A Day in the Life | Maternity Leave

October 29, 2018
Hello there friends! I've gotten a couple of requests to share what a typical day was like for me while I have been on maternity leave and I decided to document it! I thought I would start the day pretty much when it really starts - with the first feeding in the middle of the night! 
Sophia went down after her dream feed around 10:30 PM the night before, so her first middle of the night feed was at 2:30ish. This is my view when I feed her. She's still in our room, but I take her into the nursery to change her and feed. 
We'll count this next feed as the first in the morning. We went back to sleep for a little while longer and were ready to get our day started!
 Notice how everything is pretty much a mess these days! I try to clean up, but things keep piling up!
I try to have her first nap of the day be at home - we'll start in the DockATot, then she'll wake up and I rock her back and put her in the swing. This little song and dance get's us to her next feeding!
Then it's time for our first of many walks outside. She's been much more alert at the start of our walks and it's fun to see her looking around and taking in all the sights and sounds. 
This was actually a bit out of the norm for us because we had some pictures in the park taken. I had a photographer reach out to me via Instagram and I thought it would be fun to get some photos of Sophia and I at this stage! I'l be sharing the rest of them in an upcoming blog post!
After walking around for about an hour we head back home and I eat lunch while she discovers her hand! It's actually really cute because she'll put her hand in her mouth and then make this face like she doesn't like how it tastes!
My friend was working from home so she met up with us for our afternoon stroll. It's seriously the best when I can meet up with a friend during the day and makes the day go by even faster!
Usually Gary gets home from work around 6:00 PM and we try to eat dinner while Sophia either takes her last nap or is in the swing chatting away with us! We try to give her a bath around 7:00 every night so that we have some sort of routine and she just loves her baths!

Finally around 9:00 after a shower & dinner I sit down on the couch, but unfortunately it's short lived since Sophia is up and ready for her last feed of the day. I call it a night and jump into bed and get ready for what I hope is her long stretch of sleep!

I wish I could say that I get a ton done during the day, but she doesn't take very long naps when we're at home - usually no more than 30 minutes. In that time I try to change out the laundry, get some blog work done or do something in the kitchen. The flip side to this is that I really don't have much that needs to be done which is why I try to be outside as much as possible! 

The days fly by much faster than I ever anticipated, but they are all just different enough to keep things really interesting - you know, will she have a meltdown, will she have a good napping day, will the weather cooperate and allow us to go outside more than once! Regardless, I wouldn't trade any of these days for anything! 

My Staple Fall Outfit

October 24, 2018
I think to some degree we all have a standard Fall uniform. For me it's my quilted jacket, a sweater or cozy knit & riding boots. 
My quilted jacket was purchased 6 years ago from Zara and is still one of my favorites. The quilted style is classic as is the color, so after having the zipper replaced this summer, I know it will still work for a few more years!

I have amassed quite a few riding boots over the years and I tend to gravitate towards brown shades - they go with more of my wardrobe. When Aetrex reached out to me so that they could gift me a pair of boots from their new collection, I couldn't say yes fast enough. I decided on the Belle Knit Boot, which also comes in Tan or Black. I walk around the city a ton, so having a comfortable pair of shoes is really important to me and Aetrex is dubbed as one "healthiest" shoes you can wear. I can honestly say these boots have become my new fall favorite! It's nice to just be able to slip them on and not worry about a zipper. The knit portion of the boot would adjust to most calf sizes which is great if you have a hard time finding boots that fit your calves. 

What's your standard Fall uniform?

Weekending Fun

October 22, 2018
Happy Monday friends! It was nice having a weekend at home after the last few have been either out of town or spent somewhere else. 

The Head of the Charles was this past weekend and with Saturday being so beautiful we decided to make our way to Cambridge. Amanda was also in town and stopped by so we could say hello - we met last year for the first time when she was in Boston and it was so great to see her again.  Last year we went on Sunday and I think Saturday is definitely the better day to go because there seems to be so much more going on. 
Sunday was a different story weather wise - seriously cold out so we stayed mostly inside and caught up on things around the house - also got our fair share of cuddles in! I needed a brow wax and wasn't able to make it to my go to which is Benefit Brow Bar so I checked out European Wax Center for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised with how good the service and experience was - another bonus was that as a first time customer my brow wax was free.

We went to one of our favorites for a little pizza for lunch, watched the patriots game & I was able to sneak in a little Pure Barre class. Weekends are seriously my favorite and even though I don't want the days to go by too fast because that means I'm going back to work soon - I do love the times we spend uninterrupted as a family! 

