Friday Favorites | The Last One Before Christmas

December 19, 2014

TGIF all!!! We made it to another Friday and there is only one more before 2015...isn't that crazy!? In case you missed last week's recap I mentioned what a great workout Flywheel was. Well I wanted to try out another spin studio here in Boston and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement! I signed up for a few more classes and look forward to having my butt kicked!! Imagine doing push-ups on a bike while still spinning...that's what the class was like!! that we have that out of the way - let's share some favorites with Amanda and Christina!! 

Favorite DIY

Favorite Workout

I have to admit, if I'm not taking a class at the gym, it's hard for me to follow a routine, so this HIIT workout was a nice change of pace from my regular cardio and weight training. I had the main studio in the gym all to myself yesterday morning so I was able to do everything in one place which would have been the same if I had done it at home...minus a lot of space! 

Favorite Hairstyle

I stumbled upon this tutorial for a French Braid into a messy bun and I'm totally intrigued. This past summer I learned how to do a fishtail braid so maybe my next one will be a french steps!! There is a YouTube video tutorial to help!

Favorite Look

This is actually from a premier last week but I just love how mod Reese Witherspoon looks! Totally channeling her inner Elle Woods!!  

Favorite Links

+You've been puppied - the cutest 15 surprise puppy videos
+ Some last minute & budget friendly DIY gifts - for any time really!
+ I found my wrapping inspiration for next year 
+DIY envelope liners for any occasion

For all my Boston area friends, I'll be at Assembly Square on Saturday for their Super Saturday event! Let me know if you plan on going! You can check out the details here! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come link up with us on Monday for Weekending! 

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Winter White Done Right

December 18, 2014

 I absolutely love white clothes in the winter - whether it be chunky sweaters or sharp pants, it fits the crispness that you feel when you're outside this time of year! Let's pretend for a moment that I wouldn't immediately spill something like food or coffee on myself if I was wearing white anything!!


Winter White Done Right

Winter White Done Right

Winter White Done Right

Winter White Done Right

Winter White Done Right

Winter White Done Right

Winter White Done Right 

Get The Look//

I'm seriously in love with the wrap cardigan from Nordstrom Rack and it actually comes in 5 other colors!! 
Winter White Done Right
For some reason I had trouble loading the image for the VS Multi-Way sweater dress but it's currently on sale for $29.99 and I just snagged one! 

Are you a fan of wearing white in the winter? How would you style it?
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Linking up with Annie and Natalie
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Recent Beauty Faves

December 17, 2014

I've been on a beauty kick recently and the majority of the products I've been testing out are new to me and not my usual "holy grail" products and since I'm really loving the products I thought I'd share the ones that have worked and a couple that are not so good! 

The Good//

St. Ives Even & Bright Scrub
I've literally used the Blemish Control scrub by St. Ives for over 10 years, but since I don't really suffer from blemishes I decided to switch it up and try the even & bright scrub!! It's like a spa in a bottle!! I'm obsessed with the smell - yes it smells like lemon and oranges and the scrub is so gentle on the face unlike the harsher exfoliaters out there!! I'm obsessed and have found my new scrub! 

This bad boy is my new favorite beauty addition!! I have never been a fan of cleaning my brushes, but with this cleanser they are clean and almost instantly dry! No more waiting for the brushes to dry over night, it's ready to use within minutes. Granted the bigger brushes take a bit longer
I was hesitant to show this picture (please don't be grossed out), but just look at the amount of product that easily came off with the cleanser. For $15 you get 7.9 fluid oz. and it will last a good while depending on how often you clean your brushes, which hopefully for me will increase to every other week! 

I am really liking this concealer for two reasons, the staying power and it's coverage! I have mixed it a few times with my NARS Creamy Concealer and it's honestly a toss up between which one I love more! For me personally the NARS acts more as a highlighter in some cases more so than a concealer which I love because I get dark circles under my eyes, but this MAC acts as both a concealer and highlighter. 

