Currently Happening

February 28, 2018
Happy last day of February friends! It's March tomorrow and that makes me all sorts of excited! I love doing these currently posts about once a month and my last one was in early January so before the official end of the month - here's another little recap! 

Eating ||

I have been really wanted fresh salads and over the weekend I made a Caprese salad with a twist! We had the standard grape tomatoes with mozzarella cut up, but also added in avocado to give it a little bit more flavor and also a bit more to the salad. Needless to say, we both loved the salad so much we had it on Monday night as well! I didn't follow a recipe per se, but this one is similar. 

Watching ||

Well we got hooked on Altered Carbon which can be found on Netflix and are almost done with the first season. It's very sci-fi driven and nothing like what I would normally like. Even though it's set so far in the future the baseline of what the characters deal with is all relevant today. From power, to money to love - everything we struggle with now apparently are still struggles in the future just a but more high tech! The new season of Homeland also started so we've been watching that as well!

Reading ||

I just shared my most recent reads, but I'm almost done with this book by a favorite author of mine. 

Excited for ||

^from last year's birthday celebration^
My birthday definitely snuck up on me this year - it's next Saturday!! I feel like I was just celebrating in NYC last year with everyone! I'm excited to see what Gary has planned, but he's being very secretive! 

Wearing ||

All of my new clothes! As soon as I get something new in my closet I NEED to wear it immediately! 

Waiting ||

To do our taxes! We have all the pieces we need to actually get them done, but it feels like adult homework we just keep putting off!

Trying ||

Patchology has some of my favorite masks and eye gels out there and they sent me their newest lip products to test out! Their gloss to balm treatment is all I have been wearing on my lips for the last 3 weeks! It smells so good and hydrates my lips perfect when their chapped from weather. The bonus is that it looks good on it's own without any other lipstick or lipgloss and brings out the natural color of our lips. 

Looking ||

Really looking forward to our trip to Ireland - we have finalized everything so now the packing needs to start! We're still a few weeks out, but I've been checking the weather and it's been a little colder there than normal so that's a bummer! BUT - we aren't going there for the weather 😂

Enjoying || 

Leaving work these past few weeks it's still light outside which is so exciting! Spring is coming you guys!!

On a different note, I'm interested in doing some Q&A posts once a month on anything and everything! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in posts or email me! I'll do round-ups at the end of every month!

Weekending | Recent Purchases

February 26, 2018
Happy Monday friends! This weekend we headed out of the city and spent some time with Gary's parents and got to celebrate Gary's birthday one more time! I also tried to make these smashed potatoes - they didn't quite turn out how they were supposed to, but I'm going to try them again because they were still delicious!! Between these last few weeks I have picked up a few new things for spring and the deals were too good to not mention! 

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H&M Denim Jacket 
This is my second denim jacket from H&M and the quality is always so nice for the price. I somehow lost my favorite jacket last year after wearing it non-stop throughout the spring and summer. I needed another one and opted for a lighter denim color so that it could go with more outfits! I tried on a couple of jackets from Gap, Banana Republic and Express, but the ones from H&M have a bit of stretch to them so it's more comfortable, for me at least! 

Ann Taylor 60% off Sale 
I stopped by Ann Taylor on Friday during lunch and scooped up two light weight long sleeved shirts.  They were already on sale then an extra 60% off! This striped ruffle shirt is so cute and again can be paired with so much in my closet! This cerulean blue (anyone get the Devil Wears reference?!) ruched tie top was a color I didn't have in my closet and I think it's the pretty color! It also comes in black! 

Maybelline Age Rewind 
I was on the hunt for a drug store concealer and have heard amazing things about the age rewind concealer from Maybelline for years now and decided to give it a try!! I'm loving the coverage and also the sponge applicator. I still use my beauty blender to smooth everything in, but the application is really easy with the sponge. I use the color "light" and it's perfect for brightening up my dark under eye circles. 

