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Weekending | All the holiday things

Happy Monday friends! It honestly felt like we did it all this weekend - well, did a lot of my "holiday fun list" from last week that is!! It was the weekend of pop-ups & outdoor activities! 
After work on Friday I was invited to attend an event at the Kiehl's on Newbury Street for their new Apothecary Preparations line- a personalized Skincare Service. 

I sat down with a consultant & she went through the facial evaluation with me where we talked through my concerns and what I dubbed my "problem" areas and from that she created a personalized serum that will work to reduce fine lines and the texture of my skin! I love the personalized "prescription" look of the packaging too! I don't normally get to see a product work on the first use, but I had a pimple that I was able to use their spot treatment on and it was completely gone by Sunday!  
Winter Wear for Boston

Michael Kors OTK Boots

There were two holiday pop ups I was looking forward to attending this weekend - the first was the second annual South Boston Holiday Market. It's hard to think they will ever outgrow the Innovation & Design building because it's massive, but if it keeps growing - there is definitely going to be more than one floor to visit!! Since it's in the design building they have really fun installations both inside & outside the building - I also took my new OTK boots for a spin & sometimes with new shoes you never know if you're going to get a blister - thankfully they withstood 7+ hours of walking & standing! 
My friends from Whipped Urban Cupcakes and Floral Lab held a two day holiday pop up with flowers, fresh cupcakes & the most delicious coffee from The Well Coffee House- it was the perfect pit-stop on our way to watch the SEC Championship game. I mean we knew they weren't going to win, but it's never easy to watch! 
Places to brunch in Boston

places to brunch in boston
Before getting our day started on Sunday we hit the Bostonia Public House Brunch. We love the live music they have on the first floor (that you can still hear on the second floor) & their bloody mary bar!! I was starving so didn't snap a photo of the food (the horror I know LOL) but this wasn't our first time there and certainly wont be the last! I mean I'd go for the mini Tabasco sauces they have!
 How hilarious do we look in this ginormous chair! I wish Gary captured me trying to get out of it because that was a scene! I didn't know whether to try to scoot back up to get out or go under the arm part! 

We made our way to City Hall Plaza to see #BostonWinter in action! Our first stop was Vinopolis - told you I'd get there soon! After spending an hour wine tasting, we walked around and explored some of the little shops & it's fun to know that this is going to be around all winter long! We'll definitely be back & I'm looking forward to the chocolate tasting they are going to have available soon!  

Boston Eataly

Eataly in Boston
The weekend wrapped up with our first trip to Eataly!! What a scene! It was a little overwhelming - 45,000 s.f. will do that to you, but it was nice to see what they have available & after spending about 45 minutes walking around, we decided we would wait to have a proper sit down meal there - you know once the newness died down, but it's possible that this place will always be packed! 
Trinity Church Boston
It was a whirlwind, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's going to be the norm for the rest of the year! How was your weekend? Link up below to share! Hope you all have an amazing start to the week! 

Favorites from 2016 | Beauty, Books & Shows

Happy Friday friends!! I thought I was a day ahead all week long, which makes for an extra long week, but we made it to Friday! For the next couple of weeks I thought it would be fun to recap some of my favorite things from this past year in their own categories - starting this week with Beauty, Books & Shows! 

Favorite Beauty Buys ||

I feel like I tried a lot of new beauty items this year - some good & some were duds, but the ones that were really good I ended up buying more than once in 2016! 
Bobbi Brown Shadow Sticks || I use these shadow sticks daily! They stay put all day and the colors are really pigmented! I use dusty mauve the most, but the other three colors are on heavy rotation as well! 
Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo || Finding a dry shampoo that works with dark hair and doesn't leave a white residue is hard so when I randomly ordered this one earlier this year I was hooked! I've gone through three travel sized ones & even after testing others I always come back to this one. Did I mention it smells heavenly? 
Butter Bronzer || After first mentioning this bronzer in May, I'm happy to report that I bought another one just in case they stop making it! I must have a thing for products that smell good because this smells like someone bottled up summer & the best smelling tanning lotions into a bronzer! SO GOOD! 
Lock-It-Concealer || Kat Von D knows her stuff! In August I mentioned how much I was loving the concealer and setting powder duo and here we are in December - both are going strong! I've never had a concealer, for lack of a better word, conceal as well as this one! Maybe it's because Kat Von D has a lot of tattoos and has perfected hiding some for other people, but this duo does not budge! The best part is that it doesn't get into the fine lines under you eyes either!! 
It Cosmetics CC Cream || This was the year of It Cosmetics! Maybe I was living under a rock, but before this year I had never heard of the brand and then suddenly it was everywhere and for good reason too! I recently started using the CC Cream - the one that says "your skin, but better" and their right - the finish is nice with a good mix of matte & dewy! I realize those are opposites, but somehow it's matte in the places I don't want to shine and dewy everywhere else! 

