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Sunflower Field Fun

sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
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Happy Monday friends! This was definitely one of those late in the season summer weekends that G & I are going to remember! Since Saturday was only a day of coordination for Bespoke, we were able to sneak in a date night & have a full day left to enjoy the weekend! I think making a list of anything I want to do and putting it on this blog holds me accountable and I actually get things done - we were able to check off the sunflower fields at Colby Farm that I mentioned in a post last week
 Earrings are new & they aren't heavy at all!
Fair warning this will be my go to purse for fall & winter! I couldn't wait to take it for a spin on Saturday night - I have a feeling it will match a lot of my wardrobe! Oh and best part is that it's under $35 and the quality is pretty fantastic!
sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
We made a last minute decision on Sunday morning to get a zipcar and head to Colby Farm in Newbury about 40 minutes north of the city! We both decided it was going to be our last opportunity for the next few weekends to go, so we did!
sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
Sunnies (only $20) || Necklace 
The sunflower season at Colby Farm starts in early September and people come out in droves to see it! If you don't make it there early, you'll be stuck in traffic & fighting the crowds to get a picture in the field! We were there by 10:00 am and thankfully it wasn't as packed as I've seen on Instagram. 
sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
One thing I was not expecting - all the bumble bees! We were dodging them, but then again we were in their territory! 
sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
Excited to have marked this off our to-do list & ready for the next fun adventure! Have you ever been to a sunflower field? How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us!

Fall Fun | Things I'm looking forward to

This is hands down my favorite time of year! I walked out of the house yesterday and felt the crispness in the air & actually smiled! Fast forward a few months to the dead of winter and I won't be smiling, but for now - I'm in my happy place! Here are a few things I'm looking forward to this season!

4 Outwear Favorites for Autumn

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Happy Monday lovelies! To my friends in Florida, I have been thinking of everyone all weekend & couldn't believe the unexpected turn it took to the west coast. I know my parents were getting annoyed with my constant barrage of questions & making sure they were prepared! Hoping you all are safe!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! First and foremost, sending so many prayers to those of you in my home state of Florida that will be dealing with the hurricane this weekend! Hoping everyone stays safe & prepared. I feel like short work weeks are sometimes even more jam packed because you have a full day of stuff to catch up on! Looking forward to our first wedding of September tomorrow! Here are a few favorites from the week! 

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Favorite Movie

Well I can't really say for sure if it's good, but I do have plans after work to see Home Again and somehow bribed Gary to see it with me! There are few Reese Witherspoon movies that I don't like & the fact that the director's mom is Nancy Meyer makes me think it's going to be pretty in line with what we're used to from movies like It's Complicated, The Intern & The Holiday - three of my favorites! Side note, the director Hallie is 30 years old - you go girl! 

Favorite Protein

I was really intrigued when I started to see people I follow on Instagram sharing their experiences with Vital Proteins. The pr team reached out to me a month or so ago to try out their collagen protein that helps with hair, skin & nails as well as promoting joint help and helping with digestions. I went into trying them with very low expectations, but here we are a month later and I have to say I'm hooked. The powder I have is flavorless and dissolves quickly and easily with any liquid. I've mixed in with plain water, my coffee and even a Starbucks refresher! Where I've seen the most noticeable difference is with my nails! I have always had very brittle nails, but they are now stronger and growing so much faster than ever before! When I say that I have baby nails, I really do and nothing has ever worked to get them to grow. I've also seen a bit of improvement in my skin! Overall, I'm a believer and so happy that I have so much of the product left! 

Favorite New Kitchen Gadget

Gary is on a kick to clean up our "junk" drawer in the kitchen and one of the things that causes the most chaos in that drawer are all the different measuring contraptions I have! He found this great measuring spoon that basically got rid of everything else! It's adjustable and can be used from both ends with larger measurements on one end and smaller ones on the other! I absolutely love it and for under $7 it's totally worth it to clean up the drawer! 

Favorite Song 

This French Montana "Unforgettable" song is a few months old, but anytime it comes on my Spotify I immediately feel the need to start dancing, which is sort of embarrassing since most of the time I'm on the train! The video really doesn't have anything to do with the song, which is why I added the lyric video instead! 
That's all friends! Again, praying for everyone in Florida to stay safe & hoping this storm decided to turn away! 
Vital Proteins sent me a few of their protein products for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Fall Cravings

Hello hello friends! I am dubbing September "coordination" month because we have officially entered busy wedding and event season - both professionally at my full time job & for Bespoke! I'm pretty excited since this means we're growing steadily, but also a bit nervous with how quickly September will fly by! We've had our first little taste of fall-like weather here in Boston - last week we had a few days where it barely hit 70 degrees and it was glorious! This is my absolute favorite time of the year and I am adding to my wishlist, it seems daily! Last year I invested in a great pair of OTK boots that I wore all the time and this year I have a few staples that I am looking forward to adding in as well! 

  • Getting in the fall mood starts first with scent! I have already started burning some fall candles and I think adding essential oils to diffuse at night would be just perfect. 
  • I've been slowly adding wool wide brimmed hats every fall / winter season and have a couple that I love, but grey is one color I could add into the rotation
  • I'm still kicking myself for missing out on the perfect Chole dupe a few months ago & this time I found another great dupe on Goodnight Macaroon's website! 
  • I actually scooped up this J.Crew day coat during a really big sale with thinsulate, meaning it will take me well into winter!! It comes in 6 different colors and I went with a vibrant green they had on sale last season. 
  • So the Gucci Marmont Loafers are just not going to make their way into my closet, but these rust colored Steve Madden ones just might! 
  • As much as I love darker colors in the fall, there is something about the unexpected light tones & having a dark green faux leather jacket, this suede moto jacket is it's perfect compliment. I also really love the shoulder detail! 
  • One thing I 100% will be adding to my closet as soon as possible is a pair of black jeans - I love the way the NYJD brand fits - I have a few other pairs of their jeans and they are insanely comfortable! 
  • Sweater weather is almost fully upon us & since they are all I wear for about 5 months of the year I like it to have cute details

What's on your Fall Wishlist?