Weekending | Vacation Mode

March 26, 2018
Hi friends! We are still on vacation in beautiful Ireland....I'll be back next Monday with full recaps of our trip, but until then, here are two photos from stops along the Ring of Kerry! 

I've been sharing a lot via Instagram on stories & also saving it to my Travel Highlights! 

20 Weeks of Pregnancy | Things That Worked & What Didn't

March 21, 2018
Halfway through the week and more than halfway through March - which is just insane! I think the entire country has been plagued by the effects of this storm that is currently on it's way to Boston. I hope that everyone is safe! I wanted to share a few things that helped me get through the first half of my pregnancy! So much of this is trial and error as well as personal preference & I scoured a lot of blogs as well as read a lot of reviews, but more than anything I asked my doctor every single question I could think of because to me they are much better than Google forums! 

Prenatal Vitamin||

First things first - the prenatal! I started taking prenatal multi-vitamins about 2 years ago - at first just to strengthen my hair and nails, which it did wonders for. Through a lot of trial and error, I ended up testing a lot of different brands. I really liked the gummy vitamins from Olly, but after speaking with my doctor she recommended taking these from Nature Made. This value size has 250 tablets and I take them after dinner (usually my biggest meal) and with lots of water. I have only felt nauseous a few times from them, but that was because I took them on an empty stomach. 

Sea-Band for sickness || 

I was pretty lucky and only had nausea for about 2-3 weeks. It wasn't every day and it if did happen would usually be at night. After reading a few blogs, I tried sea bands and maybe it was a mind trick, but it felt like they really help. You are wearing the bands at a pressure points that helps to reduce nausea. While I can't say that it will work for everyone, it definitely worked for me. A lot of women swear by Preggie Pops, but if I ever felt nauseous during the day I'd pop a jolly rancher and instantly felt better. I did notice that I developed motion sickness on the train, which is totally new for me, so I could only read for about 10 minutes of my 30 minute commute. 

Mama Mio the Tummy Butter || 

This is a personal preference for most and the only thing I've used thus far as it relates to stretch marks. I didn't start using this until about week 12, but actually purchased around week 9. I can't say for certain if it will help keep stretch marks at bay for the entire pregnancy, but it's working for now. I also just "popped" so I'll be more diligent about using this every night. I have heard that using oils / serums also helps, so I've been using a few that some friends recommended as well.

Waffles & Mango slices || 

Count it as a craving or just bizarre, but I literally went through two cartons of Trader Joe's sliced mango's a week. I would eat them like it was my job and they just taste so delicious! I still eat about one carton a week! The waffles were something I needed to eat as soon as I got up in the morning before getting on the train - it wasn't my breakfast, but it was my pre-breakfast so I wouldn't have an empty stomach and helped curb nausea. 

Expecting 411 || 

I got a lot of book recommendations and even had friends give me their books, but I purchased Expecting 411 right after I found out I was pregnant. It answers all the "normal questions" you can think of - from what cheeses are safe to eat, to if you can continue to get gel manicures, to if the pains your feeling are normal and what isn't. I keep this on my nightstand and read random bits every single night. They share each test you can expect to take during your pregnancy and also things to ask your doctor that you may not even think of. 

Ovia App ||

There are tons of pregnancy tracking apps out there and I just happened to start using Ovia which is a free one and really like it. I get an email daily about development, fun things happening with the baby, what I should be doing and eating. You have a countdown as well and a picture of how big the baby is! I chose to do Parisian Bakery as my theme and as of this week it's the size of a Palmier cookie --> not a clue what kind of cookie that is, but it doesn't look that big! 

Things I wish I didn't buy ||

I think I was a little too excited to "grow" and picked up maternity tights at about 9 weeks! Here we are at almost 21 weeks and they are still way too big and unfortunately I won't be wearing them soon because it'll just get too hot! I also purchased this belly belt kit and it just didn't work for me. It comes with different colors and sizes (S,M,L) but it didn't seem to fit any of my pants and was too big on most of my pants. I did get to borrow the belly band from a friend and that worked like a charm! I pretty much wore my regular pants through 15/16 weeks just left them unbuttoned, but at the urging of my doctor I finally caved and bought maternity jeans and pants and let's just say it will be very hard to go back to regular jeans after! 

I'd love to know if there was anything that helped get  you through the entire pregnancy! 

A look back | Five Year Anniversary

March 19, 2018
Happy Monday friends! This week, Gary and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary! It's crazy to me that we're already at this milestone, but at the same time it does feel like 5 years has gone by. Every relationship is different, but there are certain things that are important for relationships to work - open communication, trust, commitment - just a few of the things we have all heard a thousand times that seem to keep things running. The bright side to having this blog has been a diary of our lives these last 5 years! I started a little after our wedding and I've been able to capture all of the great moments! I wanted to take a look back on our 5 years and share a few fun tidbits about what works for us! 

