Eliminating Cable TV | Our Experience with DirectTV Now

January 31, 2018
Before I get into today's post, I first want to say that this is in no way sponsored by DirectTV. They don't even know I exist! Now that we have that out of the way...If you know me, then you know I love television - it's the way I like to relax, my happy place is most definitely on my couch watching TV. I've never not had cable and the thought of "cutting the cord" was so foreign to me that every time Gary tried to bring it up I told him it wasn't an option. 
A few months ago Gary convinced me to try Playstation Vue. We would still have our regular cable, but he urged me to use the Playstation exclusively so that I could see how it felt not having "regular" cable. For the most part I did like the Playstation option, but, and this is a huge but - they didn't have ABC live. They only had ABC on demand and that just wasn't going to work for me. Perhaps not a deal breaker for most, but for me it definitely was as an avid TGIT watcher and Bachelor / Bachelorette fan! So after the week was up, we went back to our cable and resumed life. 
Gary wasn't done with trying to convince me that not only could I have all the channels I wanted to watch, but we could reduce our bill by so much! He found this website comparing all other non cable providers and you could pick and choose your must have channels. After telling him all my must have channels, we came out with DirectTV Now as being a really great option. I was still really skeptical, but we had just received our latest cable and internet bill and it was just becoming ludicrous the amount we were paying for channels we didn't even watch and these weren't even the premium channels like HBO or Showtime - this is just regular cable. 

How DirectTV Now works ||

After signing up on the website, we downloaded the app through the Apple TV. When I say that we started watching regularly televised programming immediately, I mean it was instantaneous! We went with the "Live a Little Package" for only $35 and it includes 60 channels - all of which include my must haves like Bravo, TLC, HGTV and here's the big one - ABC live! They also have an option to add on HBO and other premium channels for $5-$8 / month. 
^last viewed channels when you swipe up^
  • You can cancel at any time so there aren't any annual contracts
  • There are no extra fees - you aren't paying "specialty taxes" that show up out of nowhere on your bill and can't be explained. We pay $35 and that's it! 
  • You aren't waiting for someone to come and install your television for you
  • You can stream on two different devices at the same time
  • Create favorite stations so you can easily access them

Why I love it ||

^the view of the guide^
After a little over a month, I don't even remember why we had cable TV for as long as we did! This option gives me everything I need & more. We still get local programming and news. If you need DVR apparently there is a plan for an update sometime before the end of the year to bring that into the system. I personally don't use DVR so it wasn't a deal breaker for me. I've mentioned before that we don't have a TV in our bedroom, but I have the app on my iPad and I'm able to watch a little tv before bed if I really want to! Between Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV and now DirectTV I think we're all set with our viewing options! 

The obvious thing here - we couldn't cut ties with our cable provider completely because we still need internet to stream Netflix, DirectTV and to do work! Our motivating factor for going this route was cutting this unnecessary bill down as much as possible. I don't feel like I gave anything up, in fact scrolling through channels now I know that I have access to all of them and it's not overwhelming! 
I'd love to know if you have a service like this that you also really love? Have you toyed with the idea of getting rid of cable? 

EDIT: To clarify because a lot of people have been asking - we don't have Direct TV - we have Direct TV NOW which is an app that we have on our apple tv via our internet - we do not have a dish or anything like that. 

What's in my bag | Weekend Edition

January 29, 2018
Happy Monday friends! We had a really nice weekend filled with a little relaxing, a little shopping & a brunch with my girlfriends! After a full weekend out I was walking home from brunch on Sunday and realized how much lighter my purse was compared to my every day work tote! It prompted this post because I was curious to know how much of what I carry on a daily basis is unnecessary - come to realize about 85% of everything in my tote is unnecessary! I wanted to share the two purses that I wear every weekend and perfectly hold everything I need! 
small purse, gucci marmont, pochette metis, cross body designer bags, what to pack in your purse on the weekend

Gucci Marmont mini bag - size small

I purchased this right before Thanksgiving and it's one of my favorite purses I've ever bought for myself. This is also the smallest bag I own, but I never think of it as being that small. I was between the one size up and this mini small one I ended up getting and I'm so glad that I went with the small size. 
From the photo you can see that a card wallet, two lip glosses, my key holder, which could double as a wallet if I wanted it to and my phone all fit perfect with some room left over. I like having my hands free so I tend to wear this more as a cross body bag, but when I'm trying to dress an outfit up I'll wear it on my shoulder! I'm 5'7 and it hits at the hip perfectly - not high at all!

