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In Flight Essentials

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Can I admit that I'm a pretty antsy flier? I feel like I'm constrained to my seat & can never seem to get comfortable - no matter how short or long the flight is. Forget trying to sleep on a flight - this is something I've never mastered and wish more than anything that I was the type of person that could easily fall asleep anywhere. Our flight to Iceland is about 5 hours long and overnight so I'd love to be somewhat rested when we arrive since we have tickets to go straight to the Blue Lagoon. So before I get into my in flight essentials - I'd love to know if you have any tricks for sleeping on a flight, specifically for those flights over 4 hours! 
carry on items, what to pack for a flight, in flight essentials, must have items for a long flight, how to pack for an international flight
This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Beauty Items || 

I scooped this strawberry lip balm up while I was refilling some of the items I'd run out of at Sephora earlier this week. I don't like to wear lipstick on flights, but lip balm is a must!  Also a must, hand santizer - I instantly become a germaphobe when I travel! Eye drops for when we land and my eyes are red! I learned my lesson after getting about 3 hours of sleep on an 13 hour flight to Dubai!! For overnight flights I brush my teeth before we take off - trying to trick my body into thinking it's night time and I'm ready for sleep, however it never works! I do pack Colgate wisps with me as well for a little refresh when we land! 
Evian Mist Spray || I've said it before & I will continue to say it over and over again - this spray is the best at giving you a little refresh. Whether you're going someplace warm or cold - this is great for giving your skin a little extra hydration after truly drying flights. There is a deal going on at Nordstrom right now - a 6 pack for $21 - that makes each can about $3.50...it's usually that price for a 3 pack! 

Entertainment || 

We have these noise cancelling headphones that I purchased for us before one of our last international flights. I also pack silicone putty earplugs. I don't travel without them anymore because they do an amazing job of blocking sound out and we always use them in hotels since the walls tend to be very thin! I pre-load my iPad with a couple of episodes of my current favorite show from Netflix - I've been watching Hart of Dixie and also a movie that G & I haven't seen so we can watch something together if we're both not sleeping! I also have this book that I'm reading right now and a handful of magazines I've been saving for the flight! 
Tech Organizer || I bought this tech organizer for Gary a few Christmases ago and we use it on every single trip! We pack extra headphones, our waterproof phone pouch, outlet converter & apple wires. 

Other Bits ||

Collapsible Water Bottle || I'm sure most of you have a water bottle that you fill up after we get through security. This is my first time using a collapsible water bottle so that I can have a bit more space in my carry on and just fold it back up when we land! 
Blanket Scarf || One of the best gifts last year that my sister got me was this blanket scarf - I like to use this instead of the blanket they give you on overnight flights. However if the blanket looks to be good quality - we've never flown Icelandair before, then I'll use my blanket scarf as my pillow because I just can't use a neck pillow - they do nothing for me! 
Paper Items || This might be pretty old school for some people since everything is on our phones now, but I like to have all of our tickets, hotel confirmations and any tours that we have already pre-booked printed out. You just never know if your phone decides it doesn't want to turn on or maybe the data package is kaput! I just started using these folders for our couples getting married and decided to use this for our trip as well, gotta love multipurpose items! And, can't forget a pen for filling out customs forms! 

Snacks, snacks & more snacks || I actually had the "shots, shots, shots, shots" song in my head but with snacks 😂 For anyone that doesn't know my husband - he's hungry all the time! I usually pack enough snacks on the plane to feed a growing child! 
What are some of your in flight essentials? Do you have any sleep tips for flights?

Fall Color Crush with accessories

Hello new week!! We had a pretty eventful weekend with brunches, hair appointments (for me) & making our way to a new far that has it's own brewery on site - nothing like fresh apple cider.  I have been gravitating towards the same colors this season and wanted to share my color crushes with you, in the form of accessories! 

This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Burgundy ||

It's a pretty bold color, but with a touch on the nails or on the lips - it's the first thing that makes me feel like it's officially fall! Burgundy is actually one of my favorite colors to wear to work because I think it makes a great statement. I have a pencil skirt that I like to pair with a grey sweater or a great front tie blouse that I wear if I have a fun meeting! As far as accessories go, we know purses are my weakness & I'm sort of into the beret trend, but again not sure I could pull this off! 

Animal Print ||

I love adding a touch of animal print to my outfits - mostly because I don't think I could ever fully pull off wearing animal print pants or even a blouse! I wear my flats practically every day, but I could seriously use a great classic skinny belt or even a clutch to add to dress up an otherwise monochromatic look! I've also seen this beanie for a couple years now and for only $15 it might be fun to add this to the rotation of hats! 

What colors are you loving for fall? 

