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Life with the Samsung NX300 | A Photography Review

October 07, 2015

You might remember back from my post in May that I had decided to amp up my photography. I wanted a more professional camera for the blog, but also for life! I chose to go with the Samsung NX300 for all the reasons I mentioned in that post, but since then have found a slew of other reasons why I love this camera!! 
Photos with the Samsung NX300

I first wanted to share a few photos I've taken with the camera - my favorite ones being food & things that don't move - i.e. products or landscapes! 
Food Photo with Samsung NX300
Landscape Photo with Samsung NX300
Samsung NX 300 Review
Product Photo using Samsung NX300

What I've learned about my camera 

1. It's definitely a higher quality point and shoot camera - what you see on the screen is what you get! 
2. It's not a DSLR camera, but it sure does act like it is! It comes with a removable 18-55 mm lens so I saved a lot of money by not having to purchase that separately! 
3.You can shoot in manual mode if you like, but it also has 8 presets that will give you the best photo quality. I like to shoot in "Rich Tones" - gives a nice blur effect to some things in the back and I also love "Landscape" - "Best Face" is interesting, but I don't normally shoot with it! 
4.Seamlessly sharing my photos was a huge selling point and one that I've used a lot! Sometimes you take a really great photo and want to share it immediately - this camera makes it possible with the built in wifi and sharing capabilities to Facebook or your mobile device, which I use most often. Oh and it has it's own wifi network so you don't have to worry about being near wifi in order to transfer photos! 
5.It's lighter weight than most DSLR cameras, but it's still not as light as an iPhone! I have the strap that it comes with and bought a traveling bag, but rarely use it. I've taken it with me on trips and all around the city - I also used it on a few walking tours we did and didn't feel bothered by it - which if you remember was one of the reasons I decided not to buy a DSLR. 
6. It comes with a removable flash - that's right another item that doesn't have to be purchased separately! 
7. The tilt-able screen allows you to take different angles without compromising the angle of your shot. The newest version tilts up to 180 degrees, mine only tilts 90 degrees, which is enough for me! 

The Accessories 

I picked up a few highly recommended accessories for taking pictures indoors - I mostly added these because we don't have a ton of natural light - read, none - so creating the light was needed for me! 
This Cowboy Studios lighting kit was recommended by so many people - too many to name in fact! It is amazing and the quality for the under $50 price tag is unbeatable!! It comes in a great bag that can easily be stored in a corner or even under the bed when you aren't using it. It's really easy to assemble and I've even set up shop with just one light when I really need it in a pinch! 
Marble contact paper was a great investment and not even that expensive! I didn't go so far as to actually lay it out on card board because the roll was so easy to pack back up and stick in a drawer. I find that having products laid out (flat lay) makes for prettier pictures - especially for food! 

Eye-Fi Memory Card
I had this with my previous camera and the transition of this memory card to the Samsung NX300 was seamless. I'm able to take photos and store them on this memory card and then when I get home - turn my computer on and make sure the camera is on and they talk to one another and transfer all the photos. No wires, no need for adapters, just easy and fast! I'm also probably technically describing it incorrectly - but I like to lay things out with how I understand them which is not tech-y in the least! 

Final Thoughts

My over all thoughts on the camera are amazement - it can do so much and I've only just scratched the surface! I would absolutely repurchase this camera - no questions asked! My only gripe is that when I'm using it a lot - it will jam (using that very loosely) and won't want to take a photo, but I just quickly turn it off and turn it back on and go on my way! 

Do you have any tips for shooting photos in manual? What's your favorite camera?

Fall Decor Inspiration

October 06, 2015

I'm not really the type to decorate for specific holidays, but rather the season. I love pumpkins, I love the warm and rich tones that Fall offers and I especially love the decor. I scoured Pinterest for Fall decor ideas, without looking too over done and then went forward with decorating this past weekend!! I wanted it to just carry over into the cozy theme of the season! 

Here's some of my inspiration// 

I tried to incorporate a few Fall touches around our living room  - since that is the space we spend the most time in! All that's missing is a cozy blanket - but that's on the list! 
Fall Decor Ideas
I picked up the acorn vase filler from Target's dollar spot and the scented candle is a new addition from Primark - I literally have their candles all over our place! 
Fall Decor Ideas
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this glam pumpkin again from Target- does it not remind you of the Valentino Rock Stud purses and heels?! 
Fall Decor Ideas
You already saw the fun plaid espresso cups and saucers in yesterday's post but I also picked up some cute hand towels just to have around the kitchen. 
Fall Decor Ideas
//To keep my gold theme going - this flatware set from you guessed it Target is on the top of my list
//Need another cozy throw for all those scary movies we are going to watch
//A fun pillow cover that can be re-used year after year might be a great investment
//And finally my coffee table book obsession is back in high gear and I've got my eye on this Camille Styles entertaining book

Do you like to decorate for the seasons? What's on your Fall decor wish list?

Weekending | The First of October

October 05, 2015

Welcome back to Monday friends!! It seems like most of the country cooled off weather wise and everyone was able to enjoy the start of Fall. It was on an off rainy but that didn't stop me from enjoying my first weekend in Boston in almost a month! 

This weekend I//

//Traded in the roses for some flowers with a little Fall flair
//Indulged in some glorious sushi
//Laughed my head off at two movies - both need to be seen immediately! The Spy was all sorts of quick humor and just a bit dirtier than I was expecting! The Intern made me fall in love with Robert Deniro. It teaches us it's okay to want it all and actually have it all! 
//Got caught red handed taking photos - glad he's supportive! So serious about my pictures! 
 //Met with a new bride of ours for her wedding next year!! We talked details and the best part is the TWO weddings she will be having to capture both of the couples cultures!
//Watched the Gators kick butt and remind the Gator Nation what it was like to have a pretty great start to the season!
//Picked up the cutest new Threshold set of espresso cups & saucers from Target. I made the Pumpkin Spice Latte I mentioned in my post on Friday and it was delicious! I went a little Fall decor crazy and will be sharing all the buys later this week!
 //Spent Sunday afternoon showering a beautiful mom to be in the most darling nautical themed baby shower I've ever seen. 
From the beautiful wreath on the front door to the thoughtfully made gifts - everything was done with such care and it was so fun to see baby clothes being opened - serious baby fever over here!! 
//Did a little Sunday couch shopping and picked up this seriously perfect blanket scarf from ASOS. I saw it when Leah mentioned it in her post on Friday and couldn't stop thinking about it all weekend - so I scooped it up!! 
Having a wonderfully relaxing weekend makes for a great start to the week! Hope you have a wonderful start to your week! Link up below to share your weekends with us! 

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