Mixed Bag...lot's of goodness!!

November 25, 2014

None of the below topics were blog-worthy enough on their own, but together created a rather good post so here we go!! 


When Firmoo reached out to me to do a review of their services along with a pair of glasses, my first thought was, but I don't wear prescription glasses!! Rather than let a great pair of glasses go to waste I asked Gary if he wanted to test out the service and get some glasses. I think we all know his answer to that one!! 
Although he was a bit skeptical about ordering prescription lenses online he said the process was so easy! They even have a virtual look viewer that you can test run how the glasses will look on you! If you're interested in which ones he chose - you can view them here. Knowing what I know now and how quick the company turns their orders around - I would 100% order glasses from them since they have non prescription lenses as well as sunglasses too! If you're interested you can check out their Free Glasses program - yes free!! 

American Music Awards Fashion

I'm going to admit I missed almost the entire show because I forgot it was on, but one thing I never miss is the fashion!! Even though celebrities tend to go a bit more casual with their red carpet looks - I couldn't help but choose a few dressed up favorites!! Just as a side note - I thought Selena's dress was so much prettier in the back than the front - it wasn't very flattering...
Maybe this is a sign I'm getting older, but I had no clue who this Becky G girl was, but she has a song called Shower...yep! Ladies with the high slit - Love it! 

Thanksgiving Menu

Aside from the turkey and stuffing, I'm actually going to be making most of the sides!! On the menu is stuffed mushrooms, asparagus wrapped with prosciutto, roasted baby carrots, fresh cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes! I've never made cranberry sauce. but when Andy posted her recipe last week I knew I had to try it!! 

So there you have a mixed bag of thoughts floating around!! Happy Tuesday!! 
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Weekend Happenings

November 24, 2014

It's always nice when there's an extra day to your weekend - getting things done that I would normally do on a Saturday were done of Friday and I was able to enjoy the rest of weekend!! Even though it's Monday, I'm sure we all could agree this short upcoming week makes this Monday that much more enjoyable!! 
Friday night we enjoyed our usual sushi dinner and a movie. It was my turn to pick so I wanted to go the romantic comedy route - we watched And So It Goes with Michael Douglas & Diane Keaton. It was cute and I just love Diane Keaton - she's right up there with Meryl Streep for me!! 
That night we also stumbled upon my latest obsession!! I'm not sure if you've heard of the show Reckless! The full first season is on Netflix and it's been hard to pry myself away. Quick synopsis...two good looking attorneys always finding themselves on opposite sides and it's based in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, you just can't go wrong!! 
It was a little cold on Saturday, but we still took to the streets to explore and run some errands!! 
Aside from the beautiful day take a peek at that squirrel packing it all in for the winter, so chubby!! 
Before dinner on Saturday night, we stopped by our friends new condo and of course had to say hi to their sweet baby girl Koa!! She is seriously the cutest little pup I've ever seen!! 
Flank Steak//Mac & Cheese//Turkey Burger//Eggplant Parmesan
(5 points if you have figure out which one I had!)
The South End Buttery did not disappoint-the food was delicious!! Any place that offers parmesan and garlic fries is a winner in my book!! 
I happily decorated our tree on Sunday!! Yes it's the week of Thanksgiving, but we won't be here this coming weekend and I want to enjoy this season as much as possible!! We started collecting ornaments once we got married and I can't wait to see what the tree will look like 10 or 20 years from now!! 
I recreated the Baked Mozzarella Chicken Rolls I mentioned on my post Friday and they were amazing!! Gary described it as lasagna but better and don't forget to beat the chicken because it makes it easy to roll up! I roasted some baby carrots to add to the side and just like that - best meal of the week!! 
I made a few purchases and exchanges this weekend!! I went ahead and returned the Glam Glow mask just because the tingle was a little too much for me to handle and swapped it out for the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm. I've used it a couple times and I'm really liking it so far!! We finally bought the ghost chair from Amazon this weekend!! They should be here on Wednesday and I can't wait...now I just need to find a cute pillow!! 

And just like that we're back at Monday? How was your weekend? Link up with Meghan and I and let us know!! Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!! 

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Friday Favorites

November 21, 2014

They are promising a really cold weekend here in Boston so I found the photo below to be very appropriate!! I'm really excited to get this weekend started a day earlier because I'm off today!! :) I'm linking up with Amanda and Christina today for some favorites!! 

Favorite Song - Take Me To Church

So this song is everywhere right now, but apparently was released back in 2013...it's amazing, but my favorites are the covers. Ed Sheeran does a really impressive one and of course if you watch The Voice then you heard Matt McAndrew preform it

Favorite Recipe - Baked Mozzarella Chicken Rolls

I have pinned a ton of recipes this week for Thanksgiving, but this one has nothing to do with that, but looks so incredibly delicious!! Baked Mozzarella Chicken Rolls - I'm drooling thinking about it! 

Favorite Purchase - Ann Taylor

It might be boring to some, but I really needed new black pants for work and when a friend of mine found these at Ann Taylor and they were having an extra 60% off sale items, it was a no-brainer!! It even has the leather detail that I've been loving! 

Favorite Look

I saw this wrap coat on ChicWish  a few months back and haven't been able to get my mind off of it!! I was perusing Krystin's blog and she styled it so perfectly!! 

Favorite Links

+ I can use all the help I can get with these photography tips
+This guy went to a Barre class and his recount of the workout is all sorts of hilarious!! 
+ A flawless rendition of "baby it's cold outside" featuring two of the cutest kids
+ This super cute Kate Spade inspired wedding 

BONUS: Favorite Giveaway

Thank you to those of you who entered my one year blogging anniversary giveaway!! The winner is Meghan from Champagne and Suburbs and I'll be contacting you about where you want to spend it!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and warm weekend!! See you Monday for some Weekending fun!!  
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My First Vlog!!!

November 20, 2014

My first thought when I see a girl with perfect curls is "seriously why can't my hair curl like that?!" My second is, " I have to keep practicing my curling skills!" I have mentioned my love for hot curlers and the wand before and trust me, I get great curls with those products, but my problem was never the curls, it was getting the curls to stay!!! Enter in the KISS Instawave!! 
I was really nervous to try the automatic curler because of the possibility of my hair getting caught, but I couldn't have been more wrong! The product boasts the following:
  • automatic and tangle -free curler
  • easy for anyone to use from any angle and with any hand
  • left and right curl directions
  • automatically shuts off after 90 minutes
  • two heat settings with a maximum temperature of 420
I think it's really best to show how the product works and the best way to do that is with a video! So without further adieu, here is my first vlog using the Instawave!! It's pretty funny so I hope you enjoy!! I'm sorry the quality is not 100% but filming at night is hard...actually filming period is hard! There's also music if that's at all enticing...
You can also view the video here
Left: Straight hair before curling
Middle: Right after curling
Right: Second day curls

I can't get over how the curls hold up on the second day - that's probably my favorite part, aside from not having to worry about burning myself!! 

Kiss Instawave is available for purchase from the following retailers: Target, Ulta & Amazon.

What's your favorite way to curl your hair? Would you ever consider an automatic curler?

And created a gif just for fun!! 

This product was sent to me by Brand Backer in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions are 100% my own!

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