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis 

Oh the Pochette Metis, without a doubt the bag I coveted for years before actually deciding to buy it only to find out when I was ready to purchase I would have to be placed on a wait list because everyone wanted this purse and they were producing it in limited quantities! Well fast forward to last April and I finally got my hands on it and I've been wearing it every single weekend since! I was incredibly surprised the first time I started adding items to the purse, you can fit a ton in it and I've even worn it to work when I'm going out after and fit my iPad mini in the back pocket! 
I carry pretty much the same stuff with me, but add in my tangle teezer which is the best compact brush! It has a cover so there's no debris getting in the bristles. Since I'm normally out all day during the weekend I pack a snack #alwayshungry & my favorite sunglasses. There's still so much room left over that I am tempted to keep packing the purse, but I don't need all that extra junk! This is also the purse that I take with me on trips away because having hands free is just the best! 

I find that the bigger my purse is, the more junk and random stuff I'll end up stuffing in there like notebooks, about 10 different pens, 5 different lipsticks and anything else I can think of. I like wearing the smaller purse when I'm going to be out for just a couple hours or heading to dinner, but if I'm going to be out for the full day on the weekend, then the pochette metis is the one I reach for. 

Do you wear different purses on the weekend versus during the week? Are you a pack rat in bigger totes or are you way more organized!?


Valentine's Day Gifts | From Me to Me

January 24, 2018
For the last three years (2015, 2016, 2017) I've shared a little gift guide on treating yourself on this day of love. Just because gifts are always fun, just because gifts for yourself are even better! Here are some of my favorite types of small little things to pick up for myself! 
This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides || I took these every day for about 3 months and my nails and hair had never been stronger. Now it's been about that long since I've stopped taking them and I can see the biggest difference in my nails. They are brittle and break so much easier, so I'm definitely going to be treating myself to these proteins! 
Designer Dupe Sunglasses || These are the perfect Celine designer dupe sunnies for under $10! I am so rough on my sunglasses and they are always being thrown into my bags so all my trendier sunglasses are from Amazon and I love them so much, they also hold up really well!
Alex & Ani Bangle || My sister bought me my first Alex and Ani bangle set for the holidays and I just love the ability to mix and match all the different bangles. My favorite is the "Evil Eye" which I already have! 
Ankle Rain Boots || With our upcoming trip to Ireland, I didn't want to bring my Hunter rain boots with me because 1. they are pretty bulky and 2. a pain to pack. While shopping last week I spotted these super cute rain boots from Nine West  and they were on super sale for under $25! I love the tie up detail on the back and I've already broken them in this week wearing them twice! 
New Lipstick || With MAC lipsticks being my go to, I'm fresh out of "Snob" which is my favorite pink from MAC. Please tell me you all know about MAC's recycle program - if not, you basically return any 6 fully used containers (which can be anything from MAC) for a free lipstick, eye shadow or lip gloss. 
First Aid Beauty Mask || This is one of my favorite skincare brands because their scents aren't overpowering and their products are free of harsh chemicals. I have seen this mask popping up all over Instagram and I'm very intrigued in trying it. A lot of people have reviewed that they saw results right away! 
Key Pouch || I've had my current key pouch for 6 years and while I love it, it's looking a little warn. This is definitely the priciest little diddy on my gift list from me to me, but it's something that I use every single day, so why not splurge a little! 

Are you planning on getting yourself a little something?

5 Valentine's Day Ideas

January 22, 2018
Hello there friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We were lucky to spend a lot of time outside & it was glorious! I was thinking of how soon it's going to be February and how I can't wait to be done with the cold weather, although there is no guaranteeing that February will be any warmer, but we can all hope! February is a fun month for us - it's Gary's birthday, my mom's birthday and Valentine's Day. While we haven't gone all out for the day in a long time, we still do little things to make it special without spending an exorbitant amount of money of anything! It's never too early to start thinking of some fun date ideas and I wanted to share some that we've done in the past and a couple that would be fun to try this year! I also wanted these to be all things that could be done on a weekday or weeknight because celebrating something little on the actual day is always fun!

