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January 08, 2020
Since the Golden Globes were on this past Sunday, I thought this would be a great time to share some of the shows I've recently binged on and loved. Some of these only have one season, other's have a few to get through. Some are great to have on in the background, other's you'll want to give your full attention to! I'm guilty of multitasking while watching TV, but so many of these shows demanded my attention because of the incredible acting / story lines!
Netflix ||
  • You (Two Seasons) ||  There is no doubt in my mind that you've seen endless meme's about Joe Goldberg and how you can let some of his tendancies (ahem stalking) slide! You is disturbing, alluring and sometimes downright creepy, but it's such a great show to watch. Gary and I both preferred season two to the first one and maybe because I was expecting some of the goriness, it didn't seem to gross me out as much. 
  • Virgin River (One Season) || This show came out of nowhere for me! I flew through the one and only season. There are some triggers including fertility struggles, but overall this was such a well thought out show and intriguing plot. It had Hart of Dixie vibes, without the comedy aspect. 
  • Messiah (One Season) || Such a hard show to explain, but it reminds me of Homeland a bit, but only because of the CIA aspect. It's about an enigmatic figure whose followers believe he can perform miracles, but is he really just a big con artist that is good at faking people out. 
  • Good Girls (Two Seasons) || This typically airs on NBC, but I've watched both seasons on Netflix. I honestly didn't think I'd get hooked on this, but the plot of two sisters and their best friend that are for all intents and purposes decent people, needing money and respect so badly that they end up robbing a grocery story, drew me in and the story line took off from there. Beth, one of the main characters gives Book Club a whole new meaning! 
  • Sound Track (One Season) || This was such an interesting show! The first episode leaves you in a state of shock! Think of this as a musical without any of the actors actually singing, but they are dancing about half the time. Each episode explores different characters love stories and all the characters are intertwined in one way or another. Every song can be a love song if you want it to be!
  • Dirty John (One Season) || First of all, I'm still in awe that this show and podcast are based on a true story. It originally aired on Bravo and then it came to Netflix and I watched all the episodes without having to wait! I'm a huge fan of Connie Britton and I think she played the part beautifully as did Eric Bana who was both charming and creepy at the same time. This takes the meaning of "love is blind" to a whole new level! If you love True Crime podcasts, then you'll love this show!
  • Dead to Me (One Season) || Another Netflix original that was just so good! There's a twist you don't see coming and then they just keep coming. I thought each episode went by so fast and even though it touches on very dark subjects, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini have such great banter and chemistry together, that you find yourself laughing at very inappropriate times. 

Amazon ||
  • Fleabag (Two Seasons) || I am so glad I gave this show a try because it's the most unexpected comedy out there. The main character is just all sorts of messed up and it's very vulgar so it could make you blush, but oh man is it funny. We flew through the two seasons a couple weeks ago during the holidays. It also just won for best lead actress and best show at the Golden Globes! P.S. you'll know why everyone is talking about the "Hot Priest" if you watch!
  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Three Seasons) || If you haven't seen this show, then I don't know what you're waiting for. Midge is such a great character and the quick one liners, funny banter and fantstic writing is really what makes this show incredible. I will say season 3 fell a little flat for me, but season 2 was my favorite! It takes a special person to play Midge and they cast it perfectly with Rachel Bronson. Unsung hero of the show is the dad! If you're a fan of 
  • Jack Ryan (Two Seasons) || The most unexpected action star in my opinion is John Krasinski and the fact that he goes all out in Jack Ryan makes him that much more impressive to me. I've never seen The Office (shocker, I know), so I didn't come in with preconceived notions about John K. so it's not that I never envisioned him as this character, it was just unpredictable. I think Amazon has most of it's Video subscribers because of this show. More than the thrill of the show, I really love the unexpected funny moments that the characters have. It's non-stop action and edge of your seat "what's going to happen" moments!
  • Catastrophe (Four Seasons) || Gary and I watched the first season of this show before having a child and found it to be funny. We watched the second and subsequent seasons after having Sophia and found it both hilarious and sad because of how true it is! The two stars of the show are actually the writers as well and the writing in my opinoin is what makes this one of the shows you have to watch! They are super quick episodes that you'll fly through if you watch! 
  • The Last Tycoon (One Season) || I watched this show such a long time ago, but never mentioned it before and I'm still upset it was never renewed for another season. Don't let that stop you from watching it! This is set in 1930's Hollywood and is based on F. Scott Fitgerald's unfinished novel. It's all about the movie industry, leading ladies, hot shot producers and touches a bit on the political times. Really loved this show, but the episodes are long and require your attention!

