July Through the Camera Roll

August 03, 2020
Happy Monday, friends! Here we go onto the back half of summer, which is pretty mind boggling. Last month I shared a look back at our month in photos I never got to share on the blog and I thought I'd do the same thing with July- just so these memories don't get lost. I'm really excited for the content I have coming in August - I rarely have my month of posts planned out, but it's pretty much all squared away now!

Happy to report that we are still getting a ton of use out of our little outdoor pool!  I was joking with my cousin that I have been to the beach more this summer than all 10 years I've lived in Boston, combined!
We continued to explore some of the reservations in our area and added Alewife Brook Reservation to the list. 
I made two healthyish recipes not really following any recipes if that makes sense! 
I had everything on hand to make my first every chicken noodle soup and it was so delicious! 
I was really craving some greens and tossed together some grilled chicken, spinach, arugula, avocado and tomato - some olive oil as a dressing and it was the freshest salad!
Just may have a budding soccer star on my hands!

Made it to downtown for the first time in over 4 months, I forgot how much I love working down there. We walked down the greenway to the little splash pad, outdoor seal exhibit at the Aquarium and then to the Greenway Carousel - I was clearly more excited than Sophia! 

Throw in the Fourth of July, a week down at the Cape and a little escape with my sister that I still have to share - it was a quick but great month! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Friday Favorites of July

July 31, 2020
Happy Friday, friends! I am in serious denial that tomorrow is the first day of August, mostly because I'm getting the blues that my baby is about to be two years old! This month has been all about trying some new products and dainty jewelry pieces. Between the heat and not really having to be "ready" for much, these are some of my favorites from the month.

Stackable Gold Rings 

I've been loving dainty pieces of jewelry right now and rings that I can add to my already favorite stacks.  A couple years ago I discovered Aurate Jewelry and since then I've been slowly adding pieces to my collection. The infinity heart ring is currently on my wishlist. 

Supergoop Glow Sunscreen 
I've been using the Supergoop Glow Sunscreen everyday for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. It's light, non-greasy and gives just a hint of glow to your skin. I use it as a primer and then add my tinted moisturizer / cc cream on top. It's perfect for beach and pool days and you're still protected with 40 SPF. 
The Glow Sunscreen and Cheek Stain are all I'm wearing for makeup here. 

Cheek Heat Cream Blush 
I am a convert to cream blush! Since finishing my absolute favorite one from Glossier - seriously cloud paint is on another level, I wanted to see if there were any drug store products that were just as good. I may have found a good second in Cheek Heat - the color I use is coral ember. The difference is that you have to apply a bit more of the cheek heat than you would with the cloud paint, but otherwise it's a really good dupe. I have really embraced cream makeup over the summer for a nice dewy look without having to do much work.

I bought this sunscreen at the start of the summer and have been using it on my legs every time we go to the beach or pool. My legs are pretty pale so this makes them look like they have some color and I don't have to worry about burning since it's SPF 30. 

Biker Shorts
Add this to the list of things I thought I'd never wear, but lo and behold, I love them! It was getting a little too hot to wear my leggings to the park and out with Sophia while we're running around, but these shorts are just perfect! The ease of wearing gym clothes but airy at the same time! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!
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Cape Cod Vacation | Chatham

July 29, 2020
Now that I've shared about our time in Brewster and the half day trip to Provincetown, I want to introduce you to what is now my favorite New England escape, Chatham. All I knew of Chatham before going was that the hydrangeas are unreal and it's an idyllic beach town - that was really all I needed to know! We left Brewster a little after 9 one morning and made it to Chatham 20 minutes later. 
We drove straight to the Chatham Lighthouse, found parking and headed down to the beach. It was a beautiful morning and we spent some time just enjoying the peaceful beach. I couldn't believe how blue the water was and how comfortable it felt, not at all like the frigid temps we were used.

Reminded me of the Caribbean, minus the palm trees! 
There is really only one shopping street, aptly named Main Street and it was my first introduction to the beautiful hydrangeas. There are a few free parking lots which made things easy. We walked up and down Main Street and Gary let me stop into a few stores - do you ever walk into a store and everything is so cute that you have paralysis and end up leaving with nothing because it's all just too cute, that's what it was like for me. The Impudent Oyster was one of the most recommended restaurants for us, but with Sophia in tow I knew exactly where I wanted to go. 

The cute jeep parked outside of the Lilly store there!

A must stop for any Chatham visit is the Chatham Bars Inn, I've had friends stay there and have only had great things to say and it was the only place I wanted us to have lunch that day. We decided to eat at the Beach House Grill and the service could not have been better! Our server went above and beyond and we weren't event guests of the hotel! They took social distancing very seriously and the servers wore masks and gloves. Gary and I split a portion of the calamari and their house burger, while Sophia devoured the hot dog and fruit! 

