October 20, 2014

Hello lovelies!! We made it through another weekend and I for one am ready to tackle the week ahead!! I had a great time relaxing at home, catching up on Breaking Bad (we finally made it to season 4), brunching and wedding planning...more on that soon! 


Remember that Faux Fur Vest from ChicWish I ordered over a month ago?! Well it finally arrived because it was on back order and I'm in love! Gary has promised me that I don't look like a yeti!! I can't wait to wear it!! 
 There is nothing I love more than going out for sushi and watching a movie at home on Friday nights, a huge change from a few years ago! There were a few movies that were watchable, but we decided to try Draft Day and since I'm a football fan I didn't mind it. The acting could have been a bit better - I mean P.Diddy plays an agent if that says anything! 


So Friday I hinted at some exciting news and on Saturday I was doing some wedding planning...obviously not for my wedding but my for my client!! I am beyond honored that my friend Stephanie asked me to help plan her July wedding!!! It's no secret around these parts that I'm wedding obsessed and to have the opportunity to jump start this dream of mine is beyond words!! 
Stephanie is the most laid back bride ever and bouncing ideas of one another makes this experience so enjoyable!! They have chosen a beautiful location for their wedding and here's one of their beautiful engagement photos! 
After a full day of planning I was exhausted so pizza and Breaking Bad were our Saturday night plans!! Supposedly they are coming out with a season 6!!??  I was also able to pick up my wedding dress from the cleaners and it's time to sell that bad boy!! 


Started our Sunday the best way possible - with a few good drinks and some delicious food!! If you've never been to Cafeteria I highly suggest a visit!! The food was so good and the company was even better!! My friend Kim just moved back to Boston from NYC and I'm so happy there will be many more brunches and dinners in our future!!  
We spent the rest of the day enjoying the Fall weather and starting our Christmas shopping...that's right - Gary is the master of getting shopping done well before December!! 
And now we are back to Monday and I am in complete agreement with the quote above! 

How was your weekend?! Hope you guys have a great start to your week! 

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Friday Favorites Round-Up

October 17, 2014

It's that time of the week again when I get to link up with Amanda and Christina to share my favorites from this past week!! I, for one could not be more excited that it's Friday - even having an extra day off, it's just been one of those weeks!! I have a cool announcement on Monday that I'm excited to share with you all, but before that let's get right to some favorites!! 

Favorite Song

I sometimes listen to Pandora when I'm plowing through work and this song came on the Ellie Goulding station and I immediately starting doing a little bounce...that's when you know it's good! 

Favorite Recipe 

How absolutely delicious do these slow cooker buffalo chicken meatballs look?! Can't wait to try them!! 

Favorite DIY

Last week I posted about no carve ideas for your pumpkins and this past Monday I went ahead and spray painted with chalk paint one of the little ones! Right now it say's "BOO" but after seeing Paige's Ninja Turtle Pumpkin I need to step my game up! 

Favorite Workout

I stumbled upon this Victoria Secret Full Body workout earlier this week and I have to say I'm a little intimidated to try it!! The instructions say to do each circuit 2-3x (doing the first 4 circuits one day, the next three another day and do the whole thing twice one day). Has anyone tried this?! 

Favorite Purchase

I took the plunge and decided to go ahead and get business cards made for this little space!! When attending blogger events I never have anything to share with people so I thought it was a good treat since I'm coming up on one year next month!! 

Favorite Links

+Do you take your vitamins? Here are the 10 we should be taking.
+Pan-Seared Salmon from The Every Girl 
+ Yes ShopBop had their F&F sale - but now it's Lord & Taylor's turn
+ Saving for retirement - what are you not doing?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 
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Hair Care Essentials

October 16, 2014

I've recently had a few people inquire into my hair care routine and what products I use! Let's just start with me having my mom to thank for how my hair is today - she was very adamant when I was growing up that I wouldn't get more than a trim and as far as coloring my hair - well that was out of the question! This has transferred over into my adult life and not coloring my hair has it's benefits because I never think of maintenance besides the occasional trim (cut if I'm feeling really bold) and it really cuts down on the amount of money I spend on hair care, which let's be honest is just spent on beauty products instead! 
Just as you do with working out, you have to trick your hair, like you would trick your body with working out, when it gets used to a certain product because the results can start diminishing! With that being said - I have some tried and true products that I have sworn by for the last few months/years that are not only affordable, but they work great!!! 
Gorgeous locks that are not mine!!! 
Hair Care Essentials
Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner: I change my shampoo & conditioner frequently, but always come back to this one. They have changed their formula over the years and I'm currently using their new smooth collection and really like it.  
Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil: I have been using this product for over a year and always apply it to my damp hair after the shower regardless of if I'm styling my hair or just letting it air dry. It's a great substitute for the original Moroccan Oil for a fraction of the price! 
Dove Dry Shampoo: This is my favorite dry shampoo  and it's all thanks to my sister!! She introduced me to this product last month and I've been using it non-stop...well when I don't wash my hair!! 
Elnett Hairspray: This hairspray came highly recommended from Shelby and after pretty much every hair and beauty blogger raving about it and celebrity stylists swearing by it, I decided to buy the smaller can so that I could travel with it and also test out to see if I liked it and I do!! 
Remington Curling Wand 1 Inch: My friend Krissy introduced me to the wand three years ago and since then it has transformed the way I curl my hair!! I use the 1 inch barrel and the curls vary in size depending on how far down on the wand I curl it. I can curl my entire head of hair in less than 20 minutes and to me - that's miraculous!! 
 Remington Protective Rollers: When I want to add a little more oomph into my hair look, I opt for using  hot rollers. I roll my entire head and then leave them in while I'm doing my make-up. Once I'm all set - I take them out and brush them out - since I don't want Curly Sue curls and I get really voluminous waves. Spray it will a little Elnett and I'm ready for a night out!! 
Big Paddle Brush: I have one brush for everything and I picked mine up at CVS. Any paddle brush will do, but this works so well on my long hair and I never have a hard time getting tangles out! I don't normally tease my hair, but if I do I just use my regular brush and it works fine. 
Small elastic hair ties: These little guys were a recent purchase over the summer to make fishtail braids easier. I hated how my hair looked with a thicker hair tie so I went to CVS and bought the black elastic ones (200 per pack) and it has transformed the ends of any braid I do! 

