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January 23, 2020
I'm feeling all sorts of out of whack with the long weekend and thus here we are with a post on Thursday! I do a lot of round ups for Amazon hauls, but I promise I do shop at other stores! Admittedly a few of these were gifts from the holidays but I cant stop using them and they are all technically "new in!"

Spanx Leggings 

Most recently worn on Monday & with my relatively new Cole Haan Hiker Boots (still on super sale!)
I can't sing the praises of the leggings enough! I get the hype, I get the cost and more importantly, I get why there are so many posts floating around about ways to style these leggings! There are endless ways to wear them and I have already put them to good use in the last month. Gary got these for me for Christmas! I sized up and I personally feel great wearing them. The waist doesn't roll down and they have held their tightness very well! If you are on the fence about buying them, you wont regret it!

Pivoting Curing Wand 

these were second day curls
The Kristen Ess Pivoting Curling Wand was on my wish list for about a year and then it was the first thing I thought of when Gary asked what I wanted for the holidays. I use it once a week because I don't like putting a lot of heat to my hair, but it's been a game changer at getting some really beautiful look curls. I have a post coming up with all of my current favorite hair care products, so I'll review it there in more detail! 

Calzedonia Tights 

On a whim I picked up these tights at their store in one of our malls after seeing some of my favorite UK bloggers raving about them. They are amazing quality tights, not too opaque and they certainly don't break the bank compared to other tights. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but I stuck to the black and grey pairs. I do like the polka dot option and will get those next. Personally, I love control top tights and these do a great job of keeping everything nice a smooth. I wear tights pretty much from late October to April here with the cold weather and need good quality that doesn't rip or get holes easily. 

H&M Puff Sleeve Sweater 

Saw this a few weeks ago in an email and finally picked it up. I love the puff sleeves and that they are shorter but it's still a warm sweater. Gives me a little variety in my sweater wardrobe! 

Alleyoop Makeup Brush 

Sometimes the things I buy on a whim end up being my most loved items! This multi-tasking makeup brush has a blender, a blush brush, and brow and eye shadow brushes all in one! This is the perfect on the go makeup brush and travel companion. I bring this with me when I have an event after work and it's always in my travel makeup bag!

Good Chemistry Queen Bee Perfume 

My sister bought this for me because it had "bee" in the name, but in reality this is one of my favorite perfumes I've ever worn. It's got hints of black currant, peony and amber and the huge bonus is that it's paraben free! You know when you've found "your" fragrance, I've definitely found mine and it doesn't break the bank. You can get a roller ball, body mist or perfume. 

Those are a few "new in" things for January! Anything you've tried on this list or that I should try next? Hoping to make this a monthly series!


  1. I want that sweater and perfume. Make this a series please. Have a lovely day.

  2. Love, love those leggins... so worth it. I did size up though! That sweater is super cute!

  3. Those leggings are the besttttt!! I love how versatile they are to style too!

  4. Love that your sister got you the perfume because it had bee in the name, too cute! And yes to those leggings <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. So thanks, because now I want everything on the list! :) XOXO, R

  6. Love this! H&M always kills it with sweaters, and I might have to check out that perfume. Your hair looks beautiful with the curls!


  7. I've been looking at the Kristen Ess curling wands for ages and wanted to try one, your hair looks so pretty! xo

    Makeup Muddle

  8. I love that puff sleeve sweater! So chic!

  9. Spanx leggings... WHATTTT??? Gotta get those for every single day!

  10. I am admittedly not a fashionista but I don't get the glut of how to style spanx leggings, they're leggings. Wear them how you'd wear any other pair LOL

    I love the Queen Bee packaging!

  11. Your hair looks so good, I need to get a wand, I have been lusting after one. Love the sweater and the boots! And I., of course, love Spanx leggings, best purchase ever!

  12. Such a fun post! I need to get some regular Spanx leggings and I love the multitool you found! All awesome goodies and can't wait to hear more about the curling wand! Hope that you have a fab weekend! XO

  13. I love every single thing in this post! I think I’m gonna order those tights right away, I am so into tights. You look adorable in your Spanx leggings girlfriend! Have a sweet this weekend!

  14. I really like that puff sleeve top. So cute. The tights are amazing too. Do you have fine hair at all? I want to try that spinning curler, but worry about my hair.

  15. Spanx leggings are definitely one of my favorite purchases I have ever made. I still have the pair I bought 3 years ago. And they still look amazing. I love Kristin Ess products. They are always so pretty! I didn't care for her shampoo, but I have loved everything else I have tried. Going to check out that Queen Bee. I am sensitive with fragrances, but this one sounds amazing and I like the price point. Does it last all day?

  16. Your curls look amazinggggg and how adorable is that puff sleeve sweater?!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles


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