Product Empties

June 01, 2020
Happy Monday, friends! Before jumping into today's post, I did want to acknowledge the unrest and injustice in our country. I may never have "the right words" to say but I did post what I'm doing and how I'm educating myself, so that I can help educate Sophia. How I want her to grow up and what I want to teach her is so important to me. This space has always been a place of escape and positivity for me, so that's what I still want to put out there.

I have been able to go through quite a few of the products that have been on my vanity for a while. I made it a point to use up products before I started purchasing anything new to try. 
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser || I mentioned this in my cleansers post and I loved using it until the very end. This is a great drug store cleanser, but if you are someone that likes to double cleanse, using this one wont dry your face out. It'll definitely be a repurchase for me!
  • Beekman Blaak Night Cream || One of the most luxurious creams I've ever used on my face! This was sent in a PR package in early March and I think I went through it so fast because there was never a night I didn't use it! The goat milk that it's made with really leaves skin feeling so nice and soft. It felt like my skin just soaked every single bit in. I think this also helped maintain my Botox results even longer. 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick || I can't even remember the last time I made my way through an entire tube of lipstick! The Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are so moisturizing and never dry your lips out. The color that I finished was Kim KW. If I didn't have so many lipsticks already, I'd be repurchasing in an instant.
  • Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Corrector || A holy grail product for me as of early last year! I can't imagine my makeup routine without this product. I apply it after my CC Cream or Moisturizer and before additional concealer - if I need it that day. This product is brightening enough that I've only added additional concealer a few times during quarantine. Not only has this already been repurchased, but it will be for many years to come!
  • Too Faced Matte Foundation || When I wanted a change from my usual IT Cosmetics CC Cream, I tried the Too Faced Peach Perfect Matte Foundation that was actually much lighter than a typical foundation which is why I chose it. It felt more like a CC Cream, but it had the coverage of a foundation. It smells amazing and will be a repurchase for me just as soon as I finish a Neutrogena one I picked up. 
  • Glossier Cloud Paint || I bought this blush when Glossier had a pop up in Boston last October and just finished using it during quarantine. It's probably the first blush I've ever made my way through and I will repurchase again once I've used up the other blushes I've had for quite some time. I was never a fan of a cream anything, but I'm 100% a convert for this blush! A little goes a long way and it's perfectly pigmented! 

Has quarantine allowed you to get through a lot of your makeup products?


  1. I have so many tubes of lipstick and most not moisturing at all so I will definitely try that CT lipstick. Happy new month. xo

  2. I love that Becca under eye product! I've never used a Becca product I didn't like!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I need to try that cleanser, and Becca can do no wrong! <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I never wear lipstick because I feel like it is just sticky on me. I will have to consider this one.

  5. It's so sad what's going on and I know you will do the best job you can with Sophia. I've also used that Aveeno cleanser and really enjoyed it.

  6. I need that lipstick. You are using good product.

  7. I love the Becca under eye corrector. I'll have to check out the cleanser. xo

  8. I love CT lipsticks, too! Not only is the packaging just so beautiful, but the quality is so good and they're long lasting, while moisturizing, as you've mentioned. I haven't tried that particular shade, I'll have to the next time I need a new one. That blush also seems very interesting. Upon seeing it, I never would've guessed it was a blush, such cool packaging! I like the idea of cream products for summer, though I've never used them before. I've read that it can really work well in creating that dewy look. I'll have to keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing and have a great week, beauty!


  9. I've barely worn any makeup in the last few months, so my products are begging to be used up - lol! I still want to try that foundation, I'm glad that it's a good alternative to the usual IT CC cream!


  10. I need to try that Becca eye corrector. I have the worst dark circles and dry skin under my eyes. Nothing I use ever works.

  11. Thank you for teaching your little girl to be better than the hate in this world! I need to try that goat mil cream, sounds like a dream!

  12. That under eye corrector is definitely the holy grail. I love it and totally need it. I have been wanting to try a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick for awhile. I never finish mine either.

  13. I haven't used any of these products! My lips are always so dry and I have to use moisturizer/Vaseline throughout the day that I can't really wear lipstick. I'll have to check out the Charlotte Tilbury!

  14. A cousin of mine told me about the TooFaced foundation too, so this is confirmation. Thank you!


  15. Everything going on in the world right now just makes me so sad. It's been a rough few days for me personally, and I had to get off of social media to take a break from it for a while because it was just making me so sad. I'm glad you're doing everything you can to educate Sophia... we are doing the same for our kiddos and now I want to do even more. Thank you for your lighter content today... it's seriously just what I needed to read after all of the heaviness lately!

  16. IMPRESSIVE to go through an entire tube of lipstick! That means you found a winner, for sure. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge


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