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Baby Shower Gift Guide

It seems that wedding season has been replaced by baby season! So many of my friends are expecting and that means baby shower time! I love sticking to the registry for gifts, but adding a few personal touches along with something fun, different and maybe even a little something for the new mom! 

Bath Time Gift Set || I love getting this Honest Company Gift Set after the baby is born as a little something else for the new parents. I've purchased it for a few of my girl friends and they all raved about the products and the bonus is the little container it comes in can be used for storage!

Months in Motion || Baby Stickers for the baby book or for cute posts to share with friends and family - we bought something similar for my cousin's recent baby shower and I can't wait to see how they look! Believe it or not, my sister used these stickers with my oldest niece (who is about to turn 12!) so these will always be a popular gift! 

Jellycat Blanket || Something soft and will no doubt be a great addition to the nursery! If you've never picked one of these up, they are so crazy soft you'll want to sleep with one too!

Boppy Newborn Lounger || One of my go-to gifts if it's on their registry is the boppy pillow! I know how much my sister used hers with all three of her kids, so I know this is a great gift! Newer to the boppy scene is this newborn lounger that has some stellar reviews!! 

Coobella Diapers || These cute diapers have little sayings on the front like, "you will survive sleep deprivation" and "Exhausting, but worth it!" and will make changing's a bit more fun - maybe! 

"New Mom" Coffee Mug || I imagine caffeine will become your new best friend :)
One Line a Day Book || First smile, first coo, first bath - I think all of those will be documented via photos, but these one line a day books are awesome as well. I actually bought one that is for married couples for some of our friends and they loved having something to do together every day.

Travel Totes || If you know the name or monogram for the new baby a travel tote is great to load up with essentials! The best part is that it's their monogram forever and as they grow up they can continue to use the tote - the gift that keeps on giving!! 

New Mom Necklace || This is a little hard to see in the collage but, this is two tone necklace that is so delicate and sweet. It's a mama elephant with her baby behind her - even better if their nursery is animal themed!

I have a few of these ready to gift to my girlfriends over the next couple of months and I can't wait!! Do you have a favorite baby shower gift?

Best Brunches in Boston | Series

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Happy Monday friends!! Hope you had a great weekend! Ours was quite productive, but pretty laid back. We got a few things done around the house, managed to squeeze in a birthday party for a friends daughter & even made it to the movies!! I must have a thing for series blog posts because I'm starting a new one today! Having "Boston" in the name of my blog leads a lot of people to email about recommendations which I love giving - but I wanted to expand that into a series and break it out into different topics - first up, brunch!! We have so many great restaurants that have incredible brunches, but I'm sticking to the ones that I know and love!! Whether you like Eggs Benedict, loaded french toast or a great breakfast burrito - these are all pretty amazing! Warning...reading this post may induce hunger pains and drooling!

eat in boston, restaurants in boston, best brunch in boston, eggs benedict in boston, french toast in boston, restaurants in boston

eat in boston, restaurants in boston, best brunch in boston, eggs benedict in boston, french toast in boston, restaurants in boston

eat in boston, restaurants in boston, best brunch in boston, eggs benedict in boston, french toast in boston, restaurants in boston

eat in boston, restaurants in boston, best brunch in boston, eggs benedict in boston, french toast in boston, restaurants in boston

eat in boston, restaurants in boston, best brunch in boston, eggs benedict in boston, french toast in boston, restaurants in boston

eat in boston, restaurants in boston, best brunch in boston, eggs benedict in boston, french toast in boston, restaurants in boston
eat in boston, restaurants in boston, best brunch in boston, eggs benedict in boston, french toast in boston, restaurants in boston

Sonsie || Between brunch and dinner - I pick brunch for this Boston staple!! The best part - in the summer they open up their large windows for patio-like seating! 

Eastern Standard || Eastern Standard just makes me feel fancy - I love the atmosphere when dining there! While dinner can be a bit of a scene, brunch is a little bit quieter! They have a pretty incredible raw bar if you like that & my personal favorite is the bagel and lox! 

Brownstone || We like to take friends that are visiting to brunch here because there is something for everyone!! Their Eggs Benedict are some of the best in the city - hello crab cake Eggs Benedict! 

Brothers || Challah Bread French Toast! That is all...and I dont think you have to guess which picture goes with Brothers!! 

Hops & Scotch || There are two locations for this restaurant and you can't go wrong with either!! Chicken and waffle friends, rivals anything in the south!! 

Masa || Mexican style brunch - yes please!! Another favorite of ours to take our visiting guests to and their cocktail menu - so good!! I love a good Bellini and the Latin Bellini is delicious! 

Tatte || I feel like there is a Tatte in almost every single neighborhood in Boston and for good reason - their food is amazing!! Everything from pastries to decadent african cuisine!! Get the Shaksuka - it's what they are known for! Also, get the latte - it's really good! 

Bostonia Public House || If you have tater tots on the menu, chances are I will love your food! If you add something to make your tater tots stand out like say an egg on top, I'm yours forever!! Even thought I'm not a bloody mary fan, I can appreciate any place that has taken it to an art form! 

Barcelona || If you're in the mood for a little something different for brunch then Barcelona is for you!! 

Stephanie's on Newbury || If you're looking for the true "Boston" experience dine at Stephanie's on Newbury and eat outside if it's a nice day! It's a see and be seen sort of place, but the food is actually really good. 

One place we haven't been able to get to yet, is The Paramount on Charles street - there's usually a line and for good reason. This has been voted one of Boston's best brunches year after year!! I could probably go on for days about the amazing brunch spots in Boston - this will be a continuously evolving list - but these are my favorites as of right now! Some other fun posts coming up - places to stay, what to do & best lobster rolls in the city!! Have I convinced you to come have brunch in Boston yet? 

