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Summer Makeup & Skincare Favorites

The temperatures have been creeping up here in New England and while we rarely hit the 90° mark - the heat and humidity still cause issues with skin and makeup, like sweating off. I wanted to share a few makeup items that have been lifesavers for me and help keep my sweat at bay and keep my skin looking fresh!
If it's hydration you are seeking then look no further than Neutrogena's Hydroboost. After the shower I like to hydrate my face immediately! I first mentioned Neutrogena's Hydroboost in March (I had already been using it since January) and I recently finished up the bottle - that's a solid 5 months of use, a pretty great $19 ROI if you ask me! My skin soaks up the water gel, which feels like a really light moisturizer. I have normal skin, but after the shower it feels rather dried out - so this helps bring it back to life. 
A couple weeks ago I received my Sephora Play Box for June and while I won't be reviewing all the items in the box, there were 2 new to me products that I couldn't wait to try and have been using every day since. I have been starting every day out with the Tarteguard SPF 30 sunscreen - the smell is unlike any other face sunblock I've used - it smells amazing. I'm not going to sugarcoat it - it's expensive. The way I make the most out of the sample I got, which is even smaller than their $12 size, is mixing it in with the Backlight Priming Filter from Becca that was also in the June Play Box. Both are free of harmful chemicals and leave your skin with a glowy, dewy finish. Together these two products are A+! The primer from Becca gives you just a hint of glow, but not like a highlighter, rather it diminishes the appearance of unevenness in skin tone, but it doesn't have any color to it, just a primer. 
If you love the sun kissed look then odds are you like the look of highlighters. The only highlighter I use is the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. After a year of use, I've barely made a dent, but with very little product needed you will have this for a long time! I like the look of the sun reflecting off the high points of my face and giving that glow. 
After one too many bad sunburns (one of which resulted in sun poisoning a few years ago) I have given up the quest to be tan from the sun - instead I leave it to a little bottle of St. Tropez "One Night Only" bronzer. It comes in both light and medium (I use the light) and it is FOOL proof to put on. I have used it for a year now - same bottle too - and apply it to my legs when wearing a skirt or shorts and also to my arms. Everything else already has a nice color to it. If you mess up - don't worry because you can wash it right off! If I want a tan to last a bit longer then I use Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun (comes out like a mousse) and apply it with a hand mitt. It does stay on for about 2-3 days - perfect for a long weekend! 
To finish off the makeup look I always go back to my trusty friend - the Urban Decay Setting Spray. The travel size for $14 will last you a long time - mine usually lasts at least 5-6 months. My uses include days that I have an event after work, weekends that I know I'll be out all day, days that it's going to be really hot and I want my makeup to stay put and a night out!  
I can't leave home without my evian mist spray in the Summer. It is a life saver when it's super hot out and you feel like you're a sticky mess. I've mentioned it a few times before, but in really hot locations and destinations - you need this with you! It's TSA approved so bring it on the plane with you to reinvigorate you after a short or long flight!

What are some of your Summer makeup and skincare favorites?

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