Currently Ordered | Amazon Edition

Life before Amazon Prime, waiting way too long for little things to arrive. Life after Amazon Prime (and sometimes same day delivery) like going shopping without having to step foot in a store or multiple stores because all of these things are so random! Here are some of my random recent purchases! 

This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

Rev-A-Shelf Cabinet Pull-Out || This is our fourth Rev-A-Shelf installation in the kitchen! We've (using this word very loosely, since Gary is really the one that has installed everything) installed a few kitchen pull out cabinets to get more storage in our kitchen and make it more functional! This is probably the last one that we will do for a while since our goal of adding functionality to the kitchen is complete! Are these easy to install? Yes & No. Yes for me since I'm really just helping, but it does take longer than the what the instructions say. You also need to purchase the door mounting kit to go with it so that it automatically pulls out with the handle! 
Sonicare Replacement Brush Heads || Whenever I'm in CVS I notice how expensive these replacement brush heads are and for 8 tooth brush heads it's only $17, way less than the $20 for 4 at other stores! This is one of those items that I seriously hate spending money on I don't know why especially since it's used every single day! 
SmartWool Socks || Half a purchase for Iceland and half a purchase for the winter's here - these Smart Wool socks are supposedly the best ones to wear to keep your tootsies warm but keep them from overheating! My sister swears by them when she goes skiing so I'm excited to see how they hold up! 

Clear iPhone Case || This is a repeat purchase for me! Since the camera is slightly different on my new 8 Plus I had to get a new clear iPhone case and I'm one of those people that really likes to see the actual color of the back of their phone! It's incredibly sturdy, but also not bulky which I like. Also, this is the popsocket that I have on my phone and I always get questions about it. 
Asymmetric Draped Tunic || The draping and the faux leather piping is what really drew me in with this tunic. Technically, it seems like this is supposed to be worn with althleisure style clothes, but I tried it on with jeans and love how it looks! Comes in 4 different colors too!  
High Rise Skinny Jeans || I actually bought these at TJ Maxx and very rarely do you find something at TJ Maxx that is still "in stores," but these jeans are so comfortable and flattering! I decided on the dark slate color because I don't have anything black / grey in the denim department. I will say size down in this because the stretchy fit gives you a little more give. 
Double Tiered Cutlery Drawer || I'd say this was probably the most exciting addition to our kitchen! You may have seen a demo of this on my instastories right after Gary installed it, which admittedly took a bit longer than he anticipated! It has pretty stellar reviews on Amazon & I agree with everyone that the ability to add so much more storage to our utensils drawer was amazing! We were able to consolidate the "junky" drawer that had skewers, chopsticks, other little things & our main utensils into one!  
What have you purchased from Amazon recently? Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends! 

Luxe Box Review

It's been a few years since I cancelled all my beauty subscription boxes - I was a fan of BirchBox, GlossyBox & even the Sephora Box, but was getting so many sample size items that I wasn't able to finish any of them and it ended up getting thrown out or given to my sister & mom! 
This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

