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A Day In The Life | My Bold Moments

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Back in October I shared a day in the life of what a regular work day was like. Well I thought it would be fun to share an updated day in the life since my days have evolved a lot in my job. These day's I'm a lot more vendor / client facing and with that change I know that I not only need to look put together, but actually be prepared for whatever get's put in front of me. I'm taking you along with me for the ride...
My mornings start out at 6:00 AM. On days when I have post going live, I'll be blogging away for about an hour, on days when there's no post Gary and I like to get a quick run in - it's about the only time we have together during the day. I have a pretty big client event taking place in a couple months and I've been going to the venue quite a bit, today's agenda includes meeting with the caterer to go over some logistics and it's going to be super hot, did I mention the walk through is outside?!! With such tiny quarters I have to be creative with my makeup setup (thankfully not for long since we're moving), but I let Gary take care of breakfast & coffee while I get my "face on" if you will and get ready for the day when I really need to be bold!
I don't change my purse out every day, but I do like to make sure the essentials are in there, especially when I'm not going straight to the office. Having bad breath is one of my biggest fears, specifically when I'm meeting people for the first time so I'm always carrying mints or a travel size mouthwash with me to make sure I feel like I just cleaned my teeth throughout the day, especially with all the cold brew I've been drinking.
With a CVS practically on every block here in Boston, no joke I pass three on my daily walk to work, I can pop in when I'm out of any of these, but especially the smaller sizes of the LISTERINE® Antiseptic that I can keep with me at my desk and it has to be the cool mint variety for the after taste. I like that they are strategically placed right near the candy - make sure you hide the evidence of cavities with brushing and rinsing - ha!  
About mid-morning I'm back at my desk and looking forward to crossing lots of items off my to-do list!! Some days I hit the gym at lunch for a spin or tabata class, but thankfully I was able to catch up with a friend over lunch! I'm not sure about you guys, but I would go to Bolocco at least twice a week, but after the whole Chipotle incident, I stopped going and seriously missed Bolocco. I'm happy to be back with my old friend! 
A few meetings, a couple items crossed off the to-do list and it's time to head home around 5. We've been all about salads during the week - they're just easy to throw together and we add some sort of protein to it. For the last few months, Gary has been making it home about a half hour before me and he's been rocking at making dinner! 
Does anyone else feel like the fly through dinner?! This is the second part of the day that Gary and I get to connect - for about 30 minutes until it's right back to work. Jackie and I are hosting, together with VS Photography our first Bridal Pop Up Event taking place in August and we've been trying to find an hour here or 20 minutes there to all chat about it. 
For some reason 7:00 - 10:00 PM fly by! The TV is usually on and the laptop is firmly placed on my lap! Usually I'm working on blog posts, business things or contributor posts - recently we've been planning our trip to Nashville so I've been trying to find an AirBNB to book! 
Finally at about 10:30 PM it's time for my favorite thing - getting ready for bed! I begin and end my days with a great rinse. Even after brushing I can use the extra clean feeling and knowing that it's working while I'm sleeping to ward off plaque and killing 99% of bad breath germs (some that are missed by just brushing) makes me feel like I'm being productive even in my sleep. Then I literally rinse & repeat the next day! 

What's a day in the life like for you? Any one thing you look forward to? 

Friday Five | Blogging + Shopping

Happy Friday friends! Another work week bites the dust and we're headed into the weekend! If you follow me on Snapchat (@blovedboston) I asked for opinions on which purse to purchase (remember this post when I said I needed another bag like a root canal) - whelp I got another one because I ended up having to have a tooth fixed so there you go and I'm excited since it's getting delivered today! Decided to go with the Regan Satchel which is way different than anything I own! Anyway, on to today's post - I wanted to share 5 Mistakes I made when I first started blogging and my 5 picks from the Nordstrom Sale - things that I can't wait to arrive! Linking up with Amanda to share! 

We're Moving | Living Room Inspiration

So you may have guessed from the the title of the post - We're Moving!! After 5 years in our current place, we are so excited for this change into a newer and bigger place! With that comes new furniture, new layouts & most of all planning! If you know anything about me, then you know that I've been planning, note taking and preparing for this since we decided to move! For the next few weeks I'm going to share my inspiration room by room - not to worry - there are only 3 so let's start it off with the living room! 

Weekending | Being Touristy

Happy Monday friends!! What a whirlwind weekend - I'm pretty sure my feet are in a permanent state of "please don't walk anymore," but my heart is so full because I spent the weekend having an amazing time with one of my best friends! 

Friday Favorites | Halfway Through July

Happy Friday friends!! My best friend Rachel and her husband are coming to town for a visit, so there will be lots of walking and eating! I feel like I'm a pretty good tour guide at this point and it always get's me super excited to try out some new restaurants! Linking up with Amanda to share some of my favorites from this week. 
Snapped this picture during a midday walk - it was hotter than I could have imagined, but still gorgeous!