Rock Stud Espadrilles 
I haven't worn these out yet because the weather hasn't cooperated, but I can't wait to wear these with white denim in the spring and summer! They come in 7 different colors and for $14 I'm probably going to get a couple more colors! 

I'm in shock that February flew by as fast as it did considering how long January felt!! March is always an exciting month so I'm ready for it! Hope you have a great start to the week! 

Friday Things

February 23, 2018
This week seems to have gone by in a blur and that's all thanks to it being a shorter work week! Since last weekend was pretty jam packed, I'm looking forward to a bit of relaxing. I wanted to share a few things that had me smiling this week! It's a bit of a hodge podge, with some book recommendations at the end as well!
This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Beautiful Weather ||

We were blessed with two absolutely gorgeous days here in the city! 70's, sunny and perfect! Of course it was just a tease because following the "heat" we got snow! Perfect reminder that it's still February and still winter! Has me looking forward to our trip to Florida in April even more now! 

New Primer ||

I spotted this primer in Sephora a couple weeks ago and I had never heard of the brand before. I'm a sucker for packaging and really liked the price so I asked for a sample and used it for a couple of days. After seeing how much smoother my makeup looked, I picked up the full version from Amazon! I'll have a full review in a couple of weeks, but based on all the other reviews I've read I don't think I'll be disappointed! 

A few recent reads ||

Now That You Mention It || Kristan Higgans normally writes more lighthearted romantic comedy like books and this was a bit of a departure from her norm. With that being said, I really enjoyed all of the characters, especially Nora the main character and doctor from Boston. After having a brush with death, she decides to head back home to Maine to recuperate in more ways than one. There's plenty of backstory given to explain the strained relationship with her sister and mom & most of all the author still gives me the the romance that I crave! I definitely recommend this book!
69 Million Things I Hate About You || Based on Nadine's recommendation I decided to read the two book series by Kira Archer. Personal assistant Kiersten wins the lottery, but instead of just quitting her job for her sometimes overbearing, but incredibly good looking boss, she decides to see how far she can push her luck before he fires her! There's more than a bit of chemistry between the two and there was just enough passion without being raunchy or dirty! I definitely enjoyed reading the book and thought the banter between Kiersten and Cole was fresh, but not unrealistic! 
The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby || The second book in the Billionaire series and I actually liked this one more than the previous book. Brooks is the playboy who is never ready to settle down, but he meets Leah who is pregnant and of all things a teacher at a catholic school! They make an arrangement to get married so that she can keep her job and of course what neither of them was expecting was to actually like being married to each other. Of course there is the issue of the baby daddy and what will happen if he comes back in the picture! I really liked that the characters from the previous book also made a lot of appearances in this book so you got more of an epilogue from the first book than you were expecting! Fun, flirty and easy read! Perfect if you're headed on a vacation!
Hope you have a great weekend friends! 

Weekend Birthday Fun

February 20, 2018
What a whirlwind of a weekend full of family time and celebrations. With my parents flying up from Florida to celebrate my mom's birthday and having the day off yesterday to fully celebrate Gary's birthday - I'm ready for another long weekend! One of the best things about having my parents in town and staying with us is that they feed us all the time and we don't have to go out to eat! They make all my favorites & it's the best!! So that's pretty much what Friday and Saturday were filled with! We watched a couple of movies - 13 hours (so good) and The Edge of Darkness (Good, but a little disturbing, gory & scary). Gary & I also got hooked on another show on Netflix - Altered Carbon. It's very futuristic and not normally anything I'd like, but it has elements that you could see being possible in the future and that makes it really interesting. 
The only picture from Saturday shopping at the Wrentham outlets with the whole family, but I busted out my beret and LOVE it!

On Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday at Abe & Louie's. They have a delicious brunch menu and totally surprised to find out they have a jazz band playing on Sunday's! There were lots of toasts & laughs! 