5 Summer Reads

Whether you have plans for a summer vacation or parking it by the water - I've got a few reads that you'll want to have with you!! Unlike last month's recently read post, I enjoyed every single one of the books that I've recently read and think they would be perfect for summer! 
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The Girl Before || Best way to describe this book - riveting! The chapters switch between Emma "THEN", the girl before Jane, "NOW." Just like Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, this is being made into a movie - to me that's always a good indicator of the book being really good! It's a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing and in all honestly, I sort of finished the book and had to reread the last chapter because I was a bit confused. It centers around One Folgate Street, a smart home built by an enigmatic architect that takes a liking to all of his renters. I found that psychology and understanding why people do what they do was a really big part of this book and each chapter ends / begins with a question that the renters of One Folgate Street have to answer in order to determine if they can live there. 
The Marriage Lie || When I finished this book I was shocked!! Iris and Will have been married for 7 years in what seems like a perfect marriage. The book is about what happens when you find out that the man you married isn't exactly who he said he was for all those years. Will heads to Florida on a business trip, only Iris finds out Will never went to Florida, according to the flight manifest he was on a flight to Seattle that crashed into a field killing everyone on board. I felt like this was a movie in the making or maybe even was at some point because the plot felt very familiar. Iris as a character was great - she was written extremely well! 
The Big Love ||  Before I even talk about The Big Love, I had the Arrangement as the book I really wanted to read, but it wasn't available at the library so I decided to start with this Sara Dunn book which was her first. Every chapter of this book felt like a different episode of Sex and The City. It wasn't a long book, but it was quintessential chick lit -- girl has boyfriend, boyfriend dumps girl, girl tries to figure out if true love exists. Was it entertaining, yes, but it wasn't groundbreaking. I will say the writing was really good and I think this was in large part because the main character Allison was an author herself, so she could be a little bit more thoughtful in the way she developed the story. The book is also only written from Allison's point of view which made it feel more like a memoir and I enjoyed not having to figure out the story lines of so many other characters. 

Arranged || Not to be confused with The Arrangement that I still want to read, this is just Arranged. I absolutely loved this book. It felt very current and engaging, pun not intended! I find that when an author writes the character as a writer, I end up liking the book even more! Anne seemingly has it all except for the love of her life. She decides to let the experts find her a husband, but the catch is the newlyweds can't tell anyone how they met & married. Just when I thought I had the book figured out - the author slipped in a curve ball and kept me in it even more! Such a fun summer read!! 
Same Beach, Next Year || This is the ultimate summer read, it even says so in the title! I was getting some Elin Hildenbrand vibes while reading this and I didn't mind it at all! Year after year, Eliza & Adam along with Carl & Eve find themselves on vacation and enjoying their beach vacation with their families as well as growing their friendship. One catch, Adam & Eve (yep, she really did that) were childhood sweethearts that lost touch, that was until one summer they ended up renting a summer house right next door to one another. Over the course of what seems like 20 years the couples friendship grows and the stories that unfold are very colorful! There was a touch of Under the Tuscan Sun / Eat Pray Love in there as parts taking place in my favorite city, Charleston, I devoured this book in a few days! 

I'm currently reading another book by the author of Arranged & loving it! Tell me what I should read next? 

Weekending | Weddings & Bike Rides

Happy Monday friends!! We finally had two nice days worth of weather so you know that means everyone, myself included, spent as much time outside as possible!! Between Friday night relaxing, wedding coordination & Sunday Funday - it felt like this weekend was only a few hours long!
Sam Edelman Espadrilles (30% off right now)
Jackie & I sometimes work with a florist here in Boston that books us to assist with the reception coordination & we were really excited for this weekends' wedding at Glen Magna Farms. This is one of those venues that when the weather is truly perfect, it makes the wedding even more magical because it's all outdoors. The ceremony took place in what can only be described as a Parisian garden infused with New England charm- beautiful flowers & stone arches that made the backdrop gorgeous!! 
The focal point of the reception was definitely the flower / escort card wall! This was dreamed up by the bride & brought to life by the florist!! You may have seen a few behind the scenes stories on Instagram of it coming together!! The guest book was filled with instax mini photos & the backdrop was the beautiful flower wall! 
All real flowers!! 
Checkout the sweetheart table - some of the most unique flowers went into that arrangement! 
Since my weekend was basically one day I was going to take full advantage of the amazing weather! G's only request this summer is that I attempt to learn how to ride a bike so that we can explore not only Boston but other cities on a bike! We went over to Kendall Square in Cambridge and rode along the Charles River Bike Path! I'm happy to report that after Santa Barbara and a few times on a bike since - I feel confident in my abilities! 
We tried out a new Legal Seafood concept out in Kendall Square - Legal Fish Bowl. You basically build your own bowl and add whatever protein like tuna, salmon, shrimp or chicken - it's sort of like chipotle for seafood - so pretty much my heaven! We ended up walking all over the city - sweating the entire time, but we've been patiently waiting for summer to arrive so the heat was welcome! Oh and those espadrilles, totally held up without so much as a blister for over 16,000 steps - that's close to 7 miles of walking! 

How was your weekend friends? Link up below to share it with us and hope you have a great start to the week! 

New Series | Loving It, Leaving It

Happy Friday friends! I wanted to start a new series on the blog calling, Loving It, Leaving It. It originated from a conversation I had with a friend this week - she asked if something was #BianaApproved. Made me laugh, but also gave me this idea - so here's a few things that I'm loving & a few things I will be leaving - i.e. not repurchasing!