Life Lately | June Happenings

June 27, 2018
Happy Wednesday friends! Thank you so much for your kind words on my Baby Shower post! I wish blogger would fix the email issue, but I know as soon as I change the comments to Disqus it will update, so I'm waiting it least for another week or so! With it being the last week of June, I wanted to share some happenings of life lately that I haven't posted yet! 
The weather we have been getting has been incredible - it's starting to warm up nicely without being oppressive! 
My cousins from Florida & New Jersey were in town to help celebrate my baby shower. It was so fun hanging out and showing them around the city. Brunches, dinners & lots of time spent laughing and reminiscing. 
Gary & I completed our infant care training class - the picture was taken prior to the class starting and prior to seeing real life videos - they should really warn you they'll be showing you! We really had 3 classes in one day - birthing class, infant care training & infant CPR. It was a full LONG day and regardless of the videos that may or may not have been traumatic to watch 😆 we are feeling a bit more prepared! 
I've been shopping for accessories quite a bit more than usual. I picked up these bow sandals from Target & then this scalloped tote (under $20) is on super sale from H&M and has been my go to work bag recently! I also picked up these two tone sunnies from Ann Taylor last week - loving the square frames!

I had a gift certificate to G2O Spa and I was so excited when I was finally able to book a prenatal massage. If you know me, then you know how hard it is for me to relax, but I actually fell asleep! They also have a relaxation room where I spent a solid hour reading magazines on a lounger - it was perfect! 

These are a couple of the books I have on my "To Be Read List"
When Life Gives you Lululemons - Lauren Weisberger who wrote Devil Wears Prada
All we ever wanted - Emily Giffin's newest book 
Playing with Matches - Being hailed as the best book of summer! 
After the wedding Jackie & I coordinated Father's Day weekend, I realized that I needed better shoes if I was going to be on my feet for long periods of time. I walk a lot every day and my feet have started to swell. My sister recommended getting these crocs - she swore by them for 2/3 of her pregnancies and I have to say, it's like walking on a cloud! Why did I resist them for so long?! I wear them to and from work and sometimes I keep them on at work because of how comfortable they are!! I understand the Croc hype now!
The folks at Welch's sent me a few bottles of their new sparkling non-alcoholic rosé and I'm so excited to bring it to a few BBQ's that I have in the next few weeks. I think I'll be attempting to make a non-alcoholic frosé as well! You may remember my obsession with it last year!

Baby Perez's Baby Shower

June 25, 2018
It's taken me a few weeks to digest the amazing baby shower that my sister and mom hosted for me. Every little detail was pure perfection! The weather was amazing, friends and family were around me and I felt like I had time with everyone.  As much as I wanted certain things to be a surprise, my sister did ask for my input so we created a joint Pinterest board so she could see what I liked and went from there. I asked Valerie from VS Photography to capture the day & I'm so glad because not only did I get pictures with every single person there, I wasn't worried about trying to get pictures myself and really enjoyed every single minute with family and friends.  I did sprinkle in a few photos that people sent me in at the end! 

 I ordered this printable from Etsy & then had it printed on a thicker poster board. 

 The favor tags were purchased on Etsy & then the EOS lip balms were bought in bulk from Amazon.
I didn't really want games, but this headband making station was so fun & we all took our turns making something for baby girl. My youngest niece made close to 10 on her own!! 

 In lieu of cards, my sister asked guests to bring a book for Baby Girl's nursery! 

This may have been the best cake I've ever had in my life! My sister has a baker that she has used for years & she can take any idea you have and make a cake out of it!

My best friend flew in for about 36 hours and it was the best thing ever!
It was an absolute dream of a day! I can't thank my sister and mom enough for all the thought and care they put into everything! My mom made every single floral arrangement by hand - they lasted for nearly 2 weeks!! I may hire her as a florist for weddings when my parents move up here 😜And I know that I'm wearing the same dress that I wore in my maternity photos, but it felt like such a great dress and it would have been a waste to only wear it once - so I decided I'd wear it for both occasions...and maybe again after baby!

Happy Monday friends!

Boston Maternity Photoshoot

June 20, 2018
I'm so excited for today's post and getting to share some of our maternity photos by the super talented Valerie from VS Photography! When I first started thinking about maternity photos, I was focused on the beach or somewhere by water, but after really thinking about who Gary and I are and what we like - we realized the city is definitely the backdrop we wanted for our photos. We met and fell in love in Boston, we love living here and we had a few spots that we wanted to take photos at that were the same location for our engagement photos - full circle! I was 31 weeks when we took these and I'm currently in the middle of my 33rd week, so the belly has gotten a bit bigger. Trying my best not to overload this post with photos! 
Boston Maternity Photos, Maternity Photos Around Boston, VS Photography

Father's Day Weekending

June 18, 2018
Happy Monday friends!! Coming off a full weekend and excited for the week ahead!! We had an absolutely perfect weather weekend and spent the majority of the time outside! 

Jackie and I had a huge wedding on Friday that we coordinated and it was so much fun! 235 people under one tent and having the best time with a live Irish band from Boston! The florals were by Floristika Studio, cake and cupcakes from Just Desserts and the fun hedges and all the rentals were from Peak Rentals

Saturday we celebrated my niece's Bat Mitzvah! Time certainly does fly because I remember when she was just born and now she's practically in high school! Beyond the weather being amazing, it was a beautiful day and whether it's the hormones or just being emotional I was a mess! 
My dad arranged for a fishing trip for all the guys on Sunday morning, so while they were enjoying their Father's Day morning - the ladies were enjoying the pool, relaxing and may have snuck in a little shopping!