^A little sampling of some of the food we had^

It had snowed the night before and that made the courtyard in the Boston Public Library even prettier! 
Gary requested a very low key birthday so that's exactly what he got! We started with brunch at State Street Provisions - our first time there and oh my gosh was it good!  
We shared the lobster bisque - delicious! The waffles had ham and cheddar baked into them - the perfect mix of sweet and savory!
Needing to walk brunch off, we made our way to the Seaport where the had a super fun seasaw exhibit - letting your inner kid out on your birthday - nothing better! And only because it was Gary's birthday did I agree to go to the ICA - museum lover I am not! But, apparently since it was a Monday and President's Day admission was free, so win,win! Let's just say I don't understand contemporary art!

Needless to say, this was a perfect weekend! Loved being able to celebrate my sweet mama & amazing husband and even better that everyone was in one place!

Weekending Still Going Strong

February 19, 2018
Happy Monday friends! I have the day off from work and it just so happens to be Gary's birthday, so we're keeping the weekend going! I'll be back tomorrow with a fun weekend recap!

Ireland Packing List

February 14, 2018
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I hope this day is filled with love & candy for everyone! Next month Gary and I are headed to Ireland for an anniversary trip that has been on his travel bucket list for years. Since we drove the Pacific Coast Highway last year, I've wanted to do a similar trip where we would get to explore a lot of a country and Ireland was the perfect destination. While I wont be detailing where we're stopping yet, I did want to share what I am packing for a little over a week away! 

Ireland's spring is very similar to the weather here in Boston - it can range between high 40's to mid 50's - so pretty chilly! It can be cold and rainy or beautiful and sunny so preparing for everything along the way is going to be my challenge! 
what to bring to Ireland, what to wear in ireland, irish country side packing list
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Outerwear ||

I was planning on bringing my winter coat, but that's just too much coat for the weather they'll have. I think layering will be the best option. I have one rain jacket that I absolutely love and have gotten so much wear out of the last 7 years. My quilted jacket bit the dust after a lot of wear over the last 6 years, so I have my eye on this Calvin Klein one. I'll also bring along this vest to wear with sweaters and lighter shirts. I have it in olive, but it comes in 4 different colors. 

Clothes ||

I'm not buying anything new "clothes" wise for the trip - just my standard layering long sleeved tee's and some sweaters. I'll travel in one pair of jeans and then bring one more pair of colored jeans or corduroy pants. I'll also add a couple sweater dresses that I think are pretty versatile with the boots I'm packing. 

Accessories ||

I'm definitely bringing a scarf and possibly this beret that just came in the mail since it's light and wont take up most room. My purse is usually the hardest for me to decide on because I like it to be cross body so that my hands are free, but it also needs to be big enough to carry snacks, our little guide book, the selfie stick & all my other things. I'm thinking my pochette metis is up for the challenge! I'll probably change my mind a few more times, before settling on the purse. 

Shoes || 

I tend to over pack in the shoe department always! I'm going to try very hard to limit myself to smarter shoe choices this time around. Comfortable sneakers that are incredibly light and durable - bonus since they actually don't take up much space. My new short rain boots, since my hunter rain boots are so bulky, I didn't want to bother with them. I'm more than likely going to wear the rain boots on the plane so they don't take up space in luggage! We are going to be celebrating our anniversary, so we'll have at least one dressy dinner to attend and I want those shoes to have a heel that's comfortable walking on the city streets - read they should be wedges! Since it'll be somewhat cold outside, I'm going to pack my riding boots that have a small wedge heel that can be dressed up or down. 

Tech ||

Our tech stuff is normally with us in our carry-on - the world adapter and selfie stick are definitely on the list. One big thing we forgot when we went to California was our GPS - we could have rented it through the car company, but since we were in the US we just used our phones. This time we're getting an international data plan because the last thing I want is to be lost driving around the Irish countryside at night! Gary found this app when we went to Iceland and we'll be using it as a guide for our drives as well. 

Anything else you would suggest I bring? If you've been to Ireland I'd love to know what you packed? 