1. Bring your favorite restaurant home || 

Last year Gary and I were both traveling the days leading up to Valentine's Day and when we were both home that night, he surprised me with lobster mac and cheese (my absolute favorite meal) from one of our favorite restaurants, but the best part was that we got to enjoy it at home. He picked up all the food earlier in the day and had set up it so that we had a little picnic in our living room! 

2. Special Puzzle || 

When we were engaged my sister had a puzzle created for my bridal shower. We kept it until Valentine's Day to put together and it was so fun to indulge in some wine and put the pieces in place. Shutterfly has really cute options and you can do a collage of photos or you can pick one. 

3. Enjoy breakfast before work || 

Since Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday, you could enjoy a special full breakfast before work. I don't know about you guys, but the mornings are pretty chaotic for us and we usually only have time to say "have a great day" before one of us is running out the door. Even if it means getting up a little earlier so you could enjoy 15 extra minutes of a real breakfast together then it would be worth it. 

4. Have a drink || 

I'm not big on going to dinner on Valentine's Day. It's overcrowded, overpriced and it's a school night! I'd much rather meet up with Gary for a quick toast and make our way home. Right after work so it's not too crowded and before the dinner rush really starts. My favorite spot in Boston is City Bar in the Lenox Hotel. 

5. Special Dessert || 

Admittedly I'm a terrible baker - if it's not banana bread then I just can't seem to make it work. These chocolate rice crispy bites look delicious! I wouldn't mind taste testing them this weekend just to make sure! 

Have you already started plotting out Valentine's Day or is this still to early to start thinking about?

Friday Favorites

January 19, 2018
Hello and Happy Friday friends! For a short week this sure did feel like a long one! I'm so looking forward to a warmer weekend and excited to spend some time outside! Also really looking forward to the AFC Championship game on Sunday - my home team the Jaguars are playing against my new home team the Patriots and I'm thinking it's going to be a really fun game! I wanted to share a few favorites from the week! 

Slow Cooker Meatballs 

I'm so guilty of pinning recipes then forgetting to make them, but last week I found this recipe and couldn't wait to try it! With the extra time on Monday, I made my first ever batch of meatballs from scratch and wouldn't you know, come dinner time G and I couldn't get enough of the food! We had enough for lunch the next day and all my co-workers were saying how delicious it smelled!! Such an easy recipe and I highly suggest trying it! 

Google Arts & Culture 

At this point you have probably been seeing all the snaps of people taking selfies and seeing what painting they most resemble. You can download the Google Arts & Culture app and snap a photo of yourself. I have to say Gary's doppelgänger made me cry with laughter - it was so good, but he wouldn't even let me save it!! 

Beret Trend 

I'm not quite sure if I can pull off the beret trend, but I'm willing to give it a try. I found some cute options on Amazon and for less than $15 I'm willing to give this a whirl! I'm still deciding between the wine red and the grey color!! Which do you like?

Velvet Matte Lip Stain 

I had a couple gift cards to Victoria Secret that I was itching to use up and while in the checkout line I noticed their Velvet Matte lip stain collection. I always gravitate towards pink-nudes and this one named "Adored" is so pretty. Some matte lipsticks can be very drying, but this formula keeps a nice light air to it when it dry's - basically your lips will not show cracks! It comes in a variety of different colors (10) and I was surprised to see that online you can get 2 for $18 when one is $14, so basically you're getting one for almost 75% off! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! 

My Favorite Photo Related Apps

January 17, 2018
Ever since getting the iPhone 8, I only use my phone to take photos. We actually sold my camera since it wasn't getting any use and was collecting dust. Taking pictures is one of my favorite things and I have the blog to thank for all the memories that are currently on my camera roll. I've never shared my favorite photo related apps in one dedicated post - so here are some tried and true favorites.
 Original - no editing
Edited with PicTapGo 