I could definitely use another day to recover from the weekend, but I'm hoping for a quick and easy week ahead!! How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us!! 

Best Lobster Rolls Around Boston

June 13, 2018
I get a few emails a week from people that are going to be visiting Boston and one of their number questions is always - where should I get a lobster roll?! It's my absolutely favorite summer food and I'd like to say I'm some what of a lobster connoisseur- in that I have yet to meet a lobster I don't like! I wanted to round up some of my favorite lobster roll's in the city and have this be my go to guide for anyone that's coming to the city and really wants to try one! Not a fan of lobster rolls, not to worry - these restaurants also specialize in other delicious food! 
best lobster rolls boston, boston lobster rolls, restaurants in boston with lobster rolls

James Hook Lobster || 

best lobster rolls boston, boston lobster rolls, restaurants in boston with lobster rolls
Hands down my favorite lobster roll in the city! Located in a little shack in the financial district, this isn't going to be the fanciest presentation, but I guarantee that it will be the best tasting! Family run since 1925, you will consistently get an amazing lobster roll from James Hook! I go here at least once during the summer to have my annual roll and I always take guests here when they visit! 

Luke's Lobster ||

A simple roll of lobster with melted butter, a dash of mayo and their secret seasoning and you've got yourself a no fuss roll! There are a few Luke's locations in the city, but my favorite is the one in Back Bay and it's a fast casual environment where you go up to order and if you can find a seat to enjoy it, then grab it because there always seems to be a line - even in the winter! 

Row34 ||

best lobster rolls boston, boston lobster rolls, restaurants in boston with lobster rolls
Row34 is known for their fresh seafood! They have two variations of lobster rolls - one is a bit more plain with just butter and the other is more creamy with mayo and fixings! I've only ever tried the just butter one, but I also don't like a ton of mayo and other stuff on my lobster roll - just give me the lobster meat and Row34 does just that! 

Cultivar ||

best lobster rolls boston, boston lobster rolls, restaurants in boston with lobster rolls
Gary and I randomly stumbled upon this restaurant in the Ames Hotel, but as soon as I saw they had lobster rolls on the menu, I knew we had to eat there! You can see this is a bit more "loaded" than other rolls, but it's not overdone with mayo, having just enough creaminess. It also has a hint of something pickled which is a really interesting touch! 

Joe's on the Waterfront ||

best lobster rolls boston, boston lobster rolls, restaurants in boston with lobster rolls
You can see they do not scrimp on the lobster meat with their lobster rolls. These are really hearty and even with splitting half the roll with Gary we were still full from our halves! 
I have three lobster roll places on my list to try this summer and those include:
  1. NoName Restaurant
  2. Neptune Oyster
  3. Eventide @ Fenway
  4. Cafeteria Boston
Is trying a lobster roll on your Boston bucket list? What's your favorite summer food?

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

June 11, 2018
Another Father's Day quickly sneaking up on us and this year my dad is taking my husband and my brother-in-law on a fishing trip during the day - so all the ladies will be spending the day together!! A little different than years before, but fun nonetheless! Once again, I was scrambling last minute to figure out what to get for someone that really doesn't want for much, but I want to show appreciation for everything he does!! Here's a few things that I added to my list of possible gift options!
This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through them help support this website.
    1. Top Chef Wood Cutting Board || My dad is always looking for fun gadgets that are functional for the kitchen and this cutting board fits the bill. 
    2. Minispresso Espresso Maker || If you have someone in your life that lives for good coffee and loves to make it on their own, this espresso maker is the perfect gift! It's super fresh because you're able to grind your own beans and you don't even need electricity for it to work! 
    3. Harry's Shaving Razors and Post Shave Balm || Both my dad and Gary agree that this is their favorite brand of razors! It's all they use and the Post Shave Balm is so soothing on the skin and doesn't cause irritation after the shave. It's not the most fun gift, but it is practical and something I know they'll use! 
    4. Charging Cable Key Chain || Can't tell you how many times my dad has needed a charger while we've been out. For anyone that uses their phone a ton, this is a great gift for under $30! 
    5. What do you Meme || This might be for the "cool" dad, but aren't they all?! We have this and play it all the time when friends come over, we've even been asked to bring this to people's houses because it's so fun! 
    6. Trunk Club || Gary has been a member of Trunk Club for a little over a year and he loves getting personalized shopping delivered to our house where he tries everything on and looks through his closet to see what clothes he has that can work with the new stuff! Definitely a fun gift that is unexpected and they could get whatever they want. It's owned by Nordstrom, so the brands are all one's you'd find in store as well. 
    7. HUSK Slim Wallet || I actually got this for my dad last year or the year before and he absolutely loves this wallet. It's slim, so there aren't any bulky lines in their pockets and best part is that it's real leather, but when you see the price you wont believe your eyes! 
    8. Automatic Tape Measure || With how much Gary has been building and hanging recently, it would not have been possible without this tape measure. Your able to change the display to be whatever measure you need - feet, inches, centimeters, etc. Perfect for a handy man that's in need of a little upgrade! 
    What do you like to gift your dad's and husbands? 
    P.S. I'm still having issues with my blogger comments coming through my email - so if anyone has a workaround - I'd love to hear it!