Weekending around Boston

February 12, 2018
Happy Monday friends!! Hope the weather was better where you guys were because it was quite dreary here in Boston, but we didn't let that stop us from enjoying the 50 degree weather!! Between a little spa time, birthday celebrations, brunch & spending time with my nieces & sister - it was packed full of the good stuff weekends should be packed with! 
Bright and early Saturday morning, Jackie and I made our way to Bella Sante Day Spa on Newbury Street. Since we were celebrating her birthday a little later on that day, I wanted to treat her to a pampering session. We tried out their pedicure of the month which was an hour well spent getting the tootsies in good shape & a nice relaxing foot massage for an hour didn't hurt! 
They have a really nice lounge area where you can wait before and after your services and we waited there while our toes dried - maybe even had more than our fair share of chocolates! 
For dinner we all went out to one of our favorites in Somerville - Painted Burro! We all failed at getting any group photos, but the all important food photo wasn't missed! 
Baha Style tacos - delish!
Since brunch on Sunday is always a good idea and Gary was away at a conference, I met up with a friend for an early brunch. I've been to Hops & Scotch a few times, but this was the first time I asked for most of their brunch sides - it's hard to tell from the photo, but the omelet was so tiny. It was only two eggs with a little cheddar cheese in the middle, not a lot of food when you think about it, but so filling! And who can say no to tots?! 
My sister scooped me up after brunch and we headed to the mall with my nieces! They are at such a fun age right now and I'm happy they think of me as their fun aunt, let's hope that lasts! As always, weekends go by way too fast, but I'm looking forward to a fun week ahead! 

How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us!

Recently Read

February 07, 2018
It's been a while since I've done a recently read post and that's mostly because I had a hard time getting books on loan from the library so I was resorting to reading authors I wasn't really into and thus books I finished, but weren't my norm / not anything I'd ever recommend. Here are a few books that I've seen on other people's lists and one absolute must read psychological thriller! 

Wasted Words: Cam and Tyler cannot be more opposite. Cam is a petite, quirky, super smart and also doesn't see herself as someone Tyler would ever want to consider dating since he's former all-american football stud who just happens to date models! Cam and Tyler are also roommates and extremely close friends. Tyler figures out first that he and Cam are pretty a perfect match but because of her past she can't shake the feeling that they aren't a good match. The best way to describe this book is cute. It's a lighthearted read and I thought it was well worth the price. If you have kindle unlimited, it's free! There's three books in this "Austen" series and I plan on reading all three because who doesn't love a feel good romance?!
Between Me and You: I'll be honest and say I didn't like this book until the very end until I understood what the author was doing. Each chapter alternates between Ben and Tatum. What really confused me was each chapter was a different year and keeping track of what was happening to each of them at that time was a little hard. They have shared a life together for almost two decades - in that time you get to see where they were truly happy and when their problems began. The author made the two characters incredibly relatable and this was one of the first books I remember where I liked both main characters equally! The Theory of Opposites is also written by this author and I reviewed that last year. 
In Twenty Years: I really wanted to like this book about 6 friends from college that came back to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends that had passed away. Each chapter alternates between the friends and within the chapters you're dealing with their current lives and their life 20 years ago. Keeping track of the friends wasn't that hard, but I found all the characters to be pretty terrible and then just when I was expecting the author to really close it out - the book sort of ended. It took me way too long to get through this book and I just didn't enjoy it. If you read through some of the reviews of the book a lot of folks felt the same way. 
The Wife Between Us : Oh this book was SO good. Part one has you convinced that you know what's happened and then right as you get into part two you are hit with a HUGE twist! I audibly gasped reading the last line of part one because I just didn't see it coming at all! I don't want to give anything away but this was a great thriller and one that will keep you guessing! I love a good epilogue and this one left me completely speechless - it was such an amazing way to bring things full circle! This should be your next read! 

Next on the reading list in Match Made in Manhattan and then The Last Mrs. Parrish - one chick lit book and one thriller! Keeping things nice and balanced! What are you reading these days?