At Home Manicures I've Tried

June 15, 2020
Since I can remember having my nails painted and done in some way makes me happy. I've always enjoyed doing my own nails at home, but when it came to something a bit more "professional" I would go get them done. At some point it got easier to just go get my nails done than to do them at home, but ever since being in quarantine I have had to master the more difficult manicures, so for the last three months I've been practicing different at home manicures.

Olive & June Manicure Set || 
I purchased the Everything Box from Olive & June which comes with:
  • Poppy polish bottle handle
  • 6 Polish Colors of Your Choice
  • The Top Coat
  • Cuticle Serum with Cactus Flower
  • Clean-Up Brush
  • Polish Remover Pot
  • Flat-Edge Clippers
  • Dual-Grit File
  • Nail Buffer Bar
What I loved about the Olive & June set was that it teaches you the right way to give yourself an at home manicure. You can clean your cuticles, shape your nails and perfect the manicure with their poppy bottle handle which makes painting with your non-dominant hand easier. Their nail polish is also a 7 free which for me typically means that it doesn't last as long, but that is not the case with Olive & June polishes. I am pretty rough on my nails - between bottle washing, dishes & baths every single day this polish lasted for 7 days without a chip. If you are already really good at doing your own nails, then I would recommend just getting their polish which is sold at Target separately as is their poppy & nail stickers

I would highly recommend the Olive & June line if you like the shape, length of your nails and like regular nail polish. 

Kiss Brush On Gel Kit ||

Because my nails are really short, I like to get nail extensions for some length. I don't have the best luck with the full nail so when I saw this kit had short nail length - I decided to give it a whirl. This kit comes with:
  • brush-on gel nails
  • 48 short-length tips
  • activator
  • gel and brush cleaner 
Following the steps it's easy to get a salon quality gel manicure without any need for an LED light - the reason, it's not really gel you're using, it's nail glue but with the use of the activator it's made to look like gel. What I really liked about this kit was that it came with french tips as well as clear tips. The first time I used it I went for regular nails that I painted but I wasn't crazy about how it looked. The second and third time I used the french tips and didn't need any polish over top and absolutely LOVED the look. Buffing was key to keep the line seamless and looking like your natural nail. I think this is a great purchase if you want length on your nails and something a little stronger on top of them. It says you get two manicures out of it, but I actually think you can get at least 4 because you get the clear & french tips, but if you file the rest of the tips to the size of your nails, you can get more.

Kiss Salon Dip Nail Kit || 

If you asked me three months ago if I could do my own dip nails at home, the answer would have been no. If you ask me today whether I think I need to go back to a nail salon to get a dip manicure done, the answer would be no! What I've gotten done for the last year at the salon are nail extensions with dip and this was the perfect kit for that. It also comes with nail extensions, but I used the extra tips that I had from the gel nail kit. I was a little scared that the dip application would be too thick, but it turned out I've watched enough Youtube tutorials and gotten my nails done enough to get the process done. The kit includes:
  • Base Gel
  • Top Gel 
  • Brush Softener 
  • Activator 
  • Color Dip Powder in Liaison 
  • Dip Tray
  • Sponge
  • Nail File/Buffer
  • Manicure Stick
  • Replacement Gel Brush
                  I purchased two other dip powders just to have so the next time I can do another one. Maybe it's because this is how I've wanted to have my nails done, maybe the dip makes the nails a bit stronger, but this is my favorite way to do my nails at home. The dip tray really helps with the even application which is also why there was no thickness on any of the nails. It's been a little over a week since I did my first set and there's not one crack, not one lift & best of all it feels exactly like it did when I got them professionally done. 
                  I have found that watching YouTube tutorials on the exact nail kit I purchased have helped. The biggest takeaway was that in order for nail polish or anything to really stick to your nail it has to be filed with no shine on both the nail / nail extension if you have it. 

                  What's your favorite way to do your nails at home?


                  1. Fabulous ideas. I’ve used KISS nails for years and love them. Xo

                  2. Brave woman!! They came out so good!!! XOXO, R

                  3. I totally have been trying out different at-home manicure options too! These all sound great and you did an awesome job on the dip!!

                    Rosy Outlook 

                  4. So many good sets to check out! I have not been keeping up with my nails being painted but I have been making sure I have a fun summer color on my toes.

                  5. I have yet to purchase a kit, and am totally intrigued! Your dip came out amazing <3

                    Green Fashionista

                  6. I need to step my nail game up so these are some great products to do soo thanks for sharing :)
                    shy --

                  7. I'm guilty of letting my nails go during quarantine. I just don't have the patience or skill to do them myself, but yours looks great. xo

                  8. I havent purchased any kits but these look really cool. Definitely going to look into it!

                  9. You have found some great options, and your nails look amazing! I am impressed.

                    Amy Ann
                    Straight A Style

                  10. I've always been a fan of doing my own nails, but giving myself a pedicure has been another adventure - lol! I still want to try Olive & June polishes!


                  11. I'm too afraid to put glue back on my nails after I ruined my nails years ago with false nails. But I do love a good manicure & right now, i'm obsessed with the Color Street nails. Looks like a manicure from my kitchen table.

                  12. I usually have a hard time with the 7 free polishes not lasting more than a few hours. Good to know about Olive & June polishes!

                  13. Team Olive and June!! Your dip came out amazing! I have to check out the brush on gel now!!

                  14. I've always done my own nails at home unless I'm going on vacation. I've been curious about Olive and June and it's great to hear their polishes last! Your dip mani looks so pretty!

                    Jill - Doused in Pink

                  15. You are quite the nail pro now, I'm so impressed! I need to try those gel-like nail glue versions, those look easy and amazing!

                    Le Stylo Rouge

                  16. At home, I am pretty simple. I usually just use nail polish or the paint on gel polishes.

                  17. I've never tried the gel nails before. I'm pretty basic when it comes to manicures... I always throw some paint on my nails and call it a day. It's pretty much the only area where I'm low maintenance. Haha.

                  18. So many fun kits! I've been doing press on.


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