily texture. 
  3. Physicians Formula Bronzer || Last year the beauty world on YouTube was going crazy over this bronzer and for good reason - it's amazing! The pack lasts you a long time and it smells like you're on a vacation. I was so nervous that they would discontinue it or that it was a limited edition that I went back and bought two more, just in case. If you're a fan of the Hoola bronzer from Benefit, you'll definitely like this one! 
  4. L'Oreal Voluminous Eye Lash Primer || I hate to say that this puts my origins and clinique eye lash primers to shame, but it sort of does! I really like the wand because it's not as flimsy as others and still feels like a mascara. You can see the white coat going on your lashes and it instantly intensifies the look of your mascara. 
  5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara || Hands down my favorite drug store mascara - I ended up using this for about 9 months (not the same tube) and didn't want to change mascara's but I've never forgotten the amount of lift and volume this mascara gives. It gives you the false lashes look without the hassle of applying them! 
  6. Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer || I have a very hard time finding concealers and foundations that I truly like and want to use from the drugstore, but on a whim last year I purchased this one and felt like they got it right! I'm not the biggest fan of the application process - there isn't a wand or anything, but using the beauty blender I dab enough under each eye then blend it out. It works really well and having the pressed powder to set it really takes it to the next level. I'd compare it to a NARS creamy concealer. It doesn't have a super thick consistency which I know a lot of us like. 
  7. NYX Butter Gloss ||  Once you buy one butter gloss, you can't stop buying them. These are great to add a little color throughout the day. They don't last that long, but they smell amazing and give the perfect amount of color you'd need to punch up an outfit or your makeup look! I usually keep two of these at my desk at work, so when I'm jumping into a meeting, I'll swipe some color on my lips and it doesn't look overdone or like I'm trying too hard! "Fortune Cookie" is a favorite of mine. 
  8. St. Ives Brightening Scrub || There have been times when I've strained from my beloved St. Ives scrub and nothing works as well as this at taking off my makeup. I use the pink lemon and mandarin orange scrub, which is a brightener and not mean to be a pore cleanser - so it's not quite as harsh on your skin as the others, but it works just as well. The micro beads really do invigorate my skin & my face feels like I just got out of a facial. I've been a fan of St. Ives since high school and I can't imagine not using it! 
  9. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer || I'm terrible at self tanning at home, something about it always trips me up, but when my friend Jackie mentioned this moisturizer that you apply while you're still in the shower I decided to give it a try. After a little slip up (user error not the product) I think I have finally mastered how to apply it with just the right amount of buildable glow. I have the fair / medium toned one. Really great for keeping the color year round or if you know you're going on a sunny vacation, starting the tan a little early! 
  10. Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish || Before this line of nail polish from Essie came out I could not get their nail polish to stay on my nails chip free for longer than a day - didn't matter what base or top coat I used, it was pointless. I decided to give one color a try and when it lasted for 9 days without a chip, I was sold! I have purchased about 8 colors since and usually bring it to the salon myself for a manicure. I also threw away / gave my nieces my entire nail polish collection that wasn't this line! I can't imagine going back to regular polish after this! *editor's note: I did go for my first dip powder gel manicure over the weekend after wanting something a little different so I'll let you know how that goes! 
One item I haven't really nailed down yet is a favorite drug store lipstick - so please share any & all recommendations for a great nudey-pink color you might have!! 


What are some of your favorite drug store beauty buys?

Most Loved || Purse Edition

May 15, 2017
Happy Monday friends! I have been wanting to do this post for quite some time and once I got one of my dream bags I knew it was time!! Some women love shoes, others love clothes & some have a serious love for purses - I fall into that category!! When it comes to a great bag, I'm willing to wait, do the right amount of research and save up to make that purchase even sweeter! Some of these bags are still available, but some are either limited edition or aren't made anymore - regardless they are still my most loved purses! I know they aren't everyone's thing, but I sort of feel like I can conquer the world with the right bag on my arm! 