PicTapGo || I first shared my thoughts on PicTapGo in this post from January 2016 and here we are two years later and I am still using it. Here's a perfect example of my favorite use of PicTapGo - I use the "Lights On" filter to give my photo more brightness without taking away from saturation. Huge fan of this app if you find that you are always taking pictures in dark places, then  you may want to download this - especially if you're a food blogger and take pictures in restaurants with very bad lighting! Cost $2.99
KiraKira || When we were in Iceland, Kathy and Jackie both had the KiraKira app that basically gives things a little bit more sparkle! You can do video, boomerangs or just a photo with the app and it's always fun to give a little extra sparkle to things. While I haven't shared a photo on my Instagram with KiraKira, I do use it frequently for IG Stories. Cost $0.99
 just slightly smoothed out ;)

BeautyPlus || Please meet my favorite face smoothing app! I'm absolutely guilty of touching up certain photos, especially if they are close up and I feel like the bags under my eyes are just way too scary! You can take the airbrushing to an extreme level which does tend to look fake, so I like to keep it in check. I feel like this app enhances your makeup and makes everything look smooth and there are different filters that you can apply once you've "beautified" the photo. You have the ability to take a selfie in the app or bring the photo in from your gallery. Cost Free, but there are in app purchases you can make. 

TouchRetouch || Amanda introduced me to this app a year or so ago. It's perfect if you're taking pictures near busy streets, in the city where light poles, trash cans or other unsightly things come into focus. On more than one occasion, I've removed a sign that I didn't realize was in the frame. Cost $1.99

HypeType || Thanks to Karly I downloaded HypeType to give a little oomph to my IG Stories when I'm sharing what posts I have live on the blog. There are plenty of animations to bring your text to the next level! Cost Free, but there are in app purchases in order to remove the "HypeType" logo if that bothers you! 
 Size comparison & front cover of the book
No collages, just one photo per page

ChatBooks || After looking into different ways to create albums from trips easily, I stumbled upon  after we returned from Iceland. I created the album using photos that I had on my camera roll, you can also import photos if you'd like. In one album you can have 60 photos all on their own page and you can add commentary to each photo - even add the location if you want. Within 15 minutes and all from bed, I was able to create my ChatBook and have it ordered and for only $15! The quality is really nice and they are small and compact enough that they don't take up much space. This is perfect if your a mom looking to chronicle your babes first year - each month can be it's own book. you can even re-order the same book to send to family! P.S. not sponsored, just really happy to have found something easier than trying to piece together a photo album from a trip! ChatBooks Cost Free. While the app itself is free to download, of course you have to pay for the book to be created, but depending on the option you choose, it shouldn't be more than $15! 

Have you used any of these apps before? Would love to know some of your favorite photo related apps! 


Weekending | Still Going Strong

January 14, 2018
Happy Monday friends! I am continuing the long weekend and taking the day to run a few more errands and get ready for the week ahead! I have to be honest, these freezing temps have made it very difficult to have anything worthwhile to share for weekending link-up's because we just aren't getting out as much, but I hope to be back to fun and exciting weekends here shortly!! The only reason to leave the house is to eat...so there's that! I did try the Dazzle Dry manicure I mentioned last week and I'm excited to see how it holds up being a vegan and relatively "safe" nail polish! Color is "Fascination" and it went perfectly with my blackbird donut this weekend 😀
Have a wonderful start to the week everyone! 
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Current Beauty Favorites

January 10, 2018
It's been quite a while since I shared some of my favorite beauty items, mostly because I have been sticking to tried and true products, but there have been a few game changers to my routine recently and I wanted to share! 
This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