I'm not a fan of the tentacles in the calamari so we asked if we could have more of the round parts and they happily obliged! 

On our way back to the car we had to stop to take photos with the beautiful hydrangeas. I'm pretty sure I would have driven 20 minutes just to take these pictures, they are that unreal! 

This was the perfect half day trip and I'd love to go back and enjoy a weekend away in this little beach town - actually laying on the beach this time! That about does it for our Cape vacation! This was actually a trip that I didn't take a long time to plan - just a couple of days! I'm really happy we had the time to escape, enjoyed a change fo scenery and made lots of memories!

If you had the chance, would your next Summer trip include the Cape!?


Amazon Purchases | July Edition

July 27, 2020
This is one of my favorite posts of the month to put together. I didn't think I was going to have that many purchases since we were gone for almost a week, but here we are! Lots of random goodies as per usual with Amazon purchases!

  • Water Bottle || My water intake was seriously suffering and I just wasn't drinking enough. After purchasing this one I am more conscious of how much I'm drinking. During the week I'm really good about getting my 64 oz of water in, on the weekends it's still taking some time.  
  • Nail scrubber for kids || Sophia's little fingers and toes always seemed to have dirt under them and I couldn't find anything to clean them. I found this little scrubber and while it's super cute and bends to fit her little hands and feet, I didn't think it got all the dirt out. I do keep her nails short, so maybe that's why so I'll keep trying it and in the mean time, it works for me!
  • Donut Party Supplies || We're doing a donut themed birthday for Sophia so I purchased some cups, plates and other party supplies. 
  • Beach cover up wrap || I bought this for our trip to the Cape and it has come in handy for every time I've gone to the beach since!
  • Kaftan Beach Dress || Another pretty coverup for the pool or beach - we've been going a ton and I was tired of not having something easy to dress in. 
  • Little Tikes 4 in 1 bike and helmet || A gift from my mom to Sophia for her birthday - we haven't given it to her yet, but I know she's going to love it! 
  • Cosco Car Seat || I wanted to get a car seat to leave in my parents car because we were tired of moving our over every week. With almost 1500 4/5 star reviews, this looked like the best option since she's only in it a couple times a month. 
  • Flutter Sleeve Dress || I need more easy dresses and this one looked too cute not to purchase.  Comes in 6 different colors!
  • Paw Patrol Watch || Sophia loves my apple watch, so I wanted to get her something cute she could play with. She's too young to tell time, but this will talk to her and has a few games as well. It's the cutest thing to see her talking into the watch and waiting for our reply. Also, shows just how much they see what we do!
  • Shower Curtain || Our shower curtain was getting so gross and I needed a new one ASAP! This is when Amazon really comes in clutch. The Amazon Basics curtain comes in 30 different colors and patterns for under $15! 

Also, the Nordstrom Giveaway still has a week left and if you've looked at the preview, then you probably saw how many amazing items are going to be on sale. 

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Was July a big Amazon month for you?

Cape Cod Vacation | Provincetown

July 24, 2020
Happy Friday, friends. Continuing on with our Cape adventures, one of the days that we were down on the Cape, we headed to Provincetown, also known as P'Town. It's at the northern tip of the Cape and is actually the site of the Mayflower landing in 1620, talk about historical. One of the things we wanted to do was see the Pilgrim Monument, but due to COVID it was actually closed, keep that in mind if you are planning a trip! It's only 45 minutes from Brewster so on one of the non-beach days, we decided to make our way there. 

It's a very popular Cape destination, so it felt a bit more crowded than we had been used to, but the town has a mandatory mask area with a fine if you are caught without one which was working since everyone was wearing masks including kids.
We didn't spend the entire day in Provincetown, but if it was more of a beach day, we would have ventured to Race Point Beach which is their number one attraction.  
Provincetown Library
What we did do was stroll up and down Commercial Street while I hopped into a few stores and galleries. 

We took a few breaks to throw some shells back into the water - which is Sophia's favorite thing. 

Then it was time for a well known lobster roll from Lobster Pot Express. The Lobster Pot is the full restaurant while the Lobster Pot Express has a minimal menu with their well known favorites and is meant to grab and go. We would have eaten at the restaurant, but they only had indoor seating, so it wasn't ideal. Right next to the Lobster Pot Express is the beach with a few picnic tables, so we enjoyed our lunch there.  
 Sophia eyeing my lobster roll and sneaking a few pieces!
Last year we were thinking of doing a day trip to Provincetown from Boston utilizing the fast ferry since it's a little over an hour by boat. I'd love to make it back for another day trip or  weekend since it was such a short trip for us.