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel ||

Boston Blogger, Rebecca minkoff, suede cross body bag, regan satchel
The Regan Satchel was my third Rebecca Minkoff purchase & definitely my favorite one! I decided to go with a bit of a different dusty blue color because I knew it was different from anything in my collection (using that word very loosely here) and I felt like I could wear it 3 out of the 4 seasons! It's spacious enough for me to wear to work & travel with, which I did for our California Road Trip! 
Boston Blogger, Rebecca minkoff, suede cross body bag, regan satchel


  • Spacious - large enough to pack everything except for a laptop
  • Interior pockets for phone & lipstick / gloss if needed
  • Wear as a cross body, on your shoulder or in the crook of your arm


  • suede so if you aren't careful it could get damaged with inclement weather

Kellen Sole Society

I spotted the black sole society bag on Instagram and was on the hunt for what could be an every day smaller black bag that I could wear on the weekends! Sadly, this was only a limited edition bag (there are a few in stock in the emerald color) but I wore it so much this past winter! For a smaller bag it was surprisingly very roomy - I could even fit my iPad mini in it if I wanted to! 


  • Spacious with one zipper pocket, but the pocket isn't big enough for an iPhone
  • Super fun cheetah print interior
  • Really goes with anything - I wore it to work & for nights out


  • Limited edition so it's probably not going to be made again 😞
  • Suede so if you aren't careful it could get damaged with inclement weather
  • The little tassels are a little flimsy so I've lost pretty much all of the ones it came with
  • While the strap is comfortable, if you are wearing a slippery fabric like a leather jacket - it does tend to fall off a bit. 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

Boston Blogger, Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Print, neverfull bag, louis vuitton, best work bag, tote bag, damier print
When Gary and I were on our first real vacation together I decided to splurge on the bag that I had been lusting over for 2 years - the Louis Vuitton Neverfull - GM (largest size) with the classic monogram. Now when you purchase the Neverfull it comes with a handy little pochette (small zipper pouch) that you could use for better organizing, but 7 years ago when I purchased mine it sadly didn't come with that. I use this bag every single day - it truly lives up to it's name of "neverfull" and I can't imagine this ever going out of style. I use this on every single trip & love that I can pack it full of everything any anything, which is also what makes it pretty heavy! 
Boston Blogger, Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Print, neverfull bag, louis vuitton, best work bag, tote bag, damier print


  • So Much Space - you could fit everything, possibly the kitchen sink! 
  • Iconic and will never go out of style
  • Perfect for travel, trips & every day life
  • Retains it's value if you ever want to sell it...but really why would you?


  • There is only one interior pocket, but other than that it's up to you to organize. You can find organizers on etsy, but I honestly never really had the need for it.  
  • The shoulder straps are very thin, which makes them cut into your shoulder if you aren't careful - especially when you've packed the bag full! 

Burberry Bridle Leather Hobo 

Burberry Bridle Hobo Bag
I first spotted this bag at Bloomingdales and loved that it didn't look like the conventional Burberry bag - no checkered print at all! I couldn't stop thinking about it, but by the time I was ready to purchase it, they were already out of stock and not going to be made again! I scoured eBay & managed to find a brand new with tags, still in the box with everything included for a decent price reduction and I opted for the "buy it now" because I couldn't let this pass me by again! The leather is like buttahhhh - it's so soft & the straps with gold hardware give the bag a little edge! I've had the bag for three years now and this style still seems relevant. 


  • Three separate deep compartments and the middle one has a zipper
  • Inner side deep pocket
  • Two shoulder straps - one short and one long 
  • Lined with nylon so if you spill something it can be wiped off


  • None except for it's no longer available! 

Pochette Metis 

boston blogger, pochetet metis monogram print, classic bag, louis vuitton, french designer dream bag! At this point, if you're on instagram you've definitely seen this Louis Vuitton bag! The story of how this bag came to be is long, but so worth it now that I have "her!" A little over two years ago I first spotted this bag, it wasn't quite as popular yet, but I didn't feel like I needed it so I decided to wait. Fast forward and it started popping up everywhere and I still couldn't stop thinking about it so I started to save. I knew it was going to be my 30th birthday present from me to me, so I was really eager to have it in March. Well turns out everyone else wanted the bag too because there was a waitlist for the monogram print and it was nowhere to be found (trust me, I looked in every store from NYC to California). I put myself on the waitlist in Boston and not so patiently waited until I finally got her one month after my birthday!! Well worth the wait & I absolutely love the bag!! I wear it every chance I get - which you've probably seen from my Instagram, but I just can't help it! Absolutely the best purchase & after this one...I think I'm done for a while! If you're interested in a "what's in my bag" for this one I'd be super happy to do one!! 
boston blogger, pochetet metis monogram print, classic bag, louis vuitton, french designer