We travel the same way! What I mean by that is that we both like to do the same things on our vacations. If we're going to the beach, then we've had enough of the beach at about the same time as the other person. If one of us (ahem Gary) wants to go to a museum, then he knows that we're not spending all day there because it's not my favorite thing to do and vice versa with shopping - I wont make him shop all day long!

We get over arguments pretty easily! Of course we argue over things - whether it's finances or me feeling like he's not spending enough time with me (#I'mNeedy), we hash things out then and there. We promised each other when we first started dating that we wouldn't yell to get our points across and almost eight years laters and many many arguments, we've held to that. 

We dance in the kitchen! Sometimes (ahem most of the time) day to day life gets very overwhelming and when I want to slow things down, I ask Gary to dance with me. Sometimes it's to our first dance song, but most of the time there is no music playing and we just talk. 

We appreciate every little thing! Every single time Gary does the dishes or takes the trash out - I thank him not because he doesn't do it all the time, but because I'm so appreciative that he's done something to save me time. The same goes for him - he'll thank me for making him lunch, putting the laundry away or any other little thing. 

He's my biggest support! I honestly would have never started this blog or my wedding business if it wasn't for Gary. He is my biggest support- guiding me along the way, listening to complaints and more than anything telling me that I can do it! I can't tell you how many times he's taken my picture for the blog or instagram in freezing cold temps or awkward situations and he only complains minimally and usually just when he's hungry 😂I can only hope that I give him the same support that I feel from him.

I'm not really sure if these are things that work for us or just things I've realized about our relationship since we've been married. We found in each other someone that brings out the best in the other person. I want to do things well for him and I know he feels the same way! At the end of the day, I can still spend 24/7 with Gary and not get tired of him, which is good news since we're about to spend a lot of time together traveling Ireland by car! Hopefully all the mush hasn't turned anyone off! 

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Friday Favorites | Middle of March

March 16, 2018
I feel like I say this every Friday, but what a week. We had another snow storm here in Boston so that meant a work from home day and honestly the only fresh air I got that day was by cracking the door open and letting myself breath the fresh air! It didn't stop snowing all day, but it was a great chance to get a lot of work done & be done with everything by 5:30 PM! I wanted to thank you all AGAIN for all the love on our announcement - this community is so amazing! Here are a few favorites from the week! 

Birthday Weekend ||

With all the excitement from our reveal - I never really mentioned what we did for my birthday. Aside from the photo shoot, we also went to dinner at a new to us restaurant, Tartufo. Gary knows how much I love lobster anything and this restaurant was voted as having one of the best lobster risotto's - so he surprised me with a reservation for dinner here! It was indeed delicious and we had a great time enjoying a leisurely dinner. I didn't get any photos of after dinner - but the second part of my surprise was desserts at Beat Brasserie in Harvard Square. They were having a jazz band playing through out the night and Gary planned to have some of our friends meet us there! Total surprise and he rocked this birthday!!

A Wrinkle in Time ||

We don't go to the movies very often, but we both agreed that we wanted to see A Wrinkle in Time. While it's definitely a children's movie, I thought the message was so important for everyone! I cried a lot, not really sad tears but it was an emotionally charged movie. I never read the book in school and thought it was more about physics and science but the underlying theme of the movie is to be the light in a world of darkness. I think it's an especially important thing to share with kids in the age of social media, bullying & just everything happening out there. I also thought Mindy, Oprah and Reese were going to be a huge part of the movie and while they were integral, they weren't the main characters that everyone has been focusing on in the press for the movie - the stars are most definitely the children! 

Grey Paint Color ||

I posed a question on Instagram Stories for all grey paint color recommendations and I was overwhelmed with the responses I got! So far we've tested 4 Behr colors and really like "Hush" of the 4, so we'll test out a few more from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore then narrow it down from there. I will 100% be trying Repose Grey because that one was recommended 10 times! So for anyone looking to paint anything grey, I hope this helps! 

Instagram Highlights ||

By now I'm sure you've seen that Instagram has story highlights so that your videos can live for more than 24 hours! Since I don't have the swipe up feature I was unsure of what I would be able to share that would warrant a highlight reel. I'm starting with Travel since we're going to Ireland next week and will see how that goes. I used a combination of this tutorial and this one - both are really easy to follow and I did it on PicMonkey. 
Hope you have a great weekend! 

Spring Wishlist

March 14, 2018
Thank you all so much for the love on my announcement post! It feels so nice to have the big secret out! After being cooped up inside all day yesterday because of a blizzard, I'm beyond ready for spring and some warmth. To be quite honest, I don't know when that will happen, but maybe April will be our month!! In being strategic with things that I'm adding to my closet, here's a few things on my spring wishlist! 

This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Lavender Bow Mules
Target has such a great selection of shoes right now! I love the low heel on this and the color is so perfectly pastel for spring! I can see myself pairing these with white jeans, dark denim or a maxi dress! 

Baseball Hat ||

Last year I wore my "brunch" hat all the time, especially when we were in California - it practically never left my head! I think these types of hats are great for running errands, on days when you don't feel like wearing sunglasses or ever on those unwashed hair days! 