While I still don't subscribe to any beauty boxes, on occasion I do get these influenster boxes sent to review items and was chosen for the Luxe VoxBox which had full size items of some really awesome products! I wanted to share my first impressions, whether I was still using the product & if it would be worth a purchase in the future! 
  1. Amika Un.Done Texture Spray || They sent the full size (5.3 oz) but it also comes in a mini size for $10 which would be perfect for travel. At first glance I thought this was a dry shampoo, but after a few sprays I was happy to find out it was actually a texture spray. Something that I don't use regularly - actually the only time I've used texture spray on my hair is when it's being done at the salon. The smell is amazing!! Both Amika products in the box smelled so good, I would purchase for that alone! It works really well at adding a little, you guessed it, texture to your hair both after a fresh blow dry & on second day hair! It didn't feel sticky or tacky like hairsprays can and it gives you the perfect amount of extra volume and texture. I used this past weekend with freshly dried hair & then also you can see the difference with slight waves in my hair to add more body. Verdict: Love the smell and would purchase the mini size for travel & on the random occasions I would use texture spray. 
  2. Amika Nourishing Hair Mask || I've really gotten into hair masks especially since adding balayage to my hair - I want to make sure that it stays healthy - especially the ends! I've used it as both a conditioner and as a hair mask - which the directions say you can do. When using it as a mask I definitely see more of a difference, but you don't have to leave it on for more than 5 minutes. This smells amazing and even the next day, the smell stays with your hair! I saw the biggest difference when I had to blow dry my hair right after using the mask - it was incredibly smooth and silky, which is all I ever really want from my hair! It does come in a 2 oz. mini size, which is the one that I received and again is $10! With only using it one to two times a week and a little dime size amount going a long way, I'll be using this for a while! Verdict: Will definitely purchase the mini size because I don't need to use it that often. 
  3. Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper || Every lip plumper I have ever tried stung my lips so badly that I ended up having to remove it before seeing any results. The finish I received was just the "high clear gloss" but it does come in 13 different shades. There is a slight tingle about a minute after applying, but it's not painful & after that time you don't really feel anything else. I had a really hard time seeing a difference in my lips getting plumped up after using it and I even applied more than what I would qualify to be a normal amount. You're supposed to apply twice a day for 30 days and it will increase the softness and even hydration of your lips - can't say that I've seen anything other than my lips feeling softer. I really liked the sleek gold packaging & the applicator tip as well as the click applicator at the bottom. Verdict: I'm not a huge fan of lip plumpers so I will not purchase. 
  4. Dr. Brandt No More Baggage De-Puffing Eye Gel || I've tried other Dr. Brandt products before, but never in a full size version. This is expensive and is supposed to take the appearance of bags under your eyes away. The catch, it's pretty difficult to apply & if not blended correctly you really can't wear it with your concealer, but using it on it's own does not eliminate the bags. The work around I found was applying an eye moisturizer on top of the eye gel after it had dried for a minute or so. I knew something was working under my eyes because I was using less and less concealer. The area where you apply the gel does get a bit tighter so to me it seemed like it was working. I'd be a little hesitant to say this product was the reason that my under eye area has started to appear firmer because I've been very regimented with my eye care routine recently, but I do think it may have helped a bit. Verdict: I've found that using eye gel patches works just as well and is a bit easier on the wallet so I wouldn't purchase this. 
  5. Lisse Luxe Hair Towel by Aquis || If you tell me something is going to cut my drying time in half, I'm basically sold. If a product can save me time - I'm willing to test it out! What I didn't realize was that regular towels don't protect your hair against breakage, but the fibers that make up the towel don't grab at your hair because there isn't friction like you get with regular towels. More often than not I wash my hair at night, so I don't really care how long it takes my hair to dry. However, when I'm on a tight schedule I wrap my hair in the towel and go about doing my makeup and then when I'm ready to dry my hair I add in a little heat protector spray (which also helps to cut down on drying time) and I'm done in about 7 minutes vs. 15 before! Verdict: I'm not sure I need more than one of these towels in my beauty arsenal, but I know that they would make a really great holiday gift - so that's going on the short list of things to by for the ladies in my family! 
Have you used any of these products before? Do you subscribe to beauty boxes? If so, which ones! Happy Wednesday friends! 

I received all these products in the Luxe Box from Influenster for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Weekending Fun

Hello, hello friends! If you're one of the lucky ones to have an extra day off, I'm a bit jealous!! Between this weekend's wedding fun & all the baby snuggles we got while visiting our friends - I think I'll have enough fun memories to make it through Monday! 
Restaurants in boston, where to eat in boston, tapas restaurant, new orleans style food, what to do in Boston
Gary & I decided to meet after work and change up our little Friday night routine! We checked out Buttermilk & Bourbon - a New Orleans style tapas restaurant! I haven't been wowed by a restaurant in a while and the food here was so delicious! Each room has a different New Orleans theme and they even have an extra room in the back called the voodoo lounge! We decided to get a few things to leave room for the beignets - best decision I made all week! 
Restaurants in boston, where to eat in boston, tapas restaurant, new orleans style food, what to do in Boston
 Gouda Mac & Cheese - yes just as delicious as it sounds! Fried pickles are always a must for me! 
Restaurants in boston, where to eat in boston, tapas restaurant, new orleans style food, what to do in Boston
 The fried chicken thighs were actually "Nashville Style," but whatever style they were- they were incredible!
Restaurants in boston, where to eat in boston, tapas restaurant, new orleans style food, what to do in Boston
Hands down best part were these melt in your mouth delicious beignets! 
Gary's cousin was married this Saturday and gave us the best excuse to put our fancy clothes on!  With his family being all over the east coast, we rarely get to see everyone, so it was so it was fun to laugh, dance & enjoy the few hours together! I think the last time we were all together was at our wedding four years ago! Also, those gene's run deep in Gary's family - everyone looks alike 😂
Our friend had the most perfect little boy a few weeks ago and we couldn't wait to get our baby snuggles in!! Such a sweet little guy & can I just say - heart explodes seeing Gary holding that little nugget 💓
I can't say that fall has arrived at all here in New England because it's been so warm - but that hasn't stopped me from wearing all the fall colors!! I scooped up this belt I've had my eye on for a couple months! I've wanted the gucci GG belt for a while, but I don't wear belt's that often so when I spotted this one & it was finally on sale - I went for it! It's also reversible, tso you are getting a pretty great return on investment with two colors! 

Hope you have a great start to the week! Link up below to share your weekends with us!