  • Three very well sized interior pockets - I've carried my iPad mini with me. 
  • The cross body strap is adjustable & also comes in the monogram print instead of the vachetta strap
  • Exterior zipper picket in the back that is perfect for keeping your phone accessible.
  • Timeless style that is always a conversation starter - can't tell you how many times someone has asked me about the bag. 


  • You can't really do much with the handle except for carry it in your hand- too short to have in the crook of your arm
  • Waitlist for just about every color option on there now, but clearly there's demand for it

I mentioned at the start of the post, that I do my homework with purses that "I have my eye on" - I read reviews & then check it out in the store (probably 5 or so times) really try them on and only then do I commit. I guess when I think of most loved, I think of the bags that I wear the most. I'm in the process of figuring out a closet redesign and hoping that I don't have to stuff them in their little corners for much longer. 

Do you have a dream bag? What's your most loved purse? 

5 Ways I Manage Stress

May 12, 2017
Happy Friday friends! This was a doozy of a week - from thinking it was one day ahead of what it actually was and lots of deadlines at work - felt like I couldn't catch up, but it actually sort of felt okay because believe it or not,  I was actually managing my stress! 

Product Empties and a YouTube Video

May 10, 2017
Hello there friends! I'm pretty excited for this post since it's actually a YouTube video & post! I don't do a lot of videos on here because they are quite the commitment and my last one was an empties video as well since I really like watching those myself. I know not everyone is a fan of videos so I've gone ahead and included everything I talk about in the post! If you have a chance to watch it that's great, if not no worries, but for fun I kept in some of my outtakes - mostly because I couldn't edit them out!! I also have not mastered how to get thumbnails in there...


Weekending | Portland & Bloggers Day Out

May 08, 2017
Happy Monday friends! I feel like we packed a week's worth of fun into 48 hours and it all started with a trip to Portland, Maine! Getting right into the picture heavy recap - just warning now, you might get hungry!! Saturday morning, Gary & I made the two hour drive to Portland, ME for a day of exploring with some of his college friends. The agenda was packed with breweries & distilleries - really something for everyone's palette. It also may have been a mini food tour of the city as well! 
places to eat in portland, where to eat in maine, best donuts to eat, potato donut

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 05, 2017
Mother's Day is next weekend - how on earth did that happen?! I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat when it comes to shopping for your mom - you're met with this response "I don't need anything!" Well of course mom's don't need anything, but that doesn't mean we can't spoil them! For once, I'm ahead of the game and the gift has already been picked out and is on it's way to my mom's house as we speak (it just so happens to be on this list!), but I wanted to share a few items that all mom's can appreciate! 
What to buy for mom, what to buy for sister
1. Mantra Band || 2. Picture Frame || 3. "Mama" Necklace || 4. Throw || 5. Tile Mate || 6. Flip Flops || 7. Travel Tweezers || 8. Diffuser || 9. Skin Serum || 10. Long Lasting Lip Crayon 


Spring and Summer To Do List

May 03, 2017
With the unofficial start to summer at the end of the month, I wanted to share a few of the to do's I have on my list! Last year we actually marked off everything off the list I created and did a lot of fun things around the city and around New England so I'm hoping for more of the same this year! I know it probably feels really early to be talking about Summer and plans, but when you think about how fast time goes by, I'm just trying to be prepared 😉

Weekending | Quick Trip to Florida

May 01, 2017
Happy Monday & happy May friends! This weekend my sister and I made the quick trip down to Florida to celebrate our cousin's baby shower! These types of trips are always fun because you hit the highlights and get to see family and friends that you normally wouldn't!