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Travel Diary | Stowe, VT

Happy Monday friends! We're back from a quick weekend getaway to Stowe, VT and it was the perfect escape from the city! It's a little bit of a hike being three hours from the city, but totally worth it to stay with my sister & family in a house near Stowe Mountain Resort, which was only a few miles away. 
stowe, vermont, travel, what to do in stowe
This wasn't a ski weekend for us & I'm totally okay with that for a few reasons, but mostly because it gave us the opportunity to explore the resort and other areas of Stowe without having to spend the entire day on the slopes. I'll let the pictures do the talking - here's a little travel diary of a quick weekend to Stowe. Warning - photo overload ahead! 

I couldn't get enough of the lodge - cozy fireplace was calling my name! 
Where to eat in stowe vermont

where to eat in stowe vermont
Enjoying lunch in the restaurant in the main lodge 
While I have zero coordination for skiing, believe it or not, ice skating is something that I can do!! It was so enjoyable since a lot of people weren't out there so it felt like we had the rink to ourselves! 
There's a ton do at the resort aside from skiing, but the gondola that takes everyone not staying at the resort back to their cars closes at 5:30, which really does put a time limit on how much you can enjoy! 
sleigh ride in vermont, gentle giants sleigh

On our way to the center of Stowe we found the cutest sleigh company. It was actually something we wanted to do while in Vermont so I was happy we found Gentle Giants. For thirty minutes, Gary and I enjoyed a private carriage ride with a very animated guide & equally excited horse! 
stowe vermont restaurant, the bench, food in stowe

stowe vermont restaurant, the bench, food in stowe
We were only in town for one dinner over the weekend and with a few recommendations from my sister, we settled on The Bench. Known for their local and fresh food, I opted for the salmon tacos, while Gary enjoyed the lasagna

tourist attraction in stowe vermont, what to do in stowe, maple syrup

cider donut, cold hollow cider, tourist attraction stowe, vermont, what to do in stowe

On the way out of Stowe you can really hit all the tourist attractions including Ben & Jerry's factory ($4 for a ticket & free samples at the end), The Cabot Cheese Annex (not the factory, but loads of free cheese to taste) & Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Naturally we hit all three on our way back to Boston, but the one we didn't have time for was the Von Trapp Family Lodge - you know the family that the Sound of Music is based off of. 
It was certainly a quick weekend away, but so fun & relaxing! Can't wait to go back to Stowe and maybe even enjoy a little skiing next time! How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us! 

Packing Guide| Weekend in the Mountains

Fun fact - I don't ski! So what exactly am I doing going to Vermont on a ski weekend?! Very valid question & the answer is that there is so much more to do in Vermont than just ski!! With that being said, being warm is my top priority so here's what's in my weekender! 
packing guide, ski weekend packing list

6 Must Read Books

My sister asked me the other day if I have any books to recommend & I got so excited to share the books below with her because these are all pretty great. I get asked quite frequently how I get through so many books. Well it's a couple of things: I read whenever I'm on the train to and from work - it's not a long commute but 30 minutes each way gives me a lot of reading time. I also read a few chapters before bed - it relaxes my mind. If I'm not taking a gym class, then I'm usually on the elliptical and reading - read on for how this proved to be problematic a few weeks ago! I get the books on loan from the library with a pretty strict deadline of returning I know that I have to get through the book or else I'll be stuck halfway finished and dying to know what happened - so that's a pretty great motivator! 
books to read in 2017

Weekending | A little bit of this and that

I think it's safe to say that I have eased into this new year!! After an extra long weekend I'm feeling motivated and ready for the week ahead!! I mentioned that my mom flew up here on Thursday so I spent the day hanging out with her and my sister before they went to Vermont for the long weekend - we're actually headed there this coming weekend and I'm beyond excited for the fresh mountain air, but before that here are a few snaps of the weekend! 
Park in Boston, Boston Public Garden in Boston, Swans in boston
Friday night Gary and I went to the Liberty Hotel for an impromptu night out with some friends. 

It's hard to not want to be a hermit in the winter so we give ourselves pep talks before going out to psych ourselves up #oldladystatus - you know something like - just think how amazing it will be when we get home and get comfy 😂 <-- please tell me we're not alone here!
Probably the most productive Saturday I've had in a while and actual meal planning happened! I made margarita chicken fajitas from the Cravings cookbook & oh my gosh was it amazing!! We also started the show Goliath on Amazon thanks to a few of your recommendations. I'm not normally a Billy Bob Thornton fan, but I love any legal drama so I'm glad we gave this one a go! 

boston eataly restaurants

eataly restaurants in boston
After Eataly Boston opened in November we wanted to wait for the crowds to die down before we attempted a trip back. Apparently the crowds will never die down since it was just as packed on Sunday as it was the weekend it opened. There are three different areas to eat - two require reservations that can only be made in person & the one la piazza is first come first served. We snagged a table at one of the bars & enjoyed a leisurely lunch with arancini (fried risotto balls), a charcuterie board with an assortment of cheeses & meats capped off with Tajarin - hand cut egg pasta with truffle butter and parmesan. Yes, tasted just as amazing as it sounds! 
blanket scarf, boston blogger, charles street

blanket scarf, boston blogger, charles street
blanket scarf  out of stock - similar || sole society bag || over the knee boots || coat || jeans - the comfiest pair I have ever owned! 
blanket scarf, boston blogger, charles street
If you ever make it to Boston, I can't recommend a stroll through Beacon Hill enough - especially on Charles Street. It's my favorite neighborhood in the city & all the little alley's that lead to the most charming homes - beyond picturesque! At this point you've seen these boots & bag on repeat in basically every single outfit post because I just can't get enough. The boots were one of the best purchases I made at the end of last year - I can walk miles without so much as a pinch. I have a what's in my bag post coming up soon & I'm going to be sharing just how much you can fit into this small bag! 
Bonus weekend day gave us time to do all the things without feeling like we're spending precious weekend moments. We finally hung some artwork in the hallway for the start of our gallery wall, made a huge dent in our PCH itinerary & scooped up the cutest little faux marble side table from TJ Maxx!! Closed out Monday with my standard Bachelor viewing! I know a lot of people aren't liking this season, but at least it's not nearly as boring as the ones in previous seasons!! 

Are you watching the bachelor? Have you picked your winner yet?

Still Weekending...

Happy Monday friends!! Taking an extra day off from the blog, but the link is live if you want to share your weekend happenings today!! 

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