My Coffee Favorites and a Recipe

May 28, 2020
Happy Thursday, friends! I haven't talked much about my love for coffee, but I am a Starbucks lover - I would go once a day in the mornings on my way to work and loved my Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, but after 75 days of being / working from home, my coffee skills have vastly improved. We've done regular coffee, espresso's, iced coffee's and then finally I concocted my new favorite coffee drink.  Before I share the recipe I wanted to share a few of my favorite flavors, coffee utensils and my favorite mugs. 
First things first, the coffee machine! Prior to our Vertuo Plus, we had the original Nespresso machine which only did small espresso's. Since we still had a Keurig at that time, we were fine with just having a small espresso machine. I wanted to save a little counter space so we upgraded to the Vertuo Plus that does both espresso's and larger coffee's. I'm really glad that we kept the milk frother which does both cold and hot milk.  

My ideal organization is this pod organizer that we've ordered and are just seeing if it works in the space, but for now we've been using a clear square vase and it's worked for a couple years now. I like to go through our mugs every few months because somehow these are always accumulating. Between ones we have for sentimental reasons and other's I like to keep because they're "pretty" - they can overwhelm the cabinet! Below are a few of my favorites. 

Now on to the pods themselves! We order directly from Nespresso when we want to have some of their special releases - they also just announced an iced coffee bundle that I cant wait to get. Once Amazon started selling pods it was a game changer - they offer such a great selection of variety packs! Also if you're a coffee in the afternoon lover, the half caff's are the way to go! 

And here's my new go to recipe for the Honey Cinnamon Coffee! 
  • Start with adding honey into the mug before coffee is poured
  • After the coffee is made, add in two to three shakes of the cinnamon
  • Splash of creamer
  • Then do a taste test - if it's sweet enough for you - you're all done. If you like it sweet like me, then add in a little bit more honey! 

This also tastes really good as an iced coffee! Have you created any coffee combinations that you're really loving right now?


  1. Yum. Coffee lovers unite.

  2. I bought the Vertuo Plus and love it too ! I think I saw one of your stories on Instagram and decided to get one too. The recipe is wonderful I just went and made me one after reading this post ! Thanks for sharing the recipe and love for coffee cause coffee is my all time favorite drink !

  3. Look at you go! That's awesome you have been able to make such great coffee drinks at home. Those anthro garden mugs are so cute! Too bad they are sold out with my initial.

  4. YES to alllll the coffee! Our poor coffee pot and Keurig machine have been on overdrive while we've been home. But our wallets are thanking us for not stopping for coffee so much in the mornings. I need to try this honey cinnamon coffee, and happy that I have everything on hand already <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. Chris and I go through an alarming amount of coffee every week between the two of us since being home. I brew a big pot each morning, and both of us usually have one extra cup outside of that pot. And then after lunch, I make us low carb flat whites. This one sounds like a delicious treat that I need to try out soon!

  6. Why are mugs just so easy to accumulate?! Same thing happens to us! I'm not too creative with my coffee - most mornings I just drink it black - but this sounds so delicious!


  7. That sounds yummy. I have been just doing medium roast with half and half, I am so boring, lol!

  8. is my favorite! even better when it's in a pretty mug. :)

  9. This sounds so yummy! I love honey in my coffee!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  10. I've been mixing black cocoa powder into my coffee with a sweetner (or hot chocolate mix). It makes a "mocha" and is less calories than starbucks!!! Desperate times call for INNOVATION!!! XOXO, R

  11. This sounds so good! I love honey and cinnamon... I always put them in my hot tea. I've never thought to put them in coffee! SO smart!

  12. I am going to have to give this recipe a try! I loved when Starbucks had the Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato - I never think to put cinnamon in when I make it at home though.

    Side note - saying 75 days just blew my mind. Holy cow I know it's been a long time but really it's kind of flown by and it's crazy to think of it in actual number of days!

  13. I love coffee! This post is amazing, thank you!

  14. I don't know what I would have done without my Nespresso in quarantine! This drink sounds so yummy - I need to try it because I love my coffee sweet too ;)

  15. I’m a Starbucks girl myself! I feel you either love or hate Starbucks. The coffee is definitely stronger than most, which is what I personally love. We grind and brew the Starbucks coffee beans at home. I’ve never thought to add honey. That sounds so interesting and I’m curious to know how that would taste, I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing, my friend!



  16. My friends have a Nespresso & they are a total convert to it!


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