Wednesday Wants & August Goals

August 07, 2019
About a month ago I shared a post about things I'd been saving in my phone as "to buy later" items. Here's this month's list!
Dagne Dover Work Bag || I really like all the compartments of the Dagne Dover bags and think they are made for the woman who needs to carry everything with her at all times. 
Lightweight Quilted Jacket || Although I really can't think about Fall clothing since we are having pretty perfect weather here right now, I do need to update my lightweight quilted jacket and I really like this one from Amazon. It comes in a ton of different colors and styles. 
Fridge magnets for Sophia || Sophia is all over the place, especially loving the kitchen so I wanted to get some magnets for the fridge to occupy her and that were also somewhat educational. These magnets from Leap Frog have more than 2500 really great reviews!
Kate Spade Wristlet || I have been looking for a wristlet to wear while out with Sophia and for quick errands for what feels like months and haven't found anything that can fit everything I need - slim wallet, keys, phone and lip gloss. Finally after watching a video and reading a few reviews it looks like this one will be the winner!
Pout Pout Fish Books ||  I picked up the original pout pout fish book a couple weeks ago and honestly, I read it almost every night to Sophia because I absolutely love it and think it's adorable. There are a ton in the series and I can't wait to get more for her. I actually get the story stuck in my head for hours after reading and end up singing them to myself 😂

Goals ||

I've been thinking about some things I really want to accomplish this month and this is my favorite place to hold myself accountable. 
  • I've been terrible about buying coffee and lunch out practically every day for work. While I won't be cutting this out cold turkey, I'm leaving this as a treat once during the work week. 
  • Make sure I send out all thank you notes for Sophia's birthday before the end of August. I can't stand not getting this done, so I know this one will definitely happen. 
  • I want to try out 3 new workout classes --> sort of cheating on this since I've already got one done.
  • Clothes clean out for Sophia. Looking through everything from the first year and seeing what can be stored, donated & sold. Some stuff she didn't even get to wear and it still has tags on - baby clothes really need to fit for more than one wear!!
What's on your August to do list?


  1. Dagne Dover bags are such great quality! I love how much that one could hold!

  2. Love that bag--so great for work! And yess to your goals--I really need to try to cut down on buying coffee every single morning!

    Rosy Outlook

  3. Oh the sorting kids clothes game never ends... I also sell some of it. Love KS wristlets!

  4. That bag is beautiful!! And yes girl, kids clothes... UGH! I feel like I'm constantly cleaning them out. I just did it yesterday for my kids. I swear, sometimes they grow so fast they only have the opportunity to wear things once!

  5. That bag looks so neat! The color is absolutely gorgeous, too. Good luck with your goals this month!

  6. I love that wristlet -- I'm a huge fan of them, they are so easy!

  7. When my nieces were babies - those fridge magnets were the best distraction. i've always given them as gifts ever since.
    I gotta check out that wristlet - I'm always looking for a cute, grab & go kinda thing

  8. The bag is gorgeous. I love the Pout Pout Fish books when I have babysat.

  9. That jacket is prefect for early fall! Love the Kate Spade wristlet too (of course)!

  10. that wristlet looks beautiful and practical. I've never seen one before and it looks like a great one. and a work bag, something that I need right now for my new job. great finds there! x
    have a fab day!

  11. I love that jacket! Those are some great goals, I also need to cut back on getting coffee and then lunch out daily too. I liked it when I cut it back to once a week then it felt like a treat

  12. You know, I wasn’t always a fan of crossbody and wristlet bags, until I became a mom, lol! They’re so easy and practical to keep all your immediate must haves, while having your hands free without feeling weighed down. I need to get that book. I’ve seen it around, but never really looked at it for Aviah. I feel like I’m so picky with Children’s books. Since you love it, I’ll have to check it out. Happy Wednesday, beautiful!



  13. I love that tote! I need something like that too!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  14. Ah I forgot about those fridge magnets - we had them and loved them and now I must reorder for Riley! And you know I support the clutch on the go for a mama, plus that pink is perfection!

  15. I absolutely love that jacket! So perfect for the upcoming fall weather. Good luck with your goals!

    Just sayin',

  16. Love that Kate Spade wristlet and its in my favourite accessories colour too

  17. I just ordered that magnet set for Zoe, thanks for the recommendation. How fun! We love the Pout Pout Fish! I am looking for a laptop bag for work, so I will have to check that out.


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