La Roche-Posay Color Correcting Concealer Pen in Light Beige || Since September I've been using this concealer every day and loving the results. One of the things I love most is the applicator - it's a brush that you twist at the bottom to get the appropriate amount of product and then stroke it lightly in the under eye area. It's not a cakey concealer and it does a wonderful job of hiding the dark circles while still illuminating the under eye area. If you're a fan of the Urban Decay concealer or NARS creamy concealer, then you may also like this one as well since it has a similar coverage and consistency.  
Batiste Dry Shampoo || Yes, I am so late to the party on Batiste, but after my friend Tess who also has dark hair like me suggested that I try this dry shampoo after I raved about only using Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones - well I totally get the hype and I've converted! It smells so good and I've actually gone more than two days without washing my hair and it seems like I have finally trained it to not get as oily using Batiste. There is a bit of dark residue left that you'll have to work into your roots and then make sure you wash your hands because the reside can come off on your fingers, but other than that little downside, I love this product!
L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise || After finishing my most recent mascara a month or so ago, I wanted to give this Lash Paradise mascara a try. It's been compared to Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara as a great dupe and not only does it have similar packaging, but it also has a very similar wand. Verdict - I think it's a great alternative for a drug store brand. Using a lash primer and then the mascara you get incredible lift and volume to your lashes. I also really like the full wand applicator because it does a great job of getting every single one of my lashes! 
MAC Lipglass "Saint Germain" || My oldest niece surprised me with this lip gloss as a Christmas present and my youngest niece picked the color which she said "screamed B." So sweet!! Well let me just say my nieces definitely know me because I've used the lipstick color "Snob" for years now and love the fun pink color and this is an exact match but in lip gloss form! I think MAC has perfected their lip gloss formula because I remember it being very sticky years ago which is why I switched to their lip sticks, but this gloss is much creamer and doesn't have a sticky feeling at all! Can't wait to check out more of their Lipglass colors!
First Aid Beauty Intense Hydration || Since before Thanksgiving my skin has been incredibly dry. I went back to my favorite hydrating lotion from First Aid beauty that I always use in the winter. It's scentless, light and not oily at all. I always slather it on when I'm home and even have a travel size  ($12) that I keep in my bag for work! 

Have you tried any of the products here? What are some beauty items your using and loving this winter?

Currently | Life Updates

January 08, 2018
Happy Monday friends! It was another bone chilling weekend here in New England so our outings were minimal. As much as it stinks not being able to get outside more, it does give me a great  chance to be super productive at home! Thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been up to! 
This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Eating || 
I was wanting something light and fresh with turkey burgers on Sunday night so I made Ina Garten's Fiesta Corn & Avocado salad from her Cooking for Jeffrey cookbook --> here is the online recipe
Watching || 
One of our only outings this weekend was to see Molly's Game with Jessica Chastain & Idris Elba. The acting was so incredible and it was one of those movies that you couldn't stop talking about for days after. Knowing it's a true story actually made me want to read the book which I downloaded right after. 
Reading ||
I'm almost done with The Widow and I have a slew of other books I'm excited to read. Karly shared a couple books on Instagram that she's loving and I looked them up right away. Next up is Wasted Words
Enjoying ||
At home workouts on the weekends. I bought these booty bands from Target last weekend and I've been using them all week and sore after every use! This arms routine and this booty band routine are what I've been loving - no more than 20 minutes and I'm done! 
Excited for||
For the last couple of years Gary and I have wanted to visit the Ice Castles in New Hampshire and we're finally going this winter! These are all built by hand and use only water and icicles to create the amazing castles. There's a few locations around the US, so you might be near one!! 
Wearing ||
All of the layers! Seriously I was wearing leggings underneath my pants pretty much all week because of how cold it was with the wind chill which is why I haven't been sharing any outfits here or on Instagram. All I'm wearing is my winter coat and lots of layers...no bueno! I did purchase these sunnies because I wanted some square frames but I'm never sure how that style looks on me, so these pretties for $9.99 will work just fine! 
Listening ||
I've been listening to "Him & I" on repeat also Halsey just has the most soothing voice and her song Strangers is so good!
Loving ||
We had the show Lovesick recommended to us on Netflix and we flew through all three seasons! Each episode is only 20-24 minutes so it's so easy to binge! It's a BBC original and the acting is really relatable! 
I'm getting my first Dazzle Dry manicure this weekend - it's a non-toxic, vegan high performance gel-like polish that doesn't require any light to set it. The top coat allows the nail polish to dry after 5 minutes (without light). What so many of my friends have said is that you aren't giving up the longevity of your manicure while other 5-free polishes don't stay as long. Most nail salons carry Dazzle Dry - you just have to ask for it. 
Planning ||
Our trip to Ireland! We are headed there in March to celebrate our anniversary and this weekend we planned out the route as well as our hotels! It's coming along and I'm so excited since we had a blast doing the drive along the PCH and I think Ireland is going to be even more beautiful! If you've been to Ireland, please share any tips! 

How was your weekend? Hope you have a wonderful start to the week! 