Bamboo Handbag 

Last year these bags were everywhere and since it's more of a trendy piece, I don't want to spend too much since it could go out of style pretty fast. I love the price of this one from Amazon, it has great reviews and it comes in two sizes. I know a lot of folks were concerned about all their stuff being seen, but with the black one you could use a little dust bag to hold your items in there and then they wont bounce around and they'll be concealed! 

Scarfs ||
Garden Silk 
Botanical Tulip
I love to add a scarf as a headband or tying it to my purse for a color. I haven't been bold enough to wear it as a neck scarf yet, but my sister and best friend always rock them and it always looks so good on them so I will probably be trying that next. You can also wear it as a bracelet. 

Graphic T-Shirt 
I follow Mallory Ervin on Instagram and not only is she hilarious, but she's also due pretty soon with her first baby. She's been living in graphic t-shirts the second half of her pregnancy and I have a feeling it's for pure comfort reasons. I first saw this shirt on Ashely's instagram and I think it would look so cute with a growing bump! 

I've bought two pairs of maternity jeans - one dark denim & one black pair and they are the most comfortable things in the world! Before we leave for Ireland I need to pick up a pair of leggings so that the plane ride is comfortable and for all the driving we'll be doing! I'm still the same size in shirts so I've been getting away with wearing my tops as is, but if I need to I'll probably just size up instead of buying maternity tops because like when you're dealing with a wedding, adding the word maternity jacks up the price. I have checked out Target's maternity section and they have a really nice selection of well priced items - but again things that are trendier and I can't wear all the time. I'm working on a post of everything I've purchased so far & all the books I was given/have read. 

I'd love to know what's on your spring wish list!  

Oh Baby!

March 12, 2018
Happy Monday friends!! Well from the title of the post I've been keeping a rather big secret for the last few months...we're having a baby!! 
We found out on International Women's Day that Baby P is a GIRL and to say I was shocked would be an understatement! After a rather vivid dream in my first trimester of holding a baby boy, I had myself pretty much convinced that's what it would be - so that whole mother's intuition thing was a little off! 

This Saturday, Gary and I went to my friend Valerie's studio to do a little impromptu gender reveal.  These are just a few of the photos that she has already sent over so I wanted to share, but we took so many that I will definitely be doing another blog post! 
I hope this explains why I've been a little all over the place blog wise. I'm due the first week of August so that puts me at a little over 19 weeks right now. We found out we were expecting the week after Thanksgiving and things have been going at warped speed since then while simultaneously feeling like it's going by slowly - I realize this makes zero sense! I have a lot of posts planned now that the secret it out I'm really looking forward to documenting this journey in different ways. 

I went back and read every single pregnancy and trimester post you mama's have shared and I can't tell you what lifesavers they were! I also want to thank you for all the birthday wishes on my last post - from the texts, to the tweets to all the messages, I felt the love in so many ways!! I hope you all have an amazing start to your week! 

Dress || Jessica Simpson Maternity
Baby Moccasins || Amazon
Calendar Print || Etsy 
Baby Onesie || Target

Photos by VS Photography 

Top 4 from my 30th year

March 09, 2018
Happy Friday friends! It's been a bit of a whacky week here with a snow day on Wednesday / Thursday and now it's the weekend and a birthday weekend at that! To be completely honest this birthday absolutely snuck up on me, but this past year has been one of the best! I wanted to share my five favorite moments from my 30th year! 

We bought our first home ||

I had it on my 30 before 30 list to buy a home and I'm counting it as a win since it happened in my 30th year! I still remember going to the closing and signing all the paperwork - it was a surreal feeling! 

California Road Trip ||

Hands down the best trip we took last year was to California! It felt like a second honeymoon & we got to see so much of the coast! I have recommended this drive, all the places we stayed and everything we did to so many people and I'm always so happy when people tag me during their trip because it brings back those great memories! Santa Barbara was my favorite stop during the trip and we really hope to go back one day!

Floating through the air ||

I wouldn't say I'm a thrill seeker by any means, but when the opportunity came up to go in a hot air balloon while we were in Napa, we jumped at the chance. 

The best birthday celebration ||

I didn't really know what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday, but I knew I wanted to be surrounded by family and friends and that's exactly what I got. I rented out the private room of Beauty & Essex in NYC and chose a menu that was so indescribably good, we are all still talking about the food. I woke up the next morning with sore cheeks from smiling and laughing so much the night before. Truly one of the best birthday's ever!
Of course there were other trips, so many memories made and lots of accomplishments that made this year one of the best ever. I was so nervous to turn 30 - I had this vision of what I thought 30 meant and oh my gosh was I wrong. Turning 30 and being lucky enough to have this year of learning, pushing myself in different ways both personally and professionally have proved that this decade ahead is going to be amazing. It'll be hard to top 30, but I'm hopeful that 31 will be just as great! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!