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October 09, 2019
It's that time again, some recent Amazon purchases that have made my days a little easier! It was another hodge podge of things needed for daycare and some other fun things for me. 
  • Striped Burt's Bees Onesie || These are my favorite onesie's to get Sophia. I think the fit is really great and they are just so cozy. I wanted a Halloween themed one and even though it is a little boyish, she still looks adorable in it! Lots of different colorways too!
  • Erasable Fridge Calendar || Seems like life just continues to get busier and busier. I wanted to get this calendar to see what we have going on in a monthly view. Even though we have a shared calendar, this is right in front of our faces every day. Plus I love the pretty pastel markers it came with! FYI, it's a big calendar!
  • Oversized Sunglasses || My recent shades are probably one of my most favorite purchases! They are oversized and not everyone's cup of tea, but I love the retro look and you can't beat the price of $12.99! 
  • Jumbo Crayons and Drawing Pad || Sophia is a little young to partake in art, but I wanted to see if she could "get" it. Turns out she totally gets it and loves using the crayons. These are oversized and easy for little hands to grab! It says they are break resistant, but either my daughter is the hulk or they really aren't that resistant - regardless they are still a great purchase!
  • Clear iPhone Case || I prefer to see the color of my iPhone so I always get a clear case. This is the best one I've found and I've repurchased for the 10 and now the 11. I also have a glass screen protector that I get from Apple on my phone and a pop-socket on the back. 
  • Elderberry Syrup || I take elderberry gummies everyday for my immune system and started giving the syrup to Sophia as she started day care. Jury is still out on whether it works, but it's a nice little extra to give her in the mornings and helps me feel like I'm protecting her in some way. 
  • Crib Sheets || These are probably the softest crib sheets I've ever purchased - so much so that I wish they came in a queen size for our bed! I bought these to give to daycare. They have almost 400 5 star reviews! That's pretty amazing!
  • Self laminating labels || I bought this started pack of labels for daycare and for the price it's a relatively good deal. I will be purchasing personalized ones from Mabel's Labels, but these were a great start in the interim. I didn't realize how many things I would have to's EVERYTHING!
  • Adjustable Bag Strap || I'm still waiting on this to arrive since it wasn't Prime delivery, but I wanted a strap that would work with a variety of bags and these come in so many different colorways. 

What's your latest Amazon purchase?


  1. Seriously, don't know what I would do without Amazon and all their amazing finds!

  2. I love those onesies! I’ve been hearing very good things about Elderberry. Seems to be really good for your immune system?

  3. Omg labeling for school is crazy! Literally everything has to be done! ha

  4. I just read the other day about how great elderberry is for you and now I'm reading it here! I guess that's a sign I need to buy some! Especially with cold season right around the corner. Thanks for sharing and Happy Wednesday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  5. Those sunnies are TOO cute and so cheap--I may need to scoop them up too! Are you loving the iPhone 11? I'm definitely considering upgrading!

    Rosy Outlook

  6. Those Sunnies are going in my cart right now along with a dozen other things, lol. Have a super day love.

  7. i love theses Amazon posts - you always find so many awesome things that I NEED!

  8. Always love a good Amazon haul! I think I saw you share those sunnies on Instagram, and I love them - so retro and fun!

    Just sayin',

  9. I love it Amazon always has it all. It's crazy how many things we need for daycare!

  10. I LIVE on Elderberry syrup during fall/winter - cold/flu season. We have a local store where a lady makes it herself - its the best!!!
    Checking out the fridge calendar!

  11. I didn't know that Melissa & Doug made crayons! I'll have to buy them. I love the brand. Nearly all of Aviah's toys are from them. We've used crayons I found on Amazon, too, that are made of Honey! Weird, yet cool, right? But I'd want to try these out, since the color selection is better. Also, I need to try out that Elderberry syrup for Aviah as well. You're such a good mama, girl! Thanks for sharing all of these finds with us and I hope you're having a great week so far!


  12. It's never too early to start your babies with crayons and paper! It's so important to give them that love for creativity as early as possible! I'm glad to hear she likes it!

  13. Elderberry for everyone! I make my own and love it.


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