How was your weekend friends? Link up below to share it with us!

My Favorite Fall Hats and Scarves

October 17, 2018
Hello there friends! Fall is without a doubt my absolute favorite season because it means I get to add layers to my outfits in my favorite way - with hats and scarves! When we were in Western Mass this past weekend, we were taking in all the foliage and saw a clearing that we decided to stop in and take some pictures! I've been updating my scarves and hats for the new season since the ones I wore in seasons past have been really worn if you know what I mean- they were on their last leg! 

Looking back I totally should have wrapped the scarf in all the ways it can be wrapped, but there was a sleeping baby in the car and we had about 3 minutes to get pictures - so this is what I got! Here are a few more scarves and hats that I have on my radar because living up north, you really can't have enough.

I currently can't stop wearing this warm scarf and baker boy hat. The hat might not be for everyone, but it's a style I didn't have in my closet so I decided to try it out and I love it!

I have quite the collection of felt wide brimmed hats, but one color I don't have is a nice grey. I practically live in my leopard print scarf when I go to work, paired with my faux leather jacket is my favorite.

The pompom hat is essential for those brisk fall mornings - it doesn't happen often, but this week we've had a bit of a cold snap and I'm busting out my pompom hat! The infinity scarf that I have is exactly like this one from Amazon - it takes the guess work out of how to wrap yourself up and it look so chic with a trench coat!

What are your favorite fall accessories to wear?

Weekending | Fall Things

October 15, 2018
Happy Monday friends! We had a nice, but quick weekend! Saturday morning we headed out to see Gary's family in the Western part of the state and it was Sophia's first longish car ride. I'm happy to report that except for one mild cry session that was due to us stopping for coffee - shame on us for stopping the car - she did great! On the way back she was even better, but I think this was due in large part to it being night time and dark out - so we know what to do next time! 
 Her little pom pom hat is from Gap Kids! 
I was finally able to wear the hat that I bought during the Nordstrom sale and I absolutely love it! AND I finally have some pictures of us with Sophia outside of her carrier! 

 My scarf was another NSale purchase that I was finally able to wear! 

Western Massachusetts is absolutely beautiful in the Fall - one of the best places to go leaf peeping and to do all the fall things in my opinion! We took a leisurely drive before stopping in and seeing Gary's parents and then heading home. I was even able to sneak in a little outfit session & can't wait to share that post this week!  Hope the week is a great one for you all!

How was your weekend? Link up below to share! 


Friday Favorites

October 12, 2018
Happy Friday friends! First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Michael. 

This weekend we're taking Sophia on her longest car ride so please say a few prayers that there are no severe meltdowns! I think the week was even faster than I anticipated because of Columbus Day, Gary working from home and going to a work event on Thursday! 
Absolute favorite this week is Sophia turning 2 months old on Tuesday! Not quite sure where the time went, but she's a little doll. She's 11 pounds and 11 ounces of goodness and has these little rolls that are just too much to handle. I have 3 weeks left of maternity leave and each day is getting harder and harder knowing I wont be with her all the time. Thankfully I'm leaving her in the capable hands of her daddy!

I took my first Pure Barre class in what was almost a year of not working out and it felt incredible! I haven't felt my legs shake and burn like that in quite some time and the soreness I felt the day after was the best! Hoping to make it to at least one class a week! When I head back to work I plan on hitting the gym during lunch for at least 30 minutes that way I don't have to spend time before or after work thinking about working out! When do you guys find the time to work out?
We had a couple days of seriously gorgeous weather and I'm pretty sure it was the last hurrah before the cold starts. It was my only chance this year to break out my white jeans! 
With heading back to work in a few weeks, I've been thinking of how I'm going to be organized and actually use the planner that I've had for a few months. I follow Fashionably Kay on IG and her planner game (is that a thing!?) is just so fun! I bought some fun stickers from the Happy Planner to jazz up my pages and hopefully get me excited to actually use it! I think being able to have my work, appointments and blog stuff all in one place will be helpful. 
It only took me 8 weeks, but I finally created Sophia's newborn photo book. I had this on my "to do" list for so long and I'm happy to finally check that one off! I used a lot of their idea pages just to make it easier on myself and filled in the photos on my own. I also printed off a few of my favorite photos to add to our gallery wall that I'll share once they arrive. 

That's all from me today! Hope you have a great weekend friends.