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Friday Thoughts on Staying Cozy

January 05, 2018
Happy Friday friends! I know most of you have been hit with cold and terrible weather. With our first snowstorm of the season hitting New England yesterday and the polar vortex (yes that nasty thing is back) hitting this weekend, I'm all about figuring out how to stay cozy and not go stir crazy at home!  I miss fresh air without feeling like the wind is being knocked out of me and I honestly never thought I'd be excited for thirty degree weather next week #balmy!
What you need to stay warm, cozy night inside, what to do on a snow day

  • I'm always in my UGG slippers in the winter, actually all the time because we don't have carpet. My sister bought them for me a couple years ago and they've held up so well. For sizing they do fit snuggly at first, but the the "fluff" goes down. I'm normally a 7.5, but the 8's fit perfectly!
  • I'm almost ashamed to admit that I didn't make it out of my jogger's yesterday, but the truth is being comfortable on the couch makes me happy - that and no makeup days that go along with cozy days! I did put on a really fuzzy cardigan and wrapped myself on the couch while I was working! 
  • Gary laughs at me because I buy a blanket for the couch what feels like every month, but the bright side is that we don't have to share and each of us can be warm! 
  • An absolute must for a snow day, cold day or just cozy day in the winter is something good to watch on TV with a hot drink. Last year I shared some of my favorite shows that were binge-worthy. 
  • Currently reading this book which is great after I can't take any more TV. Did you know there's a Netflix "movie" that you can play to replicate the look of a fire burning in a fireplace! 
There is a lot of everything I just mentioned in my future this weekend! What are some of your cozy essentials?

New Year 2017 and Goals

January 02, 2018
Hello there friends!! I am definitely coming back to this blog refreshed after almost a week away. I tried to be really present with the holidays and not be on my phone taking pictures or scrolling social media - while it wasn't a true detox it felt good. The only real photos I have from these last few days are from NYE - it was basically the only night we left the house aside from going to the movies because it has been absolutely frigid here and we're expecting much of the same later this week and weekend! It's been a lot of Netflix watching, eating hearty meals & relaxing which is exactly what the end of the year should be about! 
We spent NYE with our friends at a little wine bar in Cambridge called Spoke. They had live jazz music, small bites and a champagne toast at midnight. It was the perfect mix of low key with a little bit of excitement. We were nervous about the Uber surcharges because of the demand, but thankfully we left right before the spikes in prices took effect. 
 We met up at Jackie & Tom's for a little pre-party fun.
I got this idea in my head that I wanted to wear a jumpsuit for NYE and last Monday I popped into TJ Maxx and found this Vince Camuto one.  This was the second year in a row that I wore red (and Vince Camuto) so here's hoping that's a good sign! I paired it with these fun baubles from Sugarfix and kept everything else pretty minimal. 
^one more just being silly^
After not having much of a routine since Christmas I'm really excited to get back into my groove. The best way for me to do that is with setting some goals, bought a new planner too😁 They aren't resolutions because I know that wouldn't work for me and I wouldn't last past the first week of January! So instead - here are a few things I plan to do the entire year! 
  • Write something good about the every single day. I started a google sheet with Gary and we each have our own tab to write down one good thing that happened every single day. At the end of the year we'll look back on all the little moments!
  • Be kind to myself. I am most definitely my worst critic, but instead of looking in the mirror this year and thinking about all the things I would change, I'm going to appreciate every single imperfection.
  • Stop the comparison game. In the age of social media and the curated lives we all put out there, I have to stop comparing my life, my home, my blog, my everything to someone else. We only see snippets of what we choose to share and like many I only want to put the positive things out there, too much negativity as it stands, so why add to it, but we all know pretty pictures are not real life 100% of the time. One of my favorite quotes is "A flower doesn't compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms" and this is the quote I'm taking all through the year. 
  • Quality over Quantity. This goes for everything in life. From shopping to food to stuff. I want to be mindful of everything that I purchase this year and making sure it really serves a purpose. I was pretty good about it in 2017, but right before trips I tend to make impulse buys and with an upcoming trip in March, I need to NOT do that! 

What about you - do you have any goals for yourself in 2018? How was the start to your New Year? Please make me feel better and tell me it's really cold where you live as well!