Favorite Books ||

This was the year of reading for me - I checked my kindle & I actually read 50 books! With all those books, there are definitely a lot of favorites, but I narrowed it down to my top 4! 
Great books to read
One True Loves || Taylor Jenkins Reid became on of my favorite authors this year - I read 3/4 of her books and really loved them all, but especially One True Loves. This was named best book of the Summer and I admit, I was partial to it because it took place in New England. 

A Small Indiscretion || I didn't read many thrillers this year - this was actually the only one and it was so engaging. If you like chapters that weave in and out of time, you'll like this read. You can read my original review here

The Balance Project || I read this at the start of the year & I'm amazed that I still remember it so vividly! What's the difference between a twenty something "newbie" & a high power female executive - no spoilers, but not a whole lot! 

The Marrying Type || I absolutely loved this book because it was so relevant to right now! It's about a reality show that follows wedding planners from around the country, with the focus of this season being on a wedding planner from Charleston! 
You can see more of my reads from 2016 here, here & here

Favorite Shows ||

There were plenty of binge-athons in our house this past year, mostly thanks to Netflix! 
The Crown || We flew through the first (and currently only) season of The Crown on Netflix. I'm not usually one for period pieces, but this show is so good. It's about the Royal family, specifically Queen Elizabeth II. Highly suggest watching this if you like Downton Abbey, the Royal Family or are a history buff! 

Season 2 of Bloodline || The first season of Bloodline on Netflix was good - it took a few episodes to really get me hooked, but for the very first episode of season 2 I was in it!! So good and I can't wait for season 3! 

This Is Us|| I'm sure this show is going to be on a lot of people's must watch list!! The first episode hooks you...not until the last 2 minutes do you feel like you were truly shocked & it takes a lot for a show to stump me! I've watched every episode this season & you can relate to all the characters! Mandy Moore was meant to play this role! 

The Affair || Gary and I started watching this early on in the year on Showtime. I think the name is a little off-putting for a lot of people, sort of gives it away with what happens, BUT - once you get into the character stories & their development you get sucked in. We just started watching the current season and I'm a little sad that I can't just watch the entire season! 

Younger || If you guys haven't watched this show on TV Land yet, you're missing out! It's hilarious, totally current & a quick thing to watch! 

What were some of your favorites this year? 

Fun Holiday Activities in Boston

Boston Holiday Fun
As soon as Thanksgiving is over it's as if my brain does a little reset and I'm in the holiday spirit. I think Boston has a little of that mentality too because the holiday markets & activities start popping up every single weekend!! A few people have asked for me to share some fun activities to do around the city during this time of year - so I thought I'd list out my favorites along with some new things coming to the city this year! 

Weekending | Thanksgiving Edition

Restoration Hardware Boston
Happy Monday friends!! It feels good to be back after the long weekend & feels really good to be kicking the holiday season into high gear! This Thanksgiving weekend was perfectly relaxing with a lot of to-do's marked off the list!! Here's a few snaps of it all...

Black Friday Shopping Sales ||

Happy Friday friends!! Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are still in a bit of a food coma!! This is going to sound a bit crazy, but what I love most about the invention of the internet (yep totally went there) - is the ability to shop online and not have to wake up crazy early to get the good stuff!! I'd say about 75% of my holiday shopping happens online and today I plan to do a lot of it! Here are some of the sales I'm loving - hope you snag yourselves something good too! 

Ann Taylor || 50% off Sitewide and In Store

Banana Republic || All of my suede shoes (I have 4 pairs) come from Banana and they are so comfortable! 
50% off one regular priced item CODE: BRFIFTY & 40% off the rest of your purchase CODE: BRFORTY

J.Crew || 40% off with CODE: HOLIDAY & an Extra 50% off FINAL SALE items

Nordstrom || Take an extra 20% off selected sale items 
My tech gloves have bit the dust, so I'm scooping these grey ones up! 

ShopBop || CODE: GOBIG16
Finally going to score myself a pair of OTK boots
Spend $200+, get 15% off; Spend $500+, get 20% off; Spend $800+, get 25% off

See you back here Monday for Weekending!! 

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