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Designer Looks for Less | Save vs. Splurge

I love a good deal, I especially love when I find trendier pieces that are almost as good as the designer originals for a fraction of the price. I looked back at this post I did in 2017 and it's crazy that all of those items are still in style! Here are some of my current favorite save vs. splurge pieces!  
  • If you've been on Instagram then you have definitely seen the Gucci belt, but for a fraction of the price, this INC International belt gives off the same vibe! 
  • My absolute favorite shoes to wear in the spring are slip on sneakers. The Steve Madden version come in almost as many colors as the Vince ones. These look so similar, that when I was making the info graphic, I kept putting them in the wrong section!
  • The transparent purse is the "IT" bag for Spring and Summer, but the price of the Staud "Shirley Bag" is a bit too much for such a trendy item. The Top Shop bag is a perfect save option!
  • I will be the first to admit that when I first saw these heart sunglasses I wasn't the biggest fan. My good friend Jackie convinced me that they are pretty perfect and work on just about any face shape. While I love the YSL version, I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on my Sojos version from Amazon!
  • I'm still getting used to the belt bag trend. Gary and I were at Macy's recently and I saw the Steve Madden belt bag. I really loved the color and it reminds me so much of the pricier Gucci one that I decided to give it a try! So far I've only worn it twice but to be fair, the warmer weather is just starting so it'll be easier to wear without a bulky coat! Hands free is the way to be in my opinion! 

Have you found any great looks for less?

Mother's Day Gift Guide

This is going to be my first official Mother's Day and I'm so looking forward to it. While I certainly don't have any gifts in mind, I do know that I want to get my mom something extra special since she's been beyond incredible since she's been here. Here are some of my ideas!
  • As a new mom, anything that can help with the new found baggage under my eyes is welcome. I love Patchology eye gels
  • For the mom that has tons of sunglasses or in the case of my mom - eye glasses, this holder would be a perfect gift!
  • With summer fast approaching, trips are going to be happening more and more frequently. A travel friendly cross body bag is always a great gift! I admit I have my eyes on this one!
  • There is nothing I love more, than sitting down on the couch and flipping through photo books. I've mentioned my love for Chat Books before (referral code linked or use code 7UG33GT7) to get $10 off your first order. I can't tell you how easy it is to make these cute little photo books in a matter of minutes. I know my mom would cherish this gift more than anything else I could get her. 
  • Cozy robe, sign me up and also perfect for anyone that wants to be cozy, even in warmer months. 
  • Of course these hair ties are a bit high priced, but I guarantee your mom would not treat herself to these, so you should!
  • This is actually the one item on my wishlist - I adore this ring and would love to wear it every day! Even though I have a name plate with Sophia's name that I wear every day, I really love the mama necklace too!
  • I have so many lipsticks and glosses, that I have actually put myself on a self imposed ban for the month of April. My mom could not be more different, she rarely buys herself a new lipstick and I love the Charlotte Tilbury collection!

Truthfully, what I'm really looking forward to for my first mother's day is sleeping in, getting a card from Sophia (of course written by daddy!) and some time in the arboretum if it's a nice day!

6 Spring Totes for Work and Play

At this point we all know I'm a bit obsessed with purses - it's my thing and I have accepted it! I carry my Never Full every day and while I love it, for spring and summer I want something brighter to carry around every day. Here are some of the bags on my radar and I'd love to know which one your favorite is because I'm having a hard time deciding which one to buy! I also really like that my Never Full organizer will fit in most of these!
  • Minimalist and a pouch for a little something extra - the green and yellow totes definitely add a punch of color for the warmer months!
  • The most professional looking out of the bunch, this lilac Kate Spade bag would fit all the essentials and has pockets on the inside. The light and airy color really sticks out as a pretty option for spring. 
  • I have wanted a white bag for the longest time and if I wasn't sure I'd get it dirty in 30 seconds flat, this would be my first choice, especially since it's under $80! It also comes with a really interesting detachable pouch. 
  • This Tory Burch bag is probably the closest I will get to owning something similar to the Dior Book Tote. Incredibly roomy and is a bit more structured than the rest of the bags on the list!
  • This is a dupe for the Goyard tote for a fraction of the price and the light blue color is just gorgeous. It also comes with a little detachable coin purse and would definitely fit my organizer that I use in my Never Full. It also comes in 12 colors!