Along with my tried and true favorites I of course have a few hair care items that I've had my eye on! 
Dry Bar Holiday Kit with a Hair Dryer

I've long been a faithful elastic hair tie user but everyone swears by ribbon hair ties and I want to test them out - just not sure if they last as long! Does anyone use these?! 
A biotin based vitamin that promotes shinier and silkier hair along with the added bonus of healthier nails!! 

So there you have a few of my favorite products along with a few I'm dying to try!! Do you any of these products? What's different about your hair care routine?

Linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday
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Favorite Apps

October 15, 2014

After recently upgrading to the new iPhone, I've realized just how dependent I am on my phone for every day things!! I use it as my alarm, my camera, my pedometer and not to mention my actual communication device!! With that being said there are some apps that I have come to not only love, but I just don't know how I survived before them...a little dramatic, but I'm just painting a picture for you here! 

Health & Fitness

Health: This is a new app that comes standard on the ios8 operating system. Why I like it? It tracks my steps, walking + running distance, and my flights climbed. I only use about 30% of the full capacity of the app, but it keeps me moving throughout the day! Do I still want a FitFlex, yes...because I don't take this on the treadmill or stair master with me so it's only 70% accurate.
Human: This is the most basic level of activity tracking that you can have, but it's pretty great because you need at least 30 minutes a day to get your daily 30 in...anything over that is a bonus!! I've climbed up stairs during the day to get my numbers up because I realized I just sit too much!! Another bonus is that it tracks your calories burned with any activity.  
Map My Run: Pretty self explanatory, but I used this app a ton in the summer and spring when I was running outside. It gave me a better idea of how far I was running and my pace - so good when I was training for races! 
Equinox: Often times I forget the schedule of classes that my gym offers, so having the app on my phone allows me to schedule them to my calendar and also book bikes if I take a spin class! 

Photo Sharing & Editing 

I'll be 100% honest - since upgrading my phone I very rarely use an editing app that isn't already built into the camera - it's that good, but before the upgrade I used two that I really liked! 
VSCOcam: I've mentioned this photo app editor in the past and it's my favorite. I really like it for food and outdoor photos. If you're an android user not to worry because it's also available for you! 
PhotoSync: I probably use this app the most because I transfer all my photos to my computer using this and also share photos with Gary via PhotoSync from our phones and our computers! 
Picfx: You can really take your photos to the next level with this app and the filters are amazing!! It's a little hard getting into the rhythm using it, but once you've used it a few times you get the hang of it! 

Getting Around 

Uber: I think we're all pretty familiar with Uber and getting around the city via this app. It's very rare that I use Uber, but when I do I love that I don't have to worry about cash or anything because it's just paid...almost like it's free - okay not really, but out of sight out of mind right?! It's also in pretty much every city in the US now! 
OpenMBTA: My main mode of transportation in the city is using the T and my biggest gripe is waiting for my train to come when 4 or 5 of the ones I don't take cruise on by! This app keeps my anger at bay and gives the most accurate account of when the train will be there! 
MetroCab: This is the only company that I will take to the airport - which is pretty much the only time I care to take a cab! They are always on time and being able to make the reservation via the app makes my life even easier! 

Other Favorites 

Flipboard: Gary uses this way more than I do, but being able to browse the topics that you are most interested in and filtering the news that way makes reading it more enjoyable.
Open Table: I make restaurant reservations at least once a week - having this app on hand when we're out makes reserving even easier - plus I get to browse other restaurants that may not have a wait and just go there instead! 
Tivo: It probably comes as no surprise that I have the Tivo App on my phone especially after the post where I shared my Favorite Fall TV Shows!! There are times when I'm leaving work later than anticipated or stuck at an event and I knew I didn't set a show to record and this app makes it so easy to make sure everything I want to watch is recorded!!
Reminders: Even though I'm a pen and paper kind of girl, using my reminders gives me that extra little bit to make sure I don't forget anything. I set the reminders for when I get to work or at certain times during the day because I'm not always looking at my planner!! 

So there you guys have it - some of my favorite apps. Now it's your turn - do you use any of these? What is the one app that I have to download?! 

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