Working From Home with a Toddler | Our Daily Schedule

April 01, 2020
Gary and I have been working from home for the last three weeks and we feel incredibly lucky that our companies have afforded us the opportunity to continue working during this unprecedented time. The first few days we had my mom here and then decided it would be best for her to go back home to be with my dad. I think we can all agree that this is probably the most anxious and stressful situation we could imagine,  but I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass! 
Gary is growing the quarantine beard 😂

Sophia is a little over 1.5, so activities that keep her attention are hard to come by and while screen limits aren't really applied anymore, I do like to keep her active. Gary and I plan our our days the night before and basically decide who will be on Sophia duty throughout the day - it doesn't always work since she's in a real "mommy phase," but we do our best and Gary leads a ton of projects with so many conference calls, that Sophia usually crashes! So here's a glimpse into our day!
Sophia has been waking up a little later these last few weeks and there are no complaints here. We have a little breakfast and I'm usually online for work a before 8:30. I still get semi ready putting on bit of makeup and trying to look somewhat presentable. She'll get a morning show and we FaceTime with my mom so she can say good morning!  
One of us will take Sophia for a morning walk around 9:30/10. No more stroller walks for this girl, she's Miss Independent and wants to walk by herself. 

We come in and whoever wasn't outside goes on duty while the other person answers emails or does work- it's also snack time. We play, color, paint or do one of the sensory activities I found until lunch and succumb to at least 30 minutes of Buster the Bus so both of us can work. 
I have not eaten at home so much in years and I've been really enjoying cooking dinners, but lunch we keep pretty simple with sandwiches or frozen bowls. While Gary and Sophia eat, I usually try  to get a 20-30 minute workout in. When I'm done I throw some food down and get Sophia down for her nap. She typically naps from 1-2:30/3. 
Outfit change!

This is our time to get as much done as possible! When Sophia wakes up we take it easy for about a half hour and then try to get outside one more time, weather permitting. We'll color with sidewalk chalk, walk her baby or go dig in dirt - anything to keep her busy and outside. 
Made a caprese salad with tilapia made in the airfryer

Around 4:30 I start prepping dinner so that we can eat together at 5:30. It's early, but Sophia's night time routine starts at 6:30. After dinner we keep the TV off and play games - recently Gary and I have started to learn TikTok dances (I know, the things we do in quarantine 😂) so Sophia has loved watching us - she usually just jumps around. We have a quick FaceTime call with my parents to say good night too! 
I still try to maintain the same night time routine we had pre-quarantine days as well as her nap schedule from daycare. We tag team bath time at 6:30. While Gary is doing the bath, I'm cleaning up the kitchen, vacuuming and disinfecting the high touch areas and then it's milky, jammies & reading time. Our bedtime routine is about 30 minutes and she's in the crib by 7 (not always asleep in a timely fashion though 😁). I sit near her (usually scrolling instagram) while she holds my hand to fall asleep. Then I'll come out and meet Gary on the couch. 
This is when we both try to get ahead of the next day. Anything that wasn't pressing during the day, I do at night, if possible. It's not ideal, but it gives me a head start on the next day and a way for me to give attention to both work and Sophia, this is also when I'm working on blog posts. We usually have a show on the background and recently we've been watching the last few seasons of the Mindy Project that we missed when it moved to Hulu.

I'm typically in bed by 9:30 with lights out around 10 and mentally preparing myself for another day of our new normal. 

It's obvious that I'm not really including the snacking that I am inevitably doing or the dozens of facetime calls we have throughout the day. I also have my phone with me all the time so I can check work emails when I'm not at my computer! It's not perfect but it's worked for us with a toddler who really loves to play with us and doesn't like to be alone #socialbutterfly!

What's the biggest change from your daily routine to now?


  1. That's great that you guys have a good schedule working from home with Sophia! I'm sure you're enjoying the extra time but I'm sure it's also stressful! Loved this little glimpse into your day!

    Rosy Outlook 

  2. I’m so proud of you guys, you have this down girl! I know it’s a challenge but you and Gary are doing the best you can and you were such good parents! And that bubble farm looks like so much fun!

  3. Working from home with kids is not easy!! I'm with you and try to get them outdoors as much as possible. Have to burn off all the energy!

  4. You guys are doing great!! What an adjustment to have 2 working parents and a toddler at home!! I'm trying out that tilapia air fryer recipe since I picked some up at Trader Joe's last week. I'd say our biggest change is trying to get creative to do something other than sitting around at night. Here's to the light at the end of the tunnel friend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  5. You have got it down to a science. I can imagine it is so hard with a little one constantly around to be productive. I have been sleeping later and not getting dressed or doing makeup and I really could get used to this!

  6. I'm sure working from home with a little one is not easy but it sounds like you have a great routine! You've found some great activities on Pinterest!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. You guys are doing such a great job with a schedule! I wish we got on one like yours because it seems to be really great!

  8. My BIL and SIL are having a really hard time with their 3 year old and both working from home. I think having a routine and schedule like you guys do is probably the smartest idea.

  9. I can imagine this very very challenging. I guess if there is any silver lining it is spending more time with your loved ones.

    Allie of

  10. It sounds like you have a good schedule in place! We have 5 kids, so my husband, teenagers, and I take turns keeping our 6 year old, who has special needs, and our baby occupied. Our house is busy!

  11. It has WORN ME OUT working at home - I can NOT imagine having to watch a toddler in the midst of it too - kudos to ALLLLL the mommas out there MULTI-tasking - MULTI being used in teh biggest sense of the word

  12. I only have to reply to emails, it takes tops 30 min, but today no idea what happened my 11 yr old daughter was just bothering me like crazy LOL.. and she is 11! Can't even imagine smaller kids :) your lil one is so adorable! you guys stay safe!

  13. Oh wow, you make it sound not so hard to work from home and take care of a baby. I wfh now too with 3 kids who are home schooling. I find it really hard, your post is an inspiration.

  14. the tag team effort is so commendable!!! Good job mommy and daddy!! XOXO, R

  15. You are doing so good with making things work for you! Working from home with a little one is no easy task. It's so hard to keep them occupied, and quiet during any type of conference calls lol. Hang in there!

  16. You are rocking it, girl! Working full time while also caring for a toddler has to be tough, but you make it look good! Hang in there, lady! Hopefully this will all go back to normal soon!


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