Which one is your favorite? Where do you like to shop for work totes?

Recent Purchases

Happy Monday friends! We had the most beautiful weekend here and we were outside a ton! Pretty sure we have found Sophia's favorite thing - the swings! 

Since the majority of the weekend was spent either outside or sleep training...I thought this would be a great day to share a few of my recent purchases!
I just bought these ballet flats from Target and I think they are going to be perfect to wear with white denim & and also to work! 
I haven't used a primer in a while and when I saw this Physician's Formula one in a magazine and decided to give it a try! I was afraid the illumination would be too much, but it's perfect! If you like to add a highlight to your cheeks, this pretty much does it for you and still comes through if you wear a powder or foundation on top!
I've never used a cleansing balm before, so once again after seeing this one in a magazine I decided to pick it up and I'm a fan! You apply to a dry face (with makeup on) and then it it just miraculously washes the makeup away and then rinsing with warm water it takes it off. I will say it doesn't work on eye makeup, but other than that, works like a charm! 
In desperate need of white jeans, I went to Ann Taylor because I really like the fit of their denim and bought the same style that I have in a darker wash in white! They fit like a glove and aren't see through, which is pretty much the only thing that's really important with white jeans. 
I bought this dress for my trip to Charleston and really just having something to wear on the weekends with a denim jacket and some espadrilles! I have this dress is two colors now and I think it's one of the most flattering pieces of clothing that I wear. Ruched in all the right places! It's currently sold out, but I know it comes into stock pretty regularly! 

I have a few clothing pieces in my cart for an upcoming trip we have to Canada & I'm excite to share those when they come in. Hope you have the best start to the week! Also, inlinkz has changed their website and I'm trying to figure out the link up for weekending!! Hoping to have it back and running next week!

5 Things I'm Loving

Happy Friday friends! It has been ages since I've had a post ready to go for Friday, but after coming back from Charleston I'm feeling very inspired! The week has flown by and it included a mini vacay day with my little babe on Tuesday - she had a 7 month check up and I spent the day with her, which was perfect after missing her all weekend! While our weekend is pretty open, I think we may start sleep training tonight, so send all the positive vibes my way! Thought I'd share a few things I'm loving at the moment! 
Head Scarf scrunchies || I first noticed these on Alyson Haley's blog and then immediately rushed to buy my own! I am so guilty of wearing my hair the same way more often than not, but now that hat weather is officially over, I can do more with my hair! I bought this one from Anthropologie but really like these from Free People as well! 
How I Built This Podcast || I've rediscovered my favorite Podcast on entrepreneurship recently and it's my favorite to listen to while taking Sophia on long walks while she sleeps. I can usually get through an entire episode and it's oddly therapeutic listening to people talk about building their successful companies. I just listened to the founder of Away and was blown away (pun not intended) by how the idea for the company came to her and also incredibly impressed with her career leading up to launching her own business! 
Postable || Gary just introduced me to the Postable app, where you can create beautiful cards with pictures that are sent via mail for you. The most incredible part is that these are completely customized, which make them so much more special that the usual Hallmark cards and for a fraction of the cost. While you're not able to add gift cards or anything to the card - it's still so special to see that this was made especially for you! 

Before Preset
 After Preset
Monika Hibbs Presets || I know that presets are all the rage right now on Instagram - making all the photos on your grid look the same. When Monika, who I've followed for years, came out with her own preset, I couldn't download it fast enough. Her photos are always light, crisp and airy. The integration of having lightroom on my phone and the guide was super easy to install and I use it whenever I want to give some photos a little something extra. 
I have a lot of new beauty favorites, but I'm going to be sharing those in a separate post. Hope you all have a great weekend!