I got this liner in Black as part of the Influenster Frosty Box and I was really excited to try it! When they say it's waterproof, it's seriously not going anywhere which is good if you like to line your waterline with liner because it wont smudge nearly as quick as others. I don't normally line my water line unless it's a more dramatic look. It's very dark and could honestly double as a liquid liner because of how it looks once applied. I love the staying power of the liner and have already picked up it up in purple and really love the silver too!  

The Not So Good//

I had really high hopes for this BB cream because I pretty much love all Urban Decay products, but the coverage on this cream left a lot to be desired because well I didn't feel like there was any! On the flip side I'm really loving their weightless foundation and it's light enough to wear everyday without it feeling heavy.  

Sadly this eye makeup remover is so gentle that it takes about three full cotton swabs to remove all the product from your eyes and this includes Rimmel's own waterproof eyeliner mentioned above. I received this as part of the Influenster Frosty box and it's own endearing quality is that it's not oily, aside from that I wont be purchasing a full bottle myself. 

The Best//

My brows are incredibly important to me mostly because they frame my entire face. Change the brows and I seriously believe you change the look of your face! I have written at length about my favorite way to maintain my brows and the shape of my brows always stays the same, but recently I've noticed that filling them in a bit gives them some much needed definition! Enter in Billion Dollar Brows. You can see pictures of my brows touched up here
Through BrandBacker I was able to test out the best seller's kit which includes the following: 
Universal Brow Pencil: Formulated to work with all skin tones & hair colors.
Brow Duo Pencil: Brow Duo Pencil allows you to highlight your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth. Works with any skin tone and on the other end the universal concealer.
Brow Gel: Brow Gel will lock in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day. It’s the perfect finishing touch.
Smudge Brush: This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil.
Sharpener: Custom designed for our Brow Duo Pencil
Camille Belle  & Olivia Culpo both have my ideal brow look.

I use it the pencil and brow gel every day for work and when I want to enhance the look for a night out I add in the duo pencil and add the highlight on my brow bone. I was really skeptical that the brow pencil would match my eyebrow color, but it matched it perfectly and didn't look overdone or drawn on how some people's brows can look. It's just very natural and I'm so happy with how my brows look every day now because that brow gel really keeps them in place!! 

The best part - you can enter for a chance to win your very own best seller's kit and 30 winners will be chosen!! 
So there you have it - a few of my latest beauty obsessions!! Have you been using anything new lately? Have you tried any of the above mentioned products out?

Disclosure: The Rimmel products & Billion Dollar brow set were sent to me complimentary by Influenster  & BrandBacker respectively for testing purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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Holidays | Something for Everyone

December 16, 2014

This post is going to be all things hopefully there will be something for everyone! While Christmas may only be 9 days away, tonight is actually the first night of Chanukah. Some of you may not know this, but Gary and I celebrate both holidays! It's not that we're greedy, but we want to honor both our religions and it's been really easy for us to do so! So along with our tree and stockings, we have a few little odes to my jewish heritage spread throughout as well. 


Our stockings don't match because when we were dating one of our gifts to one another was to get a stocking, so we just decided to keep these!! 
Since we spend the most time in our living room, the only decor and accent pieces are in that room and it adds just the right amount of cheer! My mom gifted us the snow globe with the dreidel last year and it also plays a beautiful song - I've been able to enjoy so much more this season. 

Gift Wrapping 

There are a lot of presents under our tree- the ones that are wrapped were done by Gary because I am hands down the worst gift wrapper ever!! I have high hopes for myself every year, but next year will be my year and I'm planning on having a solidified theme for all the presents...if you still haven't wrapped your gifts yet here's some of my inspiration for next year! 
I found this tutorial from One Kings Lane to help!


We are having Christmas Eve over at my sister's in laws house and I've been asked to bring an appetizer. With most holiday food being interchangeable - my main goal is to have it easy to make and perhaps even make ahead before we leave. 
I love Caprese salad so this is the perfect appetizer with a little pasta on top!! If you like your cheese a little hot - these baked brie bites are on point!! Not a fan of cheese - I found these glazed kielbasa pineapple bites and finally for a bit of Christmas flair how about cranberry and pomegranate bruschetta?!

Are all your gifts neatly wrapped? Do you have a special dish for the holidays? 

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Leaving you with a Shake It Off - Chanukah edition!

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