Of course, no list would be complete without Schitt's Creek, but I've mentioned it so many times before, I didn't want to add it to this list as well! If you liked this post, I can also share a few Netflix and Amazon original movies we've loved!

What show's have you recently watched that I should add to my list?

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  1. Love this list, we have seen about half of these and also preferred season 2 of You and Marvelous MM. Dirty John was one of our favorites of the year for sure. We are now binging some Apple streaming ones and love: For All Mankind, See and Truth Be Told...all sooooo good. xo

  2. Thank you for this post! We have been searching for the next show to watch. I listened to the Dirty John podcast but wasn't sure how the show would be. Definitely will be adding that to my watch list!

    Rosy Outlook

  3. As a huge Gossip Girl fan, I have wanted to see You, but I am so afraid I will be freaked out haha! I still need to catch the second season of Jack Ryan -- it's such a good show! Happy Wednesday, Biana!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  4. I have Messiah saved to my Watchlist & hoping to binge that this weekend

  5. My mom keeps telling me to watch Virgin River! So excited for all these new shows to binge on!

  6. I'm finishing up Season 2 of You right now and finished Virgin River last week! I liked it, you are right it does have Hart of Dixie vibes. Man I miss that show!!

  7. OMG I discovered Virgin River this weekend and I am obsesed!!! I'm flying through it and just love it so much!!

  8. I want to watch You SO BAD because it's Dan!!!! But I'm so worried about it, too, because I don't like disturbing stuff at all. I'm not sure I'd handle it well.

  9. I want to watch Fleabag so bad.

  10. I have been so scared to watch you as a nonmarried girl who lives alone! My friend was telling me about Messiah last night, I need to check that out and virgin river. Loved Fleabag, Mrs. Maisel and Jack Ryan!

  11. Love this list! Lots of good options I haven't seen yet. I'm especially excited to add Dirty John and Virgin River to my to-watch list! :)

  12. I just flew through Virgin River last week - loved it, and can't wait for season two! Fleabag was hilarious, and you already know I'm a fan of Jack Ryan. The Last Tycoon was SO good when it was on!


  13. You and Jack Ryan were two of our favorites. We were just saying we need to find some new series to checkout. I'll be browsing through your list. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I loved You and Good Girls. I need to watch Virgin River. I heard great things about it. I still haven't watched season 2 of Jack Ryan yet. Totally need to.

  15. You MUST watch The Office! I feel like it's a classic. Jack Ryan has been one of my favorites. I started Dead to Me and Virgin River and wasn't feeling the 'darker' aspects of those. But I have only heard good things - think I just wasn't in the right mindset for them!

  16. We rifled through Jack Ryan, and now I need to check out You aka Dan Humphrey!

    Green Fashionista

  17. Or God can not be, a few days ago I made the decision to just watch the first season of you, decide not to see the second because it really is like a guilty pleasure, you know that the boy is a murderer and there is a point where I feel I support him LOL and I feel terrible because the boy is crazy. But so far, in all the places where I enter there is someone saying that the series is great, that I no longer know what to do, it seems that I will have to continue watching.

  18. Yes to YOU ! That show is amazing and I hope they come out with season three. I recently just resubscribed to Netflix just so I could see YOU. Thanks for the other show recommendations.

  19. I've heard such great things about Messiah and have read the summery on it and was intrigued, but never watched. I'll have to check it out when I can because lately, Netflix has been my way to unwind, haha. I never really was into watching shows or movies frequently, but they're such a great mental escape when you've had a full day of babies, babies, babies, haha! Thanks for sharing, girl, and I hope you have a great day!


  20. I don't get the fascination with You. I didn't like the book and my husband liked the show but I couldn't get into. It's almost like they're trying to turn the show into Dexter but it's not nearly as interesting. I do like Penn Badgley though.

    We started Fleabag last night. Definitely funny!

  21. I have watched almost all of these and agree with you on all of them! We are finishing Messiah right now and it is SO good. I need to start The Last Tycoon and Catastrophe next!!

  22. I haven't heard about any of these (except for Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I heard great things about that one) but they sound interesting. I didn't know about The Last Tycoon but I would watch anything based on any based Francis S. Fitzgerald work, I'm such a huge fan of his.


  23. MFD is watching Messiah and it is so not my show.

    I also love Connie Britton so I think I'll try Dirty John.

  24. I loved Virgin River and Dead to Me!!! (not so) patiently awaiting the second seasons! lol I also want to start Modern Love on amazon.

  25. Girl! Have you started The Witcher?! Not sure if supernatural is in your wheelhouse, but I'm just saying. Two